All you need to know to plan your Outdoor Elopement!

Eloping outdoors…a favorite topic of ours!

If you’re planning on marrying the love of your life on a mountain, along a river, by a waterfall, or somewhere outside – just know it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL because it’s going to be YOUR day.

And while you have skipped the big wedding that requires arranging so many details, we have some tips and shortcuts to share with you to help make planning this special intimate wedding day even easier.

Read on to plan your outdoor elopement!


How to Tell Your Family You’re Eloping

Eloping used to be this secretive, last-minute escape, but these days, it’s a super common way for couples to tie the knot without being in front of a big crowd or spending their savings on one day.

But what happens when you want to do it alone, without any guests, or even family?

How do you go about sharing that the only two people invited are you and your partner or just a select few people?

Check out our guide: How to Tell your Family You’re Eloping 

How to Tell Your Family You’re Eloping



How to Choose Your Elopement Date

Choosing a date for your outdoor elopement falls largely upon your availability.

But there are other creative approaches to determining when you will say “I do” that go beyond the logistics.

Below we share creative ideas on How to Pick your Elopement Date!

Harvest Moon Mountaintop Elopement

How to Pick Your Elopement Date


How Far in Advance to Plan your Elopement

Even though you no longer have to plan a million different details for a big wedding, you may wonder how it’s all done.
Do you just sound the alarm, decide “we’re eloping today” and run out the door?
That would, of course, not be optimal for most of us.
You usually need to do some planning in order to keep things organized and low-stress on the elopement day.

3 General Tips for Planning your Elopement

Our advice? Book Early,  avoid the popular season, & work with an elopement planner!

Read on for more information! 

Check out this video about planning your elopement, from EO owner Meghan!


What to Do About Unpredictable Weather

We pride ourselves of the living research we have acquired over many years of planning and photographing elopements in the mountains. After reading the guide below, you will know how to prepare for unpredictable weather at your outdoor elopement.

So take some notes – and lots of deep breaths – and smile (!) because the weather in Asheville, NC is wildly wonderful.



What will your Wear?

Check out a few guides on attire!

What to Wear on Your Great Adventure

Tips for Hiking in Your Dress



Where to Stay

If you are traveling to Asheville and want to make a vacation out of it or at least stay somewhere cool, we’ve got some awesome ideas for you!

Check out our Best Asheville AirBnB and Cabin Rentals guide!

The Best Asheville Elopement Airbnb and Cabin Rentals


Tips for Epic Photography

Planning on eloping but can’t exactly picture how it will all go?

Want to be prepared for the photo sessions or are you nervous in front of the camera?

Our team of seasoned photographers took a few moments away from the mountains to share some advice that will help you feel super prepared – and relaxed – on your special day!

At Elope Outdoors, our photographers are a vital part of our photography-focused, close-knit team helping couples tie the knot in Asheville and the Western North Carolina area.

Check out the top Tips from Elopement Photographers


Should you get an Elopement Film?

This is a big YES in our humble opinion! It’s all about securing the memories for a lifetime with audio and video to bring you back into the moment. Some of our packages include videography and some don’t, so read more to determine what’s best for you.

Elopement Essential: Why you need a Videographer


When to Elope?

We have guides and information about each season so you can decide when to elope!

Spring Elopement Inspiration 

Summer Elopements – Staying Cool in the Mountains 

Fall Elopement Inspo

Winter Waterfall Magical Elopement


Where to Elope?

Some location visuals to inspire you:

Winter Waterfall Elopement

Summer Mountain Elopement

Fall Mountain Elopement 


What Makes us (the Elope Outdoors team) different?

From helping you plan and prepare for your elopement all the way through to seeing you off on your honeymoon, we’re committed to making you feel loved and cared for.

Read on for more warm & fuzzy vibes!




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