How to Tell Your Family You’re Eloping

Today we are talking about a big one: how to tell your family you’re eloping – with just the two of you.

Eloping used to be this extremely secretive, last-minute escape, but these days, it’s a super common way for couples to tie the knot without being in front of a big crowd or spending their savings on one day.

Not only that, eloping in nature in a destination that excites you makes the experience truly an adventure worth taking.

But what happens when you want to do it alone, without any guests, or even family?

How do you go about sharing that the only two people invited are you and your partner?

Here at Elope Outdoors, we specialize in elopements with just the couple, so naturally, we have some tips for making the process of announcing your elopement smooth and simple. 




Once you know you’re eloping, we recommend sharing the plans with your closest family and friends as soon as you can. The sooner you share the news, the sooner you can relax about it and feel good about planning the elopement.

If you need to wait until it gets closer or if this is a last-minute decision, try to put yourself in the shoes of those you want to share the news with and think about when and how they would want to find out. 

Whenever you’re ready to talk with them, consider sharing the news face to face or on Zoom just to make it more personal. Let them know if you plan to involve them in any way with the planning or celebrating after the elopement.

If there is any way you can honor a family member, especially a parent, in the process by giving them a role to help you make plans or participate with anything creative, this is a great way to let them know they are special to you.



When it comes to elopements, we believe smaller is sweeter as it’s all about the romance and intimacy. 

This is your special day. And it’s okay if your definition of “special” doesn’t involve a huge guest list. In fact, wanting a small, intimate wedding is a common reason why many of our couples elope. 

Remind your family and friends that it’s a desire you have to connect with your partner and you only get to do this once for this special occasion.

Think deeply about your motivations for your decision to elope. Are you overwhelmed by the thought of so many guests looking at you walking down the aisle? Does the thought of having to talk to everyone at a reception and be the center of attention make you uneasy?

Have you witnessed weddings in the past where you felt like the couple didn’t get to really soak it all in and enjoy due to the crazy timeline? Are you looking to save money for a house or at least not go into debt planning a big wedding?

Whatever your reasons, share as many of them as you can to let them know why a big, traditional wedding isn’t your preference. Your honesty and vulnerability will go a long way!



A great way to help break the news is to share some of the planning details with your loved ones.

Show them the types of photography they will see by sharing the photographer’s portfolio so they can get excited about what your final professional images might look like.

Share the location including where it is located on the map and images of it, plus fun facts. If there is a hike involved in your elopement, share that so they can understand other reasons you aren’t having guests, like the fact that the location is not as accessible as a venue.

Share the date, what you might wear or bring, and any of your plans that you feel comfortable involving them in. It’s an awesome way to make them be a part of it.

You might even consider asking for their input and help finding your dress or choosing other aspects like color schemes, etc.




When you drop the news, let them know if you plan to have a gathering after you elope, at a later date. Some people plan a reception at a venue while others have a low-key backyard party post-elopement.

One of the best things to do is to show a slide-show of your photos or bring along a physical album to flip through.

If you hired a videographer, make sure the video can be ready by the date of your gathering and you can screen the film for everyone.

This is a great way to bring everyone to your destination elopement without them even having to leave their chair! Once they see the hike you had to do or the fact that it was all outdoors, some of them might even be happy they weren’t invited as the great outdoors ain’t for everybody!


All in all, eloping is a great experience that can be anything you want it to be!

Listen to your heart when making your decision.

With good communication, it is likely that your elopement news will be received without incident and you can go on and enjoy your greatest adventure with your partner!

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