The Easiest Way to Elope – Tips for Planning Your Elopement

Elopements are the easier way to wed. While a small, intimate wedding ceremony with just you and your partner will already be far less stressful than organizing a big, traditional wedding, there are ways to make the experience even easier.

Because let’s face it – if you’re eloping you probably aren’t looking for complicated, chaotic, and complex!

If you are wondering about the easiest way to elope, listen up!

We have tips to share that will keep your planning experience chill and simple.



Book Early

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Eloping is known for requiring a lot less time to plan than a big wedding.

While this is true, booking well before your date is a good way to ensure that the vendors like photographer, officiant, and videographer, are available for your day and not already booked.

It is becoming more common for couples to book their elopement 6 months to 12 month out.

That said, we do not want to discourage you from following your heart and booking your elopement a few weeks or a few months out. Part of the spirit of eloping is spontaneity; sometimes, vendors are available despite the short notice.

What we can say is that booking early will ensure that you elope at the time of year you want, with the officiant you want to work on our team.

We only book one elopement per day, so it’s good to reach out in advance if the exact date matters to you.

You can still reach out to us “at the last minute” and if the date is open, we can accommodate you! Contact us with the timeframe you are looking for and lock your date in!

Life is too short to not celebrate your love the way YOU WANT.



Avoid the popular season

We don’t want to discourage anyone looking to elope during the peak fall leaf color but…when you choose a different timeframe, you are not competing with as many couples for your date!

If you want to make the booking process extremely easy, try booking your elopement during the “off-season.” In Asheville, this will be considered from late November until April.

When you choose to elope at a time when there are less people booking, you can afford to wait a bit closer to the date and often still get the vendors and coverage time you need. 

Another great perk of eloping in the off-season is that you tend to run into fewer people on the trails.

More privacy is always a win!




Work with an elopement team

One of the ways to up-level your whole elopement experience is to work with a seasoned team!

At Elope Outdoors, we make sure you have the easiest experience possible by helping you plan your big day- no matter how far away you live.

Our elopement planner Cassie handles everything from sharing our list of tried and true locations, to securing vendors including officiant, photographer, and videographer, and even making all the fun additions happen like cake and champagne for your post-ceremony celebrations.

Cassie talks with you in the beginning to get to know you and help match you to the right place to elope and guides you through the entire process. If weather shifts, she helps create alternate plans and options and is in touch with all of the vendors directly so you aren’t reaching out to multiple people. THAT in itself is a HUGE reason to go with an elopement company!

The best part of all of this is that YOU get to decide all the fun details and we are their to support and guide you through it.

Voila – this is the easiest way to elope!


Ready to learn more about this eloping thing? Have a date in mind?

If you have any questions about discovering the easiest way to elope, we are here to help!

Reach out and let’s get this adventure started!

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