7 Reasons to Bring your Dog to your Elopement + Bark Tradition!

Why & How to Elope with Your Dog

You might want to bring your dog to your elopement and wonder if it’s the best move.

We absolutely love when you bring your pup along! 

Dogs bring a sense of lighthearted fun to your day and there are so many locations in Asheville that are dog-friendly!

There may be some logistical pieces to consider (more on that below), but here are our Top 7 Reasons Why Bringing Your Dog to your Elopement is a great idea!




1. Dogs make their owners/parents feel good!

Even though elopements are generally lower stress than a big wedding, there are still the nerves of getting married that may come up.

If you bring your furry little baby along for the day, it may help settle your jitters and anxiety because you get to pet them, play with them, and giggle with them.

It provides a sense of normalcy to an otherwise out-of-the-ordinary day as you adventure into nature and marriage.


Here’s a video of ALL our Favorite Moments with dogs at our elopements!

Get ready for the cutest pups around!





2. Pups help you feel more comfortable in photos.

When you bring your dog to your elopement, you’re bringing along a sense of comfort and joy into an adventurous day.

Dogs create more movement & fun for photographers to capture as you laugh, pet, and play with your pup. Just having your dog nearby gives you something “to do” or focus on outside of the camera clicking. That alone puts you at ease!


Having your doggie bestie with you in your photo sessions helps eliminate the “what do I do with my hands” problem and provides some casualness to the otherwise romantic vibe. Just imagine precious photos of you hugging your dog in your wedding attire hung up around your home!


There’s even recreating the classic scene from The Lion King, with Simba being lifted on Pride Rock, like the Groom below did with his doggie!
Man holds dog in air with mountains behind to mimic Lion King scene



3. Dogs are a welcome source of spontaneity.


Pups do all types of random, unpredictable cute things on elopements, like wince along with you when you cry during vows or take a lick of your cake when you’re not looking!

All of this cuteness will be documented in photos and video to capture your fur baby’s spirit!

Dogs eat wedding cake



4. Doggie Decor + Special Roles!


You don’t want to miss out on the adorable ways to dress your dog up for the wedding day!

We’ve seen special custom leashes, dogs wearing bow ties, and even dogs carrying rings on their collar serving as the ring bearer. 
You can also give your dog a special role whether that is Best Dog, Dog of Honor, Ring Bearer, or Flower Dog.
Dogs wear bandanas Dog of Honor



5. Dogs have Wanderlust too!

For couples who are driving to their nature elopement, it only makes sense to bring the pup along as you will marry in an open, outdoor space where they fit in.

No matter how much you and your pup get out on walks in different places, chances are that the place you are eloping will be an adventure of epic proportions not just for you, but for your dog! Imagine how exciting it will be for your fur baby to get a change of scenery outside of the home and yard and get to see and experience something new!

Seeing dogs roam in nature, even leashed, is a truly glorious thing to witness!





6. Keeping the whole doggone family together!

Bringing your dog to your elopement means you get to celebrate your big day with an important member of your family.

Being able to get a full family photo including your dog is of course the best part!


Bride and Groom pose with dog
Bride and Groom kiss with dog in the middle



7. Bringing your Pup alleviates worry about leaving them behind.


When you bring your dog to your elopement you won’t have to worry about how they are doing back at home with the dog-sitter. If you’re just going to miss each other the whole time, you might as well bring them along to share in the joy where you can be a bit more relaxed!

Asheville is super dog-friendly, with so many bars and cafes that allow dogs and plenty of dog parks and spaces to walk outdoors, making it a great fit for the entire trip. There is even a specialty dog bar called The Wag Bar!


Small Doggie dressed up for wedding
3 dogs sit on a mountaintop


Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Your Elopement

1. Make sure the location is dog-friendly. Our coordinator Cassie will be able to help with this!

2. Keep in mind your dog’s outdoor or hiking experience and how they might do in this new environment.

3. Consider bringing someone to help your pup and keep them happy.

4. Make sure the time of year and temperature is okay for dogs. Bring a jacket for your pup if it will be cold.

5. Be sure to leave no trace and pick up doggy waste on your way out. Do not leave doggy waste bags on trails!

6. Exercise your dog before traveling from your home to your elopement location so they will sleep on the car ride. 

7. It’s a good idea to keep your dog on a leash where it’s required for the safety of everyone around them.

8. Make sure all of the essentials are packed for your pup.

Bride celebrates with arms in the air wedding ceremony




Essential Packing List for your Pup

-Collapsible Dog Bowl

-Water + water bowl

-Food and treats

-A towel in case it rains to wipe them off

-Styptic powder for hurt or bleeding paws that may occur when hiking 


Dog with flower collar


Are you obsessed with your fur-child but can’t bring your dog to your elopement?

One couple went above and beyond to incorporate their doggie into their day!

Take a tip from Alexandra & Andrew and and include your pup in your decor!

Bride and Groom show off socks and plates with their dog's face on it
After all this doggie cuteness,  you’re probably looking for a place to bring your dog and elope!
We can help you plan your ceremony in the mountains of Asheville, NC for the most awe-inspiring views and plenty of stunning nature spaces that are dog-friendly!
It’s our humble honor to craft care-free experiences that allow you to seek and savor intimate elopements.
We can’t wait to meet you (and perhaps your dog too!)
Reach out to us today to learn more!
Couple embraces at elopement on mountain