Elopement Wedding Dress Tips – What to Wear on your Great Adventure

It’s that time! You’re about to hike to a beautiful place to marry your partner!

You’re so excited to say your vows, see the views, and get amazing photos of you and your partner.

But now, what exactly should you wear on this great adventure?

Here are some tips for choosing your elopement wedding dress and how to prepare, and we have linked to online dress companies for any budget below.




You may have heard that wedding dresses need to be fitted and that a little pain and discomfort on your day won’t be a problem. But if you are going to be walking or hiking on your day, you’ll feel much better in a dress that will let you move freely. 

Make sure you can take steps up a mountain if you will be hiking, move your legs, and raise your arms above your head to hug your partner, and make sure you’re ok with carrying your train along if the dress has one.

We’ve seen all types of styles from ball gown to boho work well, sometimes a mermaid style provides restriction but it’s really about how comfortable it is for you personally. Keep in mind what you feel best in as well as what will look the best in your photos!


Traveling with your Dress

An important piece to consider is if the dress will travel with ease or if there is a lot of care needed for the fabric, like if it needs steaming and creases easily.

Some people bring steamers to their hotel or cabin to steam the dress before the elopement. Just make sure to do some experimenting ahead of time and that steaming it once before the elopement will last since you can’t lug the steamer along on your adventure!




Consider Color

Say it with me – ‘I do not have to wear white on my elopement day!”

It’s true, you can wear any color you want! We’ve seen muted pinks and purples, as well as off-white.

Another idea is to brighten up the white with a stand-out floral color palette like Bride Ashley did!

This boho look takes pops up color to a whole new level!

This beautiful red wedding dress worn by bride Alexandra worked as a stunning contrast at her foggy Asheville elopement.

woman in red dress stands by woods

Check the video out below to see it in action!



Cost & Where to Buy

An awesome thing about eloping is that you get to decide how you want your budget to be distributed. Some people go all out on the dress and others go for a more budget bridal dress, even ordering their dress online versus going in and trying them on in a boutique. We have some companies listed below to check out for each category.

Budget Wedding Elopement Dress under $300:




Keeping the season and daily temperature averages in mind at the time you’re eloping outdoors will help you be strategic in choosing your elopement wedding dress.

In winter, it’s all about the layers. We recommend thermal or fleece leggings in a nude or light color to avoid being seen under your dress.  Opting for a dress that isn’t too tight so you can fit these layers underneath is key. A long sleeved dress is perfect for colder weather and a wrap is a wonderful way to bring along a stylish blanket-like accessory.

Speaking of blankets, bringing one is a great idea along with a puffy coat or warm jacket! Make sure your dress will fit comfortable under a jacket. Layers are so important in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the evening especially.  Warm footwear is advised.

In summer, try cotton or silk to breathe better, as well as a lighter fabric so you aren’t weighed down.

In the fall and spring, bring layers and remember, if you are eloping in the mountains it will be at least 10 degrees cooler than in town, so be sure to dress accordingly. Long sleeved dresses are still a great idea since it won’t likely be too hot.

In the fall, matching autumn with a golden or red dress are fun ideas and you can also bring a colorful blanket in a fall color for warmth, decoration, or a picnic.

No matter what time of year, the weather can be unpredictable and possibly rainy, so bring a cute rain jacket or umbrella just in case.

Some of our most beautiful ceremony’s have been held in the woods in the rain, and it always helps to have a warm jacket to put on during the ceremony or at least to warm up with after.

Because weather can change at any time, it is highly recommended that the following items are packed in a “just incase” bag to bring along in the car:

  • nude leggings (thermal or fleece for cold weather)
  • a stylish jacket to match your dress (or one to wear in between photos)
  • warm, comfortable footwear like hiking books or Converse (you can always bring fancier shoes in your bag)
  • a blanket to wrap up in
  • gloves and hat (you can always wear it on the hike down only if you don’t want to ruin your hairstyle before the ceremony)
  • hand warmers if it is super cold
  • a small portable fan and of course water are great items for summer


Our Favorite Special Touches

From dresses that move in the wind, to the best veils and trains, below we are sharing some of our favorites that have graced these mountaintops and valleys. Enjoy this elopement wedding dress inspiration!


Dresses that MOVE




Trains and Veils

One of the coolest things with an outdoor elopement is when the wind sweeps the veil up and you get a gorgeous photo.

It captures the mountain air and makes the photo come alive.

For that reason, we LOVE veils! They are super beautiful and usually easy to transport up.

If you decide not to go for a veil, a train can also provide some drama in photos.

As long as your train is lightweight, and you don’t mind carrying it along, it’s a great choice.

Just be mindful of heavy trains and also let your partner know you might need a little assistance walking up and to be ready to step in as needed!

Check out these amazing veils and trains that we captured!






Dog with flower collar


Custom Jackets

Layer up in style! 



A few favorite Suit options

We’ve seen our share of amazing suits, vests, and jackets. Here’s some of our favorites!


Matching with your partner

Here are a few favorite combo’s we’ve seen couples pull off. It’s always nice to see a bit of contrast while keeping a theme going. You’ll see that the couples below brought a unified aesthetic that still managed to show off individual style and personality.


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