5 Ideas for your Fall Elopement (+ Gorgeous Photo Inspo)

Fall is among the most beautiful seasons to marry in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

In Asheville, North Carolina, the weather is ideal and the fall foliage covers the mountains in a picturesque scene.

The predictable, temperate weather makes for the prettiest outdoor events. So if you’re trying to decide when to hold your outdoor elopement, you can’t go wrong with a day in September, October, or November.

Thinking of eloping in the fall?

Here are 5 ideas for your fall elopement (+ gorgeous photos to inspire you to consider eloping outdoors in Asheville!)




1. Autumn Florals

To capture those falls vibes, consider an arrangement of roses, berries, and dried greens. Red and rust colors also look awesome as the theme colors for your fall bouquet. 

Flowers like dahlias, rust astilbe, and golden roses capture a crisp, dreamy autumn look.

When your bouquet look like this, there’s no question what season you married in!

Here’s a look at our most favorite fall bouquet we’ve seen at an elopement yet!


2. Match the season

Oftentimes Brides are looking for accessories and makeup to match seasonally with their fall elopement.

If you’ve got autumn on your mind, you can also have it adorn your body with a leaf hair accessory, orange-hued lipstick, and cozy blankets and wraps in autumnal colors to keep you warm.

A “fall shawl” with a festive flannel print or a “fall fur” are sure to capture the autumn vibes.

Grooms can match the season with velvet fabrics, corduroy, or choose rich, earthy tones to compliment fall.

While a classic blue suit is always a favorite no matter the season, a light blue suit takes the approach of providing extra contrast amongst the rusty, orange hues of the leaves, creating a color pop from the background.

Here’s a guide to the 20 Best Fall Wedding Suits for Grooms to get geared up before the big day.


3. Best Fall Scenes

In the Pisgah Forest and other areas near Asheville, you’ll be able to see the leaves once they peak in so many spots and trails, but there are some places where the leaves just pop like no other!

If you are seeking an in-season ceremony site to see all the fall color, we can help you pick the perfect spot based our knowledge of the Asheville area. Connect with Cassie via email and let her know you want some help choosing a location that will look awesome in the fall season. 

In the meantime, here are some visuals and moods for you to get inspired by!


Golden Mountainside


Red Foliage Dream


Sun Beams through the trees 


Lake with leaf reflection 


Fields of Mountains & autumn leaves


Misty Mountain Fog


Layers of Mountains surrounded by golden and amber 


Full-on Fall Leaves 


Check out a favorite film of ours capturing fall in the mountains:



4. Seasonal beverages & accessories 

You can turn up that fall elopement vibe by bringing pumpkin pie or having a pumpkin cake topper. 

Another yummy option is to bring pumpkin spiced lattes in a hydro-flask to keep them warm and often times couples bring customized mugs to personalize the experience. 

Nothing is much cuter and nourishing as a sweet little fall picnic. 

Another easy way to capture the season is to bring a blanket in fall colors to help you stay warm as the sun goes down!

Bonus – you can wrap the blanket around each other for maximum cuddles and photo op moments!


5. Best times of day to elope outdoors

The two best times to marry in the fall are sunrise and sunset. 

The lighting is gorgeous during golden hour, illuminating not only peaks and valleys, but bringing bright light to your faces. 

There is practically nothing more exciting to a nature enthusiast than taking in the changing scenery as the sun rises or falls, so if you are anything like us you will be so stoked to witness mother nature in action. 

How to choose morning or evening?

Evening or sunset is the most popular time to elope as it doesn’t require waking up extra early and leaves the entire day to get ready.  

Sometimes choosing sunset means more people are on the trails but we usually have no problem finding a rock face, wooded area, or lookout point to hold your ceremony where you can be immersed in the moment.

Asheville NC Elopement Packages ~ NC Mountain Elopement Photographers

Sunrise can be incredibly awe-inspiring and worth the wake up call and early hike, but sometimes it can be foggy at the top of a mountain depending on what the weather patterns are at that time, which are somewhat unpredictable. 

The great thing about sunrise is there won’t be many people on the trails and your ceremony will be much more private. 

Most notably, sunrise views can consist of billowing, fluffy clouds and mountains for miles making for a truly unique experience. 

Here are some of our favorite sunrise fall elopement images!

Couple Kisses on Mountain

We’d love to work with you on your elopement and create a comfortable space for you and your partner to be you. 

Planning the entire elopement from securing locations, helping you decide what time of day to marry, and providing you with vendors from our talented, close-knit team is what we do!

Reach out today and let’s make your adventure elopement a reality!

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