Best Elopement Gift Ideas for Couples who Adventure

For those of you who don’t know what to buy the adventurous couple in your life who is eloping, we present to you the Best Elopement Gift Ideas!

Couples who choose to elope outdoors in nature over having a traditional, big wedding at a venue are a special breed!

These folks don’t mind getting dirty, hiking up mountains, or wandering alongside streams to find beauty and adventure.

If you have some friends or family members who are choosing to marry with an elopement-style wedding, this list of the best elopement gift ideas are for you!  Also, if you are eloping yourself, think of sending your friends this blog or creating your own gift registry with adventurous items like these on it!


Gift Idea #1 –  Framed Coordinates of the location the couple is eloping

Where a couple decides to marry is a big decision! Getting them a framed image with the location coordinates is a wonderful way to capture the place they hold so dear.

Gift Idea # 2 –  Video Frame for Elopement Photo Slide show or Elopement video

What better way to relive the big day than getting to replay the moments at the press of a button? Video frames are the easy access way to show Grandma & friends the photos or elopement film without having to set anything up. It’s an awesome way for the couple to share their elopement at an after-party reception or in their home when they have guests over.

Gift Idea # 3 – Gift certificate to AirbnB or favorite hotel

Couples who choose an adventure elopement are most likely hitting a destination spot far from home. A great gift is a gift certificate to Airbnb for them to use for their overnight stay or to use for future travels. A gift card to a hotel they like will also support your wanderer friends!

Gift Idea #4 – Adventure Kit – Elopement Day Emergency Pack

Lots can happen on an elopement from a snag in the dress to runny makeup or the even more common runny nose from mountain wind or salty air! Prepare an Adventure Kit with all the things they might need as a gift for them to bring along on their day of!

Here are some ideas of what to stash in the adventure kit:

  • tissues or cloth/hankerchief
  • scissors, tape, safety pins, hair ties, and super glue, just in case
  • extra cell phone charger for the car (in case they accidentally leave it behind)
  • gloves for lower temperature settings
  • just eloped tags for backpacks or travel suitcase
  • chapstick
  • travel size mirror
  • a travel, battery powered fan to cool off 
  • medicine or essential oils or roll-ons to help with anything that comes up like tummy ache or headache
  • Any other fun ideas or inside jokes, throw them in!
  • reusable water bottles

Gift Idea #5 – Monogrammed Backpack or bag to carry their items

It’s always a nice touch when the couple brings along a personalized backpack to carry items like water bottles, tissues, chapstick marriage license, etc.

Mr. & Mrs., Mrs. & Mrs., or Mr. & Mr. backpacks are definitely super cute! “Two Humans in Love” would also be a cute phrase to print on a backpack!


Gift Idea #6  – Just Eloped Sign 

These signs are super popular with the couples we work with as they can easily bring them along on their adventure in a backpack. Whether you want a custom printed banner or a blackboard you can write on, it’s an awesome photo-op!

Gift Idea #7 – America the Beautiful Pass

This is THE gift for the couple who loves visiting national parks! Rather than having to pay an entrance fee each time, this is an unlimited National Parks annual pass that gives access to National Parks and over 2000 other federal lands (like National Recreation Areas). The pass is good for 12 months of adventures and is only $80!

Gift Idea # 8 – Honeymoon fund

Establishing a honeymoon fund for a couple you love is a great way to support them and their adventures! Not everyone wants to set this up for themselves and ask relatives or friends for money, but it’s a creative way to do it without them having to be the ones pushing the idea. You can share the link with everyone they know and let them in on it when you are in the process of creating the fund so it can link to their account.

Gift Idea #9 –  Pay for part of their elopement package or photographer or other vendor service

At Elope Outdoors, we enable friends and family to pay a portion of their friend or family members elopement package and can set this up via our payment service Honeybook. It’s an awesome way to support their existing essential costs for their big day. Ask the couple the name of their photographer or elopement company, and then you can reach out to the company directly to see if you can make a payment on their behalf! Just imagine their surprise when they go to pay their balance and they owe less than what they expect!

Gift Idea #10 – Blanket

A comfy, cozy blanket is practically an essential at any elopement. A monogrammed or personalized blanket is a great keepsake and a way to stay warm as the sun sets. It will definitely be used!


Gift Idea #11 – Heirloom Wedding Album

Another gift idea is to pay for a custom photo album! Definitely connect with their photographer or elopement company as they likely have albums available for sale and can create it. At Elope Outdoors, we’re unapologetically fussy when it comes to selecting our wedding albums. We only choose the best of the best as each album is carefully constructed by a team of skilled artisans. You can read more our custom heirlooms albums right here



More of the Best Elopement Gift ideas!

Headlamp or Flashlight

Glasses or Custom Mugs 

Hiking boots or custom Converse 

Watch with elopement coordinates or couple names 

Monogrammed jacket

Portable speaker for First Dance

Custom ring box

Vow books

Gift for Puppy – Decorative leash or Dog Ring Bearer scarfs + custom items


We hope this list of gift ideas help you celebrate your favorite adventure couple and give them the goods to wander and explore!

Reach out to us to learn more about eloping or supporting a couple you know that’s eloping with us by gifting them an heirloom album or covering a part of their elopement package!

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