The Ease of Eloping: How Planning your Elopement can be easy and fun


Planning an elopement all by yourself can feel like a slow, painful climb up a rickety rollercoaster – so much research and decisions on the way up, just waiting for the thrill. But since you’ve never done it before, there’s no telling how bumpy the ride down might be on the day of!

But planning an elopement with the help of an experienced planning company is not only painless but fun!

On top of that, if you elope with just the two of you and no guests, you open up to a planning experience that can be relaxing and without stress.

It may even be enjoyable (!) bringing you closer to the exhilarating, smooth, riding down the roller coaster feeling that only can come from an adventure like eloping!

Today we’re sharing more about the experience of how eloping without guests and with the help of an elopement company makes the planning process easy!



Decision fatigue is a real thing when planning a wedding or an elopement on your own. If you want to avoid driving yourself a little crazy, deciding to elope without any guests and with the help of an elopement planning team is the remedy.

When you elope with just the two of you, you no longer have to worry about everyone’s travel accommodations, availability, fitness level (if hiking), and preferences. Instead, you only have to satisfy the needs of you and your partner.

You get to choose ANY destination you want, and you get to relax and have more flexibility in the entire experience.

Next, choose an elopement company to work with because planning an elopement on your own is difficult when you don’t know the area and are planning from afar. When you haven’t done the song and dance of eloping in nature before, there’s a learning curve.

We exist at Elope Outdoors to help take alllll the decisions off your plate – things we can take care of almost automatically with just your approval and opinion. Read more to learn more about the process of working with us at Elope Outdoors.



All-inclusive is the way to go when it comes to selecting all the individuals for your elopement. Although it’s not always the case, with us all-inclusive does not mean you have to get anything sub-par or basic.

Our company is comprised of a thoughtfully crafted team as every single vendor is handpicked for their authenticity, creativity, talent, and reliability. We believe the people on our team are the well-spring of our success as an elopement company.

Every event relies on the good natured, talent, and good vibes that comes from each photographer, videographer, officiant, elopement assistant, coordinator and more.

You’ll be able to see why we are so selective and conscious about who we bring onto the team when your elopement day comes and especially when you get your visuals back and have artistic photos and a story-driven film to treasure forever!

We’re super proud of what we do and who we are and the quality that we bring to each and every elopement.



Even though you are working with us as your elopement planners, we coordinate everything with you and your personality in mind while utilizing our expertise to lean into tried and true methods of making the day smooth, easy and memorable.

It’s super important that you approach this experience with a degree of trust in your elopement company, and so we try to share as much as possible about who we are so you can feel secure in letting go and letting us guide you!

Essentially, we are the leaders of the trail and the logistics of the elopement experience but you are the leader of your vision and vibes.  

Eloping gives you the reigns when it comes to your specific style but we try to keep the decisions you’ll have to make simple. Do you want flowers? To wear hiking boots, heels, or go barefoot? Do you want a First Dance or Cake-Cutting? All of those decisions are up to you and we are here to lend our opinion and experience to make suggestions. 

Make sure to head over to our Instagram and feel free to browse more of our blogs to get to know us and the experience!



Cassie, your Elopement Coordinator, has the wonderful job of guiding our couples through our really simple and lovely elopement process. 

After you browse our photography and get to know us on our website, you fill out our contact form and Cassie will reach back out with a link to our collections with pricing and package elements so you can choose which is best for you. 

All packages include Location Consultation & Coordination, Officiant Services and Pro-Photography and our premium packages include Videography, Cake and Champagne, up to 10 guests, and an Elopement Assistant to set up your picnic and support you on the day with all the things from fluffing your dress to picking up your flowers and cake. 

Once we decide on a date and package, Cassie shares your elopement proposal with you along with a questionnaire to get to know you a bit more. Together you’ll then dive into location exploration and decisions along with choosing your officiant and any other details such as flowers and cake depending on your package. 

All of these decisions are made easier when it’s just the two of you to consider. Guests are fun and awesome, but every guest has their own unique set of needs that you need to consider when planning who you would like to elope with! When you decide to elope just the two of you, the process becomes even more simple!

Leading up to your elopement, Cassie coordinates all the vendors, manages day-of weather concerns, and keeps everyone connected. You can truly sit back, relax, and plan other aspects of your elopement trip – more on that below.

It really is that easy!


Celeste & Ramsez, 2022 couple: It was so fun, exciting, and a bonding experience picking through the options! You have made this so amazing already.  




You can approach your destination elopement a lot like you would a vacation focusing on where you’ll stay and what fun you’ll do outside of the wedding.

Because we’re handling the day-of details, you can excitedly plan trips to the breweries, waterfall swims or sunrise hikes, trips to the outdoor hot tub (Shoji is the bomb) or which famed Asheville restaurants you’re gonna hit up!

Vacations are much lower stress to organize so take on that chill mindset and happy planning!

Our Favorite Cabins 

50 Things to do in Asheville, NC

Some Activities to Do in Asheville:

Tour the Biltmore Estate 

Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway  See spring emerge right before your eyes. Park at overlooks or take a hike up Craggy Gardens or other look out points.

Attend Farmers Markets – Saturday Morning North Asheville Tailgate Market. 


Rachel, September 2020 Bride: This was our first trip to Asheville and we loved hitting up all the breweries, floating down the river on inner tubes, eating at rooftop and outdoor restaurants, and all the beautiful hikes in the area. 

Angelina, September 2020 Bride: We got to experience a lot of good food, breweries, and live music. My husband and I also decided to make a day trip and go back to Black Balsam Knob (just the two of us). We watched the sunset, listened to some music, and had a few beers. Returning back to the scene of the crime is a great way to relive the moment without the added chaos of a wedding day. 




Since your eloping with just the two of you and working with an elopement company, you can focus your energy on some of the fun details and even on how you want to feel the day of and create the experience accordingly.

Do you want a cake smash and champagne pop or just some beer and a blanket to watch the sunset? Do you want emotionally driven ceremony or pops of humor? Our officiants will cater to you while finding a nice balance between lighthearted and poignant.

Do you want to be beside a bountiful waterfall, lean into the wise trees of the forest, feel the abundance of a river stream or float into the expansive openness of an open sky.

You’re in charge of what you want to see and feel on your day, and we know all the secret spots to fulfill all your Asheville elopement dreams.


Want to learn more about eloping with us?

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