Give yourself *this* gift for your wedding

Give yourself *this* gift for your wedding


Why wedding albums are the gift that keeps on giving 


Stuck for a wedding gift for yourself or your wedded-to-be? We’ve got the solution: A heirloom wedding album!


And if it sounds like we’re gushing in this article, it’s because we absolutely are. There’s just something soooo beautiful and special about our heirloom wedding albums. The weight, texture, and way they look in person? Guh – we’d remarry just for the album! (Kidding … mostly.)


But aside from the gorgeous aesthetic, we love wedding albums because they’re such a special way to record your memories. 


Your wedding lasts one – admittedly spectacular – day, but you’ll want to remember the memories of your wedding for far longer than that. And as amazing as social media is, it’s fleeting. Platforms change, accounts get accidentally locked, and the content posted is never truly yours (PSA: the social media platforms own your content).  


Which is why a wedding album is so priceless. It gets your images off social media (and that USB drive you’ve likely misplaced – we know we’ve lost plenty of them!) and preserves them in a tangible item you can touch, hold and share with friends, family and future generations. 


But not all wedding albums are made equal. 

Choosing our wedding albums


At Elope Outdoors, we’re unapologetically fussy when it comes to selecting our wedding albums. We only choose the best of the best – because our couples deserve the best of the best! 


Here’s some of the other reasons why our couples fall head over heels for their Elope Outdoors albums:


  • Each album is carefully constructed by a team of skilled artisans (yep – this is a far more intricate and luxurious experience than just getting your photos printed at your local stationery shop!)
  • Our albums are made with genuine Italian full-grain leathers with beautiful textile blend linens. 
  • For albums, we work with archival quality professional photographic paper. 
  • For books (more on this soon), we work with beautiful matte press paper. 
  • You’ll have creative control over the album content with the ability to select photos, make changes and approve the final design. 
  • Our albums come in a gorgeous graphic album box with the font and color choice for the cover debossed with the text, font & color of your choice. 


What’s the difference between a wedding album and a wedding book?


Great question! Largely, it comes down to quality. Albums are the finest quality product with real photographic paper and more options available for cover design. (Pro tip: If you see a cover option that’s only available for albums, choose the album. You won’t regret it.)


Meanwhile, wedding books are more budget-friendly and contain matte press paper with fewer design options. 


This video helps break down some of the differences between albums and books.




What size should you get?


Finally, you’ll want to select an album size. In our opinion, 8×8 is perfectly fine for elopements (especially if you’re short on space and need something smaller for your shelf or coffee table). 


But keep in mind that a bigger album means larger photos (with more details!) for you to look at and enjoy. 

We offer 8×8, 10×10 or 12×12 for square albums!

Want to add an heirloom wedding album to your Elope Outdoors experience?

Simply let your Elope Outdoors coordinator know and they’ll add it to your package. Easy! 





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