The Mountain Wedding Elopement of your Dreams

This is the Mountain Wedding Elopement of Your Dreams – or at least it’s ours!

Meet Amanda and Joshua. Their elopement just feels right and aligns with what we are about here at Elope Outdoors!

The couple reached out to us seeking a simple and beautiful elopement in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Our coordinator Cassie corresponded with Amanda and got to work on creating their elopement for June 13th, 2022 to match their wishes of having the woods and a mountaintop in their location.

The vibes were super good from the start and it was a good fit for what the couple was looking for in an elopement.

Amanda shared that “I have a good gut feeling about you guys and it really was the first time I’ve felt that in any of the research of different elopement packages I’ve done. ”

Awww! This meant a lot to us as we are super intentional about the warm, welcoming, and down to earth approach we bring to eloping.



The couple chose Black Balsam Knob for their elopement, arriving on a foggy spring evening.

With the mountains, you never know what weather you are going to get.

Sometimes it’s sunny skies and orange sunsets, other times it is complete and total fog out.

This is why choosing a location with a gorgeous enchanted woods or other natural beauty outside of just the mountain view is clutch for photography. We love helping you select the best place and know these mountains well! 

Now, this couple could have easily panicked when they arrived on site and saw it was a little foggy.

Instead, they were at ease and totally trusted in the talent of their photographer, Jenny, and believed in the beauty of the woods to be the perfect backdrop.

They also were super in touch with the fact that they came to get married and have a full-on adventure experience, not just get a specific set of photos in a controlled environment.

Well, wouldn’t y’all agree…their photos turned out INCREDIBLE and couldn’t be more fitting for capturing their personalities.

The moodiness of the dark woods and fog seemed to highlight the contrast of their bright and genuine souls shining through each photograph.

Authentic, adoring, honest, and in love.


The Hike Begins

The couple started their hike walking through the beautiful woods and then made their way through the woods like a tunnel leading them to the short, uphill climb to their ceremony site.

Joshua helped Amanda with her train as they stepped over the thick roots of the forest floor. 

Everything was so lush and green from recent rainfall making everything shiny and dewey. 


The Ceremony

Amanda and Josh arrived at the top of a rocky mountain bald for their intimate ceremony.

Jay, one of our wonderful wedding officiants, led the couple through the important step of becoming married partners.

In this idyllic spot, Jay pronounced Amanda and Josh married and then flowed the tears, laughter, and hugs!



The Meet-Cute

How They Met In Her Words

“We met January 18th 2019 at a bar in Nashville called Cobra. He was playing a show with his band and I was there to see a mutual friend of ours play his music.

We met on the back porch of the venue when he asked his band mate to talk to me to “feel me out first”. We talked and then exchanged phone numbers. 2 nights later we met at the Parthenon in Nashville to see the Lunar Eclipse.

We talked for hours and started dating right away after that and quickly became best friends.”



Commonalities & Couples Bond

Amanda and Josh have been together for over 3 years.

They share a common talent at drawing. Both enjoy comedy podcasts and philosophical reading – and binging shows and movies.

The pair also loves spending time baby talking and cuddling our 16 month old.


The Proposal

Josh asked Amanda to marry him in their kitchen on Valentines day of 2021. He played a song, laid out flowers and desserts and wrote out a card where he asked the big question.

They cried, hugged, kissed and held their baby between them the whole time.

How perfect is that?!


Bride and Groom’s Style

Amanda opted for a Solawood Flower bouquet and had her hair and makeup done by the talented team at AnaRie Brides.

The groom wore an awesome suit, I am sure he would share the details if anyone is looking to cop his style!

All we know is that he looked dapper in this 3-piece tan number!


Before & After

The evening ended how all mountain wedding elopements should – with a dirty dress & full hearts!


We are so grateful for this couple!

Josh and Amanda show us all that when it comes to eloping (and so much in life), simple is good.

Eloping is about being true to ourselves and experiencing pure love.

On their June mountain wedding elopement, Amanda and Josh affirmed their love for each other and got the true peaceful romance they deserve.

Thank you Amanda and Josh for sharing your story with us!

Enjoy the rest of their photos below!!


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