Meet our Elopement Officiants

What is one of the most important decisions to make when planning your elopement?

Choosing your wedding elopement officiant!

This individual will be there to facilitate your ceremony and have a lot of responsibilities from a legal standpoint.

Learn more about the role officiants play and get to know our incredible team of officiants.


Why do you need an elopement officiant?

When eloping, it’s usually just the two of you and possibly a handful of family or friends attending.

It makes whom you choose to officiate your wedding ceremony very important as they will be one of a few people who are there to witness and can help create a positive dynamic on your elopement day.

Of course, wedding elopement officiants do so much more than that.

They are the voice of your commitment ceremony and help take you over the threshold from two people in love to two people committed in marriage.

Wedding elopement officiants organize the signing of your marriage license and often they make sure the paperwork is turned in appropriately by either giving you instructions or doing it themselves for you as a part of their service.



What makes our officiants special?

We work with amazing officiants that will create a beautiful ceremony for you. You can customize as you like, such as writing your own vows, incorporating poems and prayers, and including rituals such as unity candles and sand ceremony. 

Our officiants are often guides of the elopement day experience,  helping you decide where everyone will stand during the ceremony, organizing your walk down the make-shift nature aisle, and making sure your marriage license is signed.

Beyond that, they help you make touch-and-go decisions on the day of and utilize their experience to help you in making decisions before the day of the event.

Before the ceremony and elopement date, they are corresponding with you over the phone or by email to create your ceremony verbiage and help you organize your ceremony, asking the right questions like whether you’d like to say your own handwritten vows or whether to include any special touches like a sand ceremony or vows between a child and step-parent.

Our elopement officiants are wonderful sounding boards for ideas and can provide advice as they have worked with hundreds of couples.

Our officiants may come from different backgrounds and training, but what they all have in common is how they approach your ceremony.

Every officiant sees it as an honor to be the ones to marry you as you pledge to share the journey of life with one another.

They take their role very seriously but tend to bring a relaxed, easy-going sense of humor to the experience.



Do you get to choose your officiant?

Yes! We have a team of officiants, each with their own unique style which you get to know from their bio and photo. You get to choose the officiant that you’d like to work and then we match them based on their availability for your wedding elopement day.

Here is information about each one, for you to browse through!



Elopement Officiant for Elope Outdoors ~ Asheville

I became ordained in 2000 when I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Portland Bible College. Since then, I have pastored youth and young adults, curated art shows, emceed at conferences, conducted corporate trainings, served the homeless, and officiated and coordinated weddings.

Meeting engaged couples, hearing their stories, and guiding them through the biggest commitment of their lives is deeply rewarding for me. Over the last decade of officiating weddings, I have listened, learned and developed how to make each and every ceremony unique and memorable. The most important things to me is that the couple feels welcome, accepted, and comfortable. Every couple brings with them unique desires and expectations that need to be heard and validated.

My style focuses on the majors like Love, Equality, Patience, Commitment and Unity, and is very supportive of each couple’s belief system. I’m a strong advocate and believer in marriage equality. I approach every wedding ceremony with grace, practicality, and joy, and would be delighted to be a part of your wedding day.




Hi there! I’m Julia, and I’d love to officiate your elopement ceremony!

I believe that words, when woven together with heart and intention, can truly create magic. I am a “space holder” (as I like to call it), mostly taking form as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, for over 12 years and I am also a writer. For me, words, both written and spoken, are important. I truly feel in my bones that the exchanging of vows is a sacred contract that should fill you up with joy, love, and purpose.

My goal as an officiant is to pull out the essence of the love that you share as a couple, and turn it into tangible poetry that will leave a mark on your hearts for the rest of your lives. I want to represent you both as individuals, as well as a unified couple, in a way that is genuine to who you are. I enjoy getting to know couples, whether it’s through an email exchange or over the phone, and taking the time to create a customized and unique ceremony.

I am also happy to simply provide a ceremony without personalization, if that is what the couple prefers for the sake of time and ease. Please note that no one ceremony is the same, either way. I love weaving together elements of nature, ancient traditions, and spirituality, without being dogmatic. If you call it God, The Universe, Spirit, or feel unclear as to whether or not a higher power exists, I believe we can create a beautiful ceremony that resonates with you.

I look forward to meeting you and holding space for your special day!




I go by the nickname “Jay” and would say that I’m a creative soul that has a healthy obsession with painting anything and everything with a rainbow of color. If our paths cross, you’re welcome to ask me what’s the oddest thing I’ve ever painted, as I know the answer will probably surprise you!

Growing up, I’ve been raised in a military family and have lived in memorable places all across the United States…Florida, Maryland, & California to name a few. I’ve settled with my family in Western North Carolina over two decades ago, and I comfortably call Asheville home.

I am deeply devoted to my family and I believe in love at first sight –sometimes you just KNOW. I’ve hardly met anyone who I can’t make smile and I love building lasting friendships with folks from all walks of life.

One other thing I’ll share is that we have an instant commonality – I, myself, have eloped! It was a perfect fit for us and I will always remember how special our day was for me and my Beloved.

I’ll close with trying to convey what kind of Officiant I strive to reach for. I liken it to having you take a moment and envision your favorite song or movie. There’s something that just draws you to it because it has a rhythm or beat you can’t escape, or maybe it’s a heart-pounding scene that has an unforgettable phrase…that exchange of words truly impacted you and your life. Well, that’s exactly what I hope to capture when I support my couples in their elopement ceremony. I strive to listen and understand you and your partner’s unique love story and work to meaningfully express that with my wordcraft and expression. I love being involved in watching my couple’s elopement adventure unfold. I promise and commit to do my best to find your “love song”.




Jess is double-ordained through The Spirit of Love Ministries & Universal Life Church.

Drawing from her degree in Religious and Spiritual Studies, her experience as a yoga teacher, bodyworker, and wellness professional, her passion is holding and creating space for meaningful ceremony.

Having been married for 12+ years, She loves inspiring others towards a life of unconditional love.

She is a mother, mountain biker, world traveller, and animal lover. Her church is nature and being in the forest.

Jess welcomes all religions, nontraditional/secular approaches/perspectives, and all genders. She believes: “If there’s ever an answer, it’s more LOVE”.




I am an open-minded and eloquent Officiant, who feels blessed to be doing what I love. It brings me great joy to be a part of people’s happiest day, and I seek to bring enthusiasm, style, creativity, and personality to your wedding ceremony.

I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee, where I grew up in the Baptist church. After living all over the States, I finally settled in Asheville in 2015. I love the outdoor activities, the cooler weather and the breath-taking scenery, not to mention the vibrant restaurant and brewery scene! A lifetime music lover, I spent quarantine time learning to properly play the guitar. I have a passion for travel and exploring other countries and cultures.

I was married in a castle in Scotland, so I knows the challenges of arranging a destination wedding and how special and rewarding it can be. My relaxed, yet dignified style will keep you confident and cheerful through the process. I particularly love to include family and cultural traditions with those who would like to honor their heritage during their ceremonies. Whether you choose a short and sweet ceremony or elaborate and grand, I would be honored to be a part of your special day.


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We’d love to work with you on your elopement and create a comfortable space for you and your partner to be you. 

Planning the entire elopement from securing locations to providing you with an elopement officiant is what we do!

Reach out today and let’s make your adventure elopement a reality!


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