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Eloping can be anything you want it to be – relaxing, easy, intimate, or adventurous!

That’s the best part about elopement planning – it’s totally up to you!

Today we are looking back at some of the more adventurous wedding elopements we have planned and photographed.

Check out some of our favorite adventure elopements below!


Peak of the Wilderness

Far up a long hike through the woods, lies a mountain peak at over 4000 ft. overlooking a wild wilderness in North Carolina.

It is here where Danielle and Patrick eloped on September 30th, 2021.

Being a pair that loves to be out in nature, hiking, camping, and backpacking, this long, upward hike was a perfect way for them to really make it an adventure!

To keep the bride and groom from seeing each other until the First Look, Patrick hiked up first and waited at a rock cropping for Danielle.

We met Danielle at the trailhead, who was prepared with a backpack and a walkie talkie to communicate to Patrick and the others at the top of the mountain – how cool is that?!

The 1.7-mile round trip hike up 690 feet takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, much longer than our typical elopement day hikes. This definitely made for an adventure in itself, but bride Danielle was well-prepared and excitedly hiked to the top. 

Our photographer Jenny documented the adventure and officiant Julia spoke words of beauty and truth in their ceremony.

When Danielle got to the top, she approached Patrick, and he spun around to embrace his beautiful Bride.

Danielle chose to wear a colorful dress instead of a plain white gown, and was simply stunning.

Both not only enjoyed their special first look moment, but got to share in the awe-struck feeling of taking in an expansive sky.

The summit boasts incredible 360-degree views of the Shenandoah Valley, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Virginia Piedmont.

After their ceremony, the two shared raspberry almond cake and enjoyed being in nature, with no distractions, before packing up and putting on headlamps for the dark walk down the mountain and into the woods.

At the bottom, an adorable party was waiting for them with treats and snacks for the ride home.

What an epic adventure elopement!





Snowy Waterfall Elopement

Some elopements are planned to be an adventure, while others turn into one. That was the case with Erinn & Eric’s January 22, 2020 waterfall elopement.

The pair chose a waterfall that doesn’t take long to get to. But what made it an adventure was the fresh snow and ice that piled up on the falls and the ascending pool of water.

Erinn and Eric had to be careful when descending down the long staircase to avoid ice and endured a colder than normal spray of mist from the waterfall. They also needed to walk with caution onto the slick rocks for their photo-ops. 

Despite the colder temperatures and icy conditions, Erin and Eric had the most magical experience.

The snow and ice made the waterfall transform into a wintery snow scene.

The warmth of the sun and the love shining between the two juxtaposed with the ice was just beautiful.

The couple loved the intimacy of the day, with it just being “theirs”and were thrilled to make their love “official”.

Their day proves that anytime you elope outdoors, the weather can bring surprises that make for an even more unique experience and totally gorgeous photos!




First comes marriage, then comes motorcycling

What’s more adventurous than driving a Harley to your elopement?

This is exactly what the groom did!

Tiffany and Justin were married June 17th, 2021 on an overlook of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

They captured their love for the “adrenaline rush” by bringing the Harley along for the ride and for the fun photo ops.

The couple even got engaged on a long day trip traveling by motorcycle, when Justin rode along for hours looking for the perfect spot to propose before finally getting down on one knee!

Luckily, we helped them pick the best spot to marry well in advance so they didn’t have to waste any time location scouting on their wedding day!

When it came to eloping, the couple said this:

“The only thing we knew is that we wanted to jump on the Harley and run away. We realized that we could check off the “Biltmore” AND Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee off our bucket list by going east so we started to explore that route. True to his love for the outdoors, Justin had spotted the Blue Ridge and it led us to Elope Outdoors. Having a professional and dedicated team on site gave us the comfort in having our wedding in a place we’ve never been before. ”

We adored their adventurous, Harley riding spirits and elopement day!




Rainy Mountain Romance

On September 19, 2021, Jess and Jonathan made their way up the parkway to their elopement with clouds looming in the sky.

I am not sure what was going through their heads, but maybe it was something like nervous optimism?

When they arrived, the decision was made to have their ceremony in the woods. It was transformed into a mystical, magical scene from the fog.

As officiant Jess began to bring peace and love to the ceremony, rain drops began to fall.

The result was moody, rainy, and romantic, and it was all captured by our photographer Jenny and videographer Jen.

Rain has a way of turning the adventure dial all the way UP and this couple embraced it and trusted our team to create beautiful memories. The wind, the rain, the fog, it all just made for the most memorable moments.

As the Bride said, “we felt magic in that forest, in the rain, and it turned out even better than I hoped it would.”



Eloping alongside Elks

Jennifer and James eloped on April 2nd, 2021 in a place where it is not uncommon to see wildlife.

But what a feeling to be face to face with a large elk!

When our team first arrived to the site, there were a few elks walking around.

Since we were in their space so we had to be mindful and keep our distance a bit.

They were very curious and kept licking the tripod and coming toward the video camera equipment!

When James and his son were hanging out before the ceremony, an elk approached them and they got to take in the beauty of this animal with great reverence and respect.

Later, when the ceremony was about to start, a group of elks caught our attention who were galloping by!

Jennifer was just about to walk up the make-shift nature aisle when an elk was right behind her.

It was made for a memorable part of their ceremony and experience.

Anytime you come face to face with larger wildlife like that, you are indisputably in adventure territory.

Throughout the elopement, Jennifer and James encountered the elks, who were friendly and majestic as can be.

The couple shared the best vows detailing their relationship and the groom shed a few tears which was so sweet!

Watch the video below to get to know the location and get inspired!



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