Tips for Planning Your Spring Elopement in the Mountains


Planning Your Spring Elopement in the Blue Ridge Mountains // Asheville, NC


Tip 1 – Consider an Elopement Venue

Spring is known for unstable weather conditions, so one smart way to keep warm and dry is to go with an elopement venue to hold your ceremony instead of a remote location in nature such as a trail or overlook.

The option of an inside space and an outside area with a roof keeps you covered in case of rain, snow, or super cold weather.

Instead of worrying about hiking up to a mountain spot in less than ideal temperatures and standing out in the open elements, you can still get beautiful views.

Seeking that more remote in nature feel? Most elopement photographers (like us, of course) will center your elopement with simple, nature backdrops so it can still capture that feel.

Just make sure the venue you choose has the outdoor look you are going for, such as a mountains in the distance.

It won’t be exactly like being in the open wilderness but sometimes people prefer this safer route, especially if you are bringing a small number of guests, hate the cold, or worry a lot! This option calms the nerves with a built-in solution for weather.

We work with a number of elopement venues in the Asheville area who provide us with special rates for our couples, like this one below which has a mountain view, indoor area with a fireplace, AND a llama!



Tip 2 – What to expect each month

Is it just us, or does it seem like winter keeps creeping further into spring?

Often, and especially in the mountains, it can be quite cold (and wet), especially in March or April.

Spring starts off chilly and the weather slowly becomes more ideal as the season progresses, although they say May brings rain showers along with a bit warmer temperatures, which can be true.

That being said, we’ve had some May elopements be filled with sunshine, so you can’t totally expect one particular weather pattern to be present.

One thing is for sure though and that is that in higher elevations in the mountains, it is always colder than it is in town in Asheville. So be prepared for that and bring all the gear you need to stay warm (more on that later).

The guide below makes no promises, but provides insight into what temperatures to expect each month based off what is typical for the area, which can be helpful when planning your spring elopement. 


Eloping during spring means that there is a likelihood of less people being on the trails if you are eloping out in nature in the mountains or by a waterfall, as many await warmer weather before heading outdoors.

This presents a possible benefit to eloping in the spring versus other times of year.

Additionally, things will start to bloom in mid-April to May, so if you are looking for flowers and greenery, plan accordingly!




Tip 3 – Budget more time to travel

This is a big tip that I think a lot of couples overlook. When you are headed into a remote nature spot or even to a venue during spring, it is a great idea to budget a little extra time for unexpected weather events that may slow you down.

We recommend giving yourself 15-20 minutes extra travel time when you are driving to your venue or trailhead, if at all possible. This will help allow extra time in case there are road closures, road work, or bad conditions like rain that can slow down the speed of driving. 

The Blue Ridge Parkway occasionally closes for different reasons and in that case we would alert you and work with you to choose another location that is similar but is not along the parkway.

It’s important to note that when working with us is that the elopement start time is the time we all meet up. Our team will arrive on site at the start time of the elopement, perhaps maybe a few minutes early.

If we are hiking, we will all meet at the trailhead at the elopement start time and walk together to the ceremony site or to do your first look. So if you do arrive early, everything will still begin on time, you will just be ready and relaxed in your vehicle until our crew greets you, which sure feels a lot better than rushing!



Tip 4 – Bring The Proper Gear

When you elope outdoors, you are going on adventure, not just figuratively in love, but literally as you are heading into nature!

This means it is a good idea when planning your spring elopement to pack some essentials to make the adventure more comfortable!

Here is a list of some items you might like to wear or bring in a backpack for your spring outdoor elopement.

  • nude leggings (thermal or fleece for cold weather)
  • a stylish jacket to match your dress (or one to wear in between photos)
  • warm, comfortable footwear like hiking books or sneakers (you can always bring fancier shoes in your bag)
  • a blanket to wrap up in
  • gloves and hat (you can always wear it on the hike down only if you don’t want to ruin your hairstyle before the ceremony)
  • hand warmers 
  • foldable umbrella
  • water to stay hydrated
  • hanky or tissues

Worried about rain? Jess and Jonathan (video below) show that you just gotta roll with it!
See how rain can be absolutely beautiful and romantic!



Tip 5 – Consider Booking a Cozy Cabin

One way to avoid weather woes and to ensure privacy is to book a cozy cabin. 

Finding a house with a natural landscape as the backdrop can capture the look and feel of a typical outdoor elopement with without the hike!

It is also smart to look for a cabin with a covered overhang like a deck or a breezeway so you can be protected of the elements. 

With a cabin you get to immerse yourself in the environment for longer, easily get ready on-site, and eliminate day-of travel.


Want more cabin elopement inspo?

Read our blog “The Best Asheville Elopement Airbnb and Cabin Rentals” and watch the videos below!



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Check out our blog “7 Ideas for Spring Elopements in Asheville” for inspiration for florals, significant dates, flowers, etc!


Want to elope in the Asheville, NC area?

We can help you with the entire process from securing vendors from our talented team of photographers, cake bakers, florists, officiants, and more, all the way through planning for weather, timing your events, and making your vision come to life! 

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