Laughter & Smiles tying the knot on a Mountaintop

Amidst the hustle and bustle of conventional weddings, a growing number of couples are discovering the allure of a quieter path – one that amplifies the intimacy of their love against the serene beauty of nature. Meet Katharine and Brian, a couple deeply bonded, who embarked on a journey to declare their commitment with the breathtaking mountains of Asheville, North Carolina as the backdrop. In choosing the path of elopement, they not only celebrated their love but also illuminated how embracing nature can elevate the magic of this special day.
 Brian said “We decided to devote ourselves to one another several months ago and become husband and wife. Katherine and I are both very conscious of our fitness and wellness. We are very physically active. She and I both love being outside and going on walks in nature, and most any nature will do.”

The Couple

Kat and Brian are such a fun, adventurous couple!
In our early communication with the couple, Brian wrote this about the pair:
“Kat loves Cats! I love them too! Cats and dogs are great!
Katherine and I love great coffee and conversation. Our number one hobby would be spending time together!”
Brian also said he was most excited about being married and becoming husband and wife, as well as sharing laughter, smiles and love on their elopement day.

The Hike

On a beautiful summer day, Kat and Brian began their ascend up the mountain to where they would say “I do.”

It’s the anticipation of the big day that generates a lot of nerves but these two seemed totally chill, yet super ready to make this official.

One of the great things about the location they chose is that you can hike up partially in the shade through an absolutely stunning forest which helps keep you cool. The hike is a little bit steep but manageable and truly awe-inspiring visually.

Wearing hiking boots or at least comfortable flats is highly recommended for the Bride.

All of our hikes are typically on the shorter side, the entire loop in and out for this one was roughly 1.5 miles making it doable and leaving plenty of time to marry, wander, and relax at the top before the sun sets.



The Ceremony

Arriving at the top, Kat and Brian took in the incredible view. Then Officiant Jay got them in place for their ceremony. 

Your wedding ceremony is where your marriage officially begins. It’s where it breathes life and takes shape. Your ceremony is where you and your partner declare your chosen promises, vows, and aspirations together. To put it simply, this is where you celebrate your commitment together.

Kat and Brian’s ceremony was filled with emotional moments as well as plenty of laughter. Watch them say “I do” in the gorgeous photos below taken by Meghan. 






Wandering the Mountaintop

One of the best parts of eloping is strolling along and taking everything in! And we time it just right so you are there right as the sun sets. You’ve got the epic views, the golden hour lighting, your photographer snapping some photos and providing guidance as needed, and most importantly – you’ve got each other to hold onto in the afterglow of just being pronounced married! Kat and Brian share such a special love together and you can truly feel it through these candid and romantic photos. 




Poppin’ Bubbly

We love when our couples decide on a package with champagne and bubbly! This is a built-in moment to be present, by actually sitting down, enjoying food and drink together, and just “being.” Traditional weddings can be so hectic but with an elopement you have the time and space to create whatever experience you want. 

What’s great about this feature is that we bring the champagne and flutes, as well as a picnic setup for you. You even have the option of us bringing along a yummy wedding cake for you, made locally and so delicious. 


Elopements are simply amazing. We might be biased but we have seen the power of these intimate celebrations and how they bring you even closer together. If you want to elope on a patch of mountains, in an enchanted forest, or alongside a waterfall, we have everything you need here in Asheville and at Elope Outdoors with packages including photography, planning, videography, cake, bubbly, an elopement assistant, officiant, and more. We’d love to help you plan your unique day and help make it easy and memorable!


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