Captivated by Nature: Experiencing Serenity in their Asheville Waterfall Elopement


Is there a better feeling than being hit with the mist from a waterfall on a hot summer day? Picture yourself getting married and staying cool in the hotter months while the rest of the couples across the country sweat themselves into matrimony. By eloping in Asheville North Carolina, you get the cooler temperatures of the Blue Ridge Mountains and if you choose to elope at a waterfall you get the added bonus of waterfall mist keeping things mild and comfortable.

This is exactly what Arryanna and James did when they eloped in the Pisgah Forest on an August morning.



The Couple

Arryanna and James have been together for 7 months. Their love story is an ode to the beauty that arises when two hearts find their rhythm in the everyday moments.

Arryanna and James’ met in pharmacy school. Despite sharing a class the previous semester, their interactions had been limited to mere greetings. But destiny had plans for them, and it all started when Arryanna decided to share a piece of her world.

During class, Arryanna’s words drifted toward James, carrying tales of her cherished garden, her connections with her church community, the warmth of her family bonds, and the ways she tackled stress. These snippets of her life slowly painted a picture in James’ mind, revealing more about who she was. 

Summoning his courage, James started a conversation with Arryanna after the class ended. Little did she know, he had been stealing glances at her ever since their first day at school.  Arryanna, without a second thought, invited James to join her at church. He took her up on the offer and shared a pew with her that coming Sunday.

Three days later, the two began dating. Six months later, the couple became engaged. The couple loves watching reality shows like Survivor, attending church together, immersing themselves in the great outdoors, and baking side by side.

The couple chose to elope in Asheville for an intimate wedding that was close to home in Georgia. And we loved being a part of their sweet day at Looking Glass Falls, filled with a celebration of faith, family, and love, surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Their First Look

Arry and James shared a moment on the steps down to the waterfall before they started their ceremony. It was just the two of them for their first look before their waterfall elopement, getting to hug and share some time alone before the ceremony with family. As the gentle whispers of the mist surrounded them, they enjoyed this prelude to the grand celebration that awaited them – just the two of them, wrapped in each other’s embrace, savoring the precious solitude.

It wasn’t too different from their engagement in that they were near water. And it went a little something like this:

Embarking on a road trip to Georgia to see family, Arryanna and James found themselves and the course of their relationship, changed forever. In Gerogia, the couple reconnected with family and celebrated Arry’s birthday. On the drive home they stopped along the way at a tranquil park. Walking hand in hand over a bridge spanning a serene lake, James turned to Arryanna and asked the question that had been resonating in his heart. With surprise and happiness in her eyes, she accepted his proposal, and this marked the beginning of a new chapter, leading them ultimately to this special moment. 



The Ceremony

Officiant Rodney led the ceremony for Arry and James. Arryanna’s father walked her down the steps that lead to the waterfall while James and family waited at the bottom, as the couple got the small beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony they had wishes for.

From the heartwarming vows they shared to the moment they slid rings onto each other’s fingers, the ceremony marked the official start of their journey as a married couple. The smiles on their faces were as wide when Rodney declared them married! And that wasn’t all – after sealing it with a kiss, they even did a cool secret handshake going and it was amazing!



Cake Cutting

After the ceremony it was cake time! The couple enjoyed buttermilk white cake and sparkling cider by the base of the waterfall. 

Even in the intimacy of elopement, there’s no need to forgo this sweet celebration. We offer a variety of packages for your day, many which include cake and a champagne toast. These additions let you savor the sweetness of the present while raising a glass to the journey ahead, infusing your day with an extra layer of delight.

We manage every aspect of the cake experience, from pickup to transport and setup at your elopement. Your dedicated elopement assistant takes charge of the cake’s journey, transporting it to your chosen venue and setting the stage for an idyllic picnic. They arrive armed with a comfortable blanket, utensils, elegant plates, and champagne flutes. We handle the packing up, making your departure a breeze and allowing you to revel in the scenery and make your way to married bliss!




Wandering + Photos

Arry and James wandered the rocks and under the waterfall while photographer Amy captured the magic.

Eloping outdoors means you are automatically surrounded by beautiful scenery. You don’t have to go far to look for photo backgrounds but you might want to explore for the fun of it. As you wander freely, your photographer snaps away, directing you into fun and connecting poses that capture the joy of just married bliss in a visually captivating way. 



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