Embrace the Mist: Eloping with Joy in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Are you longing for a wedding experience surrounded by the serene allure of misty mountains and lush greenery? If you’ve ever envisioned such a magical moment, you’re about to embark on a captivating journey as we recount the enchanting elopement of Taylor and Adam, nestled in the heart of the Asheville mountains on a fog-kissed day along a Blue Ridge Parkway trail.



Meet the Couple 

Before we launch into the details of their elopement, let’s introduce you to the couple. Taylor and Adam, deeply entwined in a loving bond for over five years, embarked on a romantic adventure to celebrate their commitment amidst the natural grandeur of the Asheville mountains.

Here’s their “Meet-Cute Story!”

Taylor said “We met at a dirt track race. I was with my friends and he was with his brothers sitting in front of us. He turned around and asked my friend if he could have my number and I said yes. He sat with me the rest of the night and hung out the next day!”

Taylor always thought Asheville was so beautiful and loved the idea of a mountain wedding and knew Asheville was the spot to marry her best friend and to get to spend that private time together.


Eloping in the Misty Mountains

Taylor and Adam’s elopement was nothing short of a fairy tale. The misty aura of the Blue Ridge Parkway trail provided an ethereal backdrop for their intimate ceremony. With rolling fog and luxuriant foliage stretching as far as the eye could behold, a new part of their love story was written.

With Meghan as their photographer, Ginny as their elopement assistant, and Jay as their officiant, they had the dream team making their day seamless and wonderful.



Preparing for a Misty Day

Eloping amidst mountain splendor, especially on a misty day, necessitates a bit of foresight.

Here are some valuable tips to ensure your elopement day proceeds seamlessly:

Prior Planning: Be equipped for any sudden changes as the weather can shift anytime. Misty conditions can craft a surreal ambiance, but they may also influence visibility and temperature. With our elopements, our coordinator Cassie will watch the weather and the closer it gets to your elopement the most accurate it will be, so don’t worry about the forecast one week before your date.

Dress Thoughtfully: When selecting your attire, consider the environmental factors. Opt for a wedding gown that seamlessly marries elegance with practicality. Taylor chose a gown that embodied both grace and functionality for their mountain sojourn. Her green shawl lent warmth and color to the foggy backdrop and matched the greenery on the trail. And don’t forget to pair your attire with hiking boots for navigating the trails comfortably.

Hydration Matters: Hiking in the mountains, even on misty days, can sometimes be physically demanding. Ensure you remain hydrated and energized throughout the day. Our hikes are shorter distances but just to be safe always be prepared!

Capturing the Essence: The mist-laden backdrop creates an exclusive and mystical setting for your photographs. Listen to your photographer and trust them to capture the innate beauty of the surroundings and the depth of your affection for one another. The clarity of the colors of Taylor and Adam’s outfits and even their faces really stuck out and shined with the fog behind them, making it clear that your photos can be even better and more stunning even if it’s not a sunny day.

Embrace Nature’s Whimsy: Remember, nature can be unpredictable, but it’s this very unpredictability that contributes to its allure. Welcome the enigmatic allure of misty mountains, and let it infuse your elopement with an extra layer of enchantment. No matter the weather, your love for each other will shine brighter than even the foggiest of days.


Taylor and Adam’s misty mountain elopement exemplifies the enchanting splendor of the natural world and the profound resonance of love. Whether you’re contemplating a similar elopement or envisioning your own one-of-a-kind adventure, the key is to immerse yourself in the elements and allow the mountains’ grandeur to weave itself into the tapestry of your love story.

For those contemplating an elopement in Asheville,  please reach out to us to see if it’s a good fit for you and to explore our packages.

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