Lakeside Elopement filled with Personal Touches – Lake Lure, NC Elopement


We plan, photograph, and film hundreds of wedding elopements a year, so we LOVE going to an elopement and seeing something unique and super special to the couple incorporated.

Just recently we met up with Savannah & McKinley in Lake Lure, North Carolina to help them carry out their winter wedding elopement.

Their December day was filled with captivating moments, a sweet ceremony by officiant Michael, and a spraying of champagne that seemed to signal to the whole world to celebrate with Savannah and McKinley!

But ultimately, it was the special, personal touches that made us say “aw” and feel our hearts warming up in the cool winter air during this lakeside elopement.


Meet the Bride


Personal touches mean the world on your wedding day! Here, the glowing bride, Savannah, holds a bouquet made by mom and McKinley has the boutonnière to match.

This shawl that belonged to Savannah’s great-grandmother was like a warm hug from a beloved ancestor. The art of meaningful adornment was central to this special day, and we are here for it.



Meet the Groom



Couples Backstory

Cool fact: Savannah and McKinley have known each other since middle school! They reconnected through a mutual friend at Savannah’s work who was a close friend of both of them. Savannah said “he just kind of put us together in a way lol.”

Fast forward to 4 and a half years later when the proposal happened. They got engaged the day before a camping trip to celebrate their fur babies adoption days (aw!).  Savannah and McKinley LOVE hanging out with their puppies so this was a perfect way to UP the celebration even further!

When it came to their wedding, the couple knew a low key elopement with just the two of them would be the perfect match. They wanted an easy, stress free day and just being able to be with each other on their special day without having to deal with all the people and stress of “if it’s going to all be perfect.” We are so happy for them that they got to elope and make this dream come true.


The Ceremony

The Ceremony was truly heartfelt. Hearing each of them say their vows to each other was such a touching and sweet moment. Watching their faces as the officiant lead them through revealed a deep love and connection between the pair. At times you could even see their eyes glisten with tears and their smiles revealed a genuine love growing stronger beneath the mountains that towered above in the distance. 


The location, Lake Lure, is super important to the region and is a popular choice for weddings due to the panoramic mountain views surrounding the lake. In Autumn, it is overwhelmingly stunning as fall color pops in every direction, reflecting onto the lake colors of red, yellow, orange, and green.

We have a special spot on Lake Lure that we like to take our couples. It is quiet and provides the best views of both the mountain and the lake. Every couple deserves an awe-inspiring starting place for the first day of the rest of their lives – and Lake Lure provided that for Savannah and McKinley.



After the ceremony came the champagne toast.

One of our favorite offerings is bringing cake and champagne along for a little picnic. The best part is when you pop the bubbly resulting in lots of laughter and memorable moments. This results in epic photos and every single elopement is different. Savannah and McKinley’s champagne pop looked almost like snow hitting the lens!


Here are some other ways to make your elopement unique by incorporating special, personal touches.

*Bring along a custom cake topper! We offer delicious cakes from a local baker and pick them up, deliver to your location, and set it up for you. Getting a fun cake topper is a cool way to personalize your cake – and don’t feel like you can’t do it if it hasn’t been done.

*Bring special drinks for a toast. We often bring champagne along for our couples, but you can also bring your favorite beer or liquor if that’s what you prefer! Make it your own!

*Customize it! Get your own mugs/cups, socks, additions on bouquets, etc!

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