Romantic, Rainy Elopement in the Pisgah Forest – Asheville Elopement Photography

Did you know parts of the Pisgah National Forest are considered a temperate rainforest?

It’s what makes our land so lush and full of life! It’s also what makes the weather a little unpredictable some days.

Luckily, our world-class coordinator, Cassie, is basically a meteorologist and is always on top of wedding-day variables.

With rain in the forecast, we had a few locations in mind for Hannah and Philip, but they knew in their hearts to trust their first pick.

The soft drizzle that accompanied their hike to the falls then became the backdrop, as nature provided (doesn’t it always?) a place to put down the umbrellas, sheltered between waterfall and rock wall; a dry cathedral in which love would shine.






Meet the Bride



Meet the Groom




Couple’s Backstory

After dating for close to 2 years, Hannah and Philip’s engagement wasn’t at some fancy dinner or during sunset on the beach. Philip actually proposed when Hannah was taking out the trash! Talk about a sneak attack!

It’s super cool to propose at home and then get to celebrate comfy and cozy together in your own space and vibe.

If you and your partner live together, your home is the foundation of your relationship. (And if you don’t live together yet, it will be once marry!)

That’s why home is a perfect place to ask “will you marry me?”

Philip definitely made use of the intimate space they shared—and made sure Hannah’s trash-run was one she’d be sure to never forget!



The Ceremony

On a December day, Hannah and Philip were wed in what turned out to be a romantic, rainy elopement!

With Rodney as their officiant and Amy as their photographer, they got the low maintenance and private ceremony they were seeking.

Rain is actually kind of awesome! It keeps other people off of the trails and makes things more private.

This location in particular with the rock enclosed clove allowed these two ample shelter from the rain and plenty of light shining through.


Connection & Keeping Each other Warm

Hannah and Philip were in their element, hiking the trails on the way to the falls and staying dry under their umbrellas. They like to hike, fish, hunt, and kayak together so this adventure elopement was right up their alley.

They wanted to elope for the beautiful views while keeping things low maintenance.

Photography was also a huge priority and part of the reason they chose Elope Outdoors.

Now they have a memorable experience from their rainy elopement day to talk about – and relive through their photo album- for years to come!



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