Elopement Myths and Misconceptions

Elopements are not what they used to be. What was once a way to run off without alerting family and friends has transformed into an intentional choice couples make and share with their loved ones. Here are the top myths we’ve heard that we are busting up!


Myth #1 – You don’t get to plan fun wedding details

You still get to plan all the usual details like picking the perfect dress, cake flavor, and first dance song but you also get to pick a location that is meaningful to YOU, without as much limitation as to how convenient it will be to a huge list of guests who are traveling. This opens up all corners of the USA and beyond to be possibilities for your elopement, which is super exciting!

Imagine spending your elopement in a destination you love or a place you’ve never been that calls to you. The sky is the limit when you elope, as long as it fits your schedule and vision.

Essentially, you trade in planning a seating chart for choosing which cozy cabin or luxe hotel you want to stay in. You get to focus on fun, less stressful, smaller scale choices versus choices that impact 50-100 people.  That’s why eloping is meant to be centered around freedom and possibility. If you like the sound of that, eloping is probably the right fit for you. Keep reading!


Myth #2 – You cannot bring guests to an elopement

When you elope, it doesn’t have to be just you and your partner. Even though elopements are meant to be low-key and stress-free, a small amount of guests like a couple of family members or friends is totally doable and within the range of what an elopement is and can be. 
Some benefits of bringing a few guests along to your elopement are:
– You get to share the day with loved ones
– Guests can help you get ready
-Guests can be Witnesses on your marriage license
Just keep in mind that less is more and the smaller the guest list, the better. At Elope Outdoors we recommend less than 10 guests for the best intimate elopement experience.  There are many reasons to keep it small, ranging from there being smaller spaces in nature to gather for the ceremony and that you will have to keep in mind the schedules and needs of each guest when planning your elopement date.


Myth #3- You only elope to save money

This one is so false! Yes you will save money when you elope versus having a big traditional wedding, but this is not the main and only great thing about eloping! It is so much more about the ability to create and design your day in a way that is low-stress, intimate, and completely about being in the present moment with your partner.

The average wedding isn’t cheap — for 2021, the estimated total was $22,500, according to a survey of 7,600 couples by The Knot.

In contrast, most couples spend $5,000-$15,000 on an elopement. How far you are traveling and how much you dedicate to individual items like your dress and hotel/place to stay will determine the cost.

An elopement can be significantly less money because you aren’t paying for dinner for 100 guests and having to secure an expensive venue.

When eloping, costs like flights, your dress, where you will stay overnight, potential ceremony location permits, and other travel fees will need to be considered outside of the vendors.

That’s why working with an elopement company who can provide your photographer, videographer, planner, and officiant, etc in a package will likely save you money versus having to hire individually while also keeping a unified sense of organization and vision for your day.


Myth #4 – You are selfish if you elope.

Truth be told, this myth makes our eyes roll!

The idea that eloping is selfish is pretty silly when you really think about it.

A wedding is meant to be about the couple making a commitment – so from the start it’s ready focused on the two of you.

When you elope, you’re asking only a few people (or no one) to spend money and time to come to your ceremony/celebration.

The average wedding guest spends about $460, according to the Knot’s study of 1,000 guests who attended at least one wedding in 2021.

So some people might argue that by eloping, you’re saving potential guests the money it would take to physically be there and instead are asking them to support you from afar and this is a very selfless act! Plus they can see photos and video later.

While eloping is NOT for everyone, tons of people feel there is no need to “put on a show” or be the center of attention.

Big weddings are a nice opportunity to bring together the people you love in one room to witness your commitment, but sometimes all of that event planning can take away from the true meaning of your day as it becomes more of a stressful production than expected.

So when you elope, yes you are choosing to put your love story first.

You are saying to your partner that what matters to you most is being present with them above all else.

And in our humble opinion, that’s not particularly selfish or selfless, it’s just honoring love in the way that feels best for you!


Myth #5- If it rains at your outdoor elopement, it will be ruined.

For a lot of people, eloping outdoors in nature presents the concern of bad weather occurring on their day. There is an idea that it will totally ruin your experience and be completely uncomfortable. 

While rain, snow, and wind can present challenges on your day, it doesn’t mean it will be a total disaster. 

In our over a decade’s worth experience of doing this, we’ve seen every kind of weather report. 

And a lot of times, we can dodge bad weather by choosing a different location in the area that is in a different direction or elevation. 

When you elope, you surrender to the idea that you will be able to predict every single aspect of your wedding day and this definitely includes the weather. 

In our area, you can wake up in July to sunny skies downtown and find it foggy on the mountain top. Or you can see rain in the forecast the entire week leading up to the elopement, only for it to totally disappear and it be the most gorgeous sunny evening. 

This is where working with an elopement planner is essential for a destination elopement. 

Cassie, our elopement coordinator, is basically a meteorologist! She knows the area and keeps her eyes on the weather during the days and hours leading up to your elopement. She has a good sense of when to adjust the plan and when to stick to it. And while weather is unpredictable overall, there are patterns and scenarios that we’ve witnessed over and over again which makes our experience helpful when dealing with impending bad weather.

All of this being said, if you are eloping outdoors, rain, wind or snow does NOT have to ruin your elopement!

So many of our couples have chosen to EMBRACE the weather and it helps to go into your elopement with the attitude that whatever happens you will do your best to stay present and fixated on your why for eloping (marrying your partner of course!)

Bringing along the right gear is also the most underrated way to make weather go from ruining the day to being a small challenge that you meet head on. 

Packing clear umbrellas, a coat for colder temperatures, warm boots and layers are all great ideas for dealing with random weather as it pops up.

And if it rains or bad weather pops up, just remember your photographer will still be able to capture some awesome shots by bringing you to nearby covered places or spots that are out of the rain, or can capture you embracing the elements!

Most of all, remember to bring a sense of humor and a grateful heart! As you can see from the examples below, it is always best to dance in the rain!


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