Connection & Relationships: Our Elopement Team Values and Roles

Hi there! It’s us, your friendly elopement creatives!

We love lacing up our hiking boots and climbing mountains with our couples, as well as helping you make sure all the details are in place leading up to your intimate adventure.

Here at Elope Outdoors, we take a team approach to creating your elopement, providing you with all the vendors you need that have been chosen for their talent, personality, and reliability.

Your experience begins with our elopement coordinator Cassie, who helps plan the day with you. On the day of, you meet our elopement assistant who has your flowers, cake, and bubbly and will bring them to your location and set up your picnic.

You then meet your photographer and officiant, and if you have a videographer you will meet them on your elopement day.

Our vendors are excellent for so many reasons individually, but here are some of the values they all have in common.


Importance of relationships

Our vendors all know each other and have worked together at a variety of elopements. This creates a friendly atmosphere and organized flow.

Meghan, our owner, is very specific about who she brings into the Elope Outdoors team. Every single vendor’s personality is the perfect balance of easy-going, yet dedicated to their piece of the elopement puzzle.

When we all get together, it sometimes feels like a family reunion because we have tons of awesome memories meeting on the trails, making these elopement dreams come true for our couples. It’s a super fun atmosphere that we welcome you into, that will surely feel like home to you too.

Each vendor honors the relationship with you, the laid-back lover of nature who has chosen us to be the creators of your cherished moment.


Attention to detail

The difference between professional and a work-in-progress lies in the details.

Our team is deeply focused on the details of YOUR day.

Even though we work with multiple couples over the season, your day is treated as special because to us, it is. Our reputation and pride in what we do drives each of us to make every elopement the best elopement.

One of the ways we do that is by only accepting one elopement per day. We avoid overlap so we can be totally focused on you and this also creates more flexibility in our schedule just in case things have to be adjusted due to weather or other emergencies.

Also, we love our couples! Seriously, it’s a real honor to get to document and create your once in a lifetime day.

Each vendor honors the relationship with you, the laid-back lover of nature who has chosen us to help craft your adventure.


Truly caring about you and how your day unfolds

Now that you know our values, you might like to know what is the purpose of each vendor and what is their role?


Your Elopement Coordinator

The elopement coordinator is the first person you interact with on our team. When you fill out our contact form, you will hear from Cassie, our bright and kind coordinator who will be your email penpal!

Her role is to be your friend and sounding board as she helps you choose the perfect location to hold your elopement whether you bring your owns ideas or need suggestions for the best waterfall, mountaintop, garden, historic inn, etc! She can help you with steps to secure the location such as if a permit is needed or a venue fee, and can assist with sharing the best times of day and seasons to marry there.

Once you know your date and location, and have chosen a package, Cassie gathers all the necessary vendors together from our close-knit, experienced team who are comprised of the most talented and reliable individuals in the Asheville area.

You get to choose your officiant from our pre-selected group pending their availability. If you are deciding between elopement packages, Cassie can help you decide what other vendors you’d like besides your photographer, such as a videographer, elopement assistant and if you want flowers, cake and bubbly added and is there for you to consult with and further explain their roles. But since you’re here, let’s go down the list and explain what each vendor is here to do!


Your Elopement Photographer

Our elopement company is photography focused, so you know the photos are going to be well-worth the travel or hike!

You will be matched with a photographer from our talented team who will arrive ready to capture all the moments that unfold.

Photographers Meghan (owner of Elope Outdoors), Maddie, Amy, and Jenny are all amazing at capturing stellar images that will take your breath away upon review.

From pre-ceremony moments like an optional First Look to the ceremony, formal couples and individual shots, all the way through until your cake cutting picnic, our photographers are immersed in the moment, snapping away and enthusiastically guiding you into some poses to elicit connection, laughter, good vibes, and of course amazing photos!

Your photos are always edited by one photographer who keeps your album cohesive and in the same beautiful style you see all over our website.

When the photos roll in and your album arrives, Cassie (Coordinator) always cries happy tears reviewing them and we know you’ll love reliving your incredible day and seeing how it was captured through the lens of our creatives!



Your Elopement Assistant

Kara, Elopement Assistant

On the day of your elopement, one of the first people you’ll meet is our Elopement Assistant. They bring your flowers, cake, and champagne plus everything you need for your picnic like a blanket, plates, forks, glasses, etc.

You’ll know you made it to the right place when you see a friendly face carrying florals your way! Our assistant will help you put on your boutonniere, help fix or lace up your dress, and deliver your beautiful bouquet.

Once at the top, your assistant will fluff your dress and help with any last minute adjustments before the ceremony. After that, they will set up your picnic with your cake, champagne and any other props you may have brought like a cake topper or elopement sign.


Your Elopement Officiant

Our officiants put so much love and care into your ceremony script and flow, interacting with you before the day comes and getting to know your vision for your ceremony.

You get to choose your officiant from our pre-selected group of awesome individuals – Julia, Mike, Jess, Rodney, and Jay. Each of our officiants have such unique personalities but each are such genuine people.

They each have their own style and approach, but also make your ceremony unique to the two of you by getting to know you and your vision. They support you and also give you room to be creative if you choose.


Your Elopement Videographer

Jennifer Allen of Wildwood Media, EO Videographer

Our videographers have the important task of documenting the real moments of the ceremony and the entire experience and creatively crafting your film to take all the memories home with you.

We work with Jennifer Allen of Wildwood Media who curates films to chronicle your unique love story.

It’s not just a documentation but it’s a story-driven work of our art that she excitedly captures and spend hours editing after your event is over to create your film.

Our videographers take the time to deeply listen to your vows and ceremony to pull out the most compelling, emotionally driven or funny pieces to tell your story in your highlight film. There is so much consideration in what you’d want to see and share with your closest people.

The best thing about an elopement film is that it only increases in value over time, as you change and grow as a couple and the memories fade a bit you’ll always have your video to look back on and relive!



Your Elopement Baker

We work with a talented local baker, Short Street Cakes, who consistently provides our couples with the most delicious artisan cakes for our elopements.

Our baker offers the most unique flavors around, from Blueberry Lemon to Raspberry Almond (and more) for your elopement cake.

Imagine biting into delectable toppings like chocolate ganache, fillings like crushed peaches, and the ever-popular buttercream icing. They even have vegan wedding cake options that are equally tasty!

We handle the whole cake process including pickup, transport, delivery, and clean-up by your elopement assistant, so you can focus on things like hair and makeup appointments and other pre-elopement to do’s.

After the first slice has been cut, the rave reviews come in immediately! Couples can’t help but tell us how good the cake is and how happy they are with their chosen flavor.


Your Elopement Florist

We locally source flowers in the area and work with a talented florist, Niki with Flourish Flower Farm, during their growing season from spring to fall and her mountain fresh flowers and designs never disappoint!

Flowers are a key part of creating gorgeous images and we offer a variety of options for your elopement flowers, plus flower crowns and combs for your hair. Flowers brighten everything up and the colors can help tie in the theme and season of your day!


We are sincerely honored to make your day the best!

At Elope Outdoors, we are genuinely devoted to crafting an elopement experience for you that is rooted in love, sprouting with authenticity, and blossoming with purpose and passion.

We want your elopement day to be packed with the most amazing memories that you actually remember because you aren’t stressed. We hold your best interest and your best future close to our hearts and we are sincerely honored to make your day the best.

Interested in eloping in the Asheville area?

Reach out to us and let’s get connected!

We’d love to help make your dream happen without the stress of going at it alone!