Chasing Love’s Horizon: Your Inspiration to Elope in the Asheville mountains!

Join us as we dive into the story of Hannah and Bailey, a couple who headed to the gorgeous mountains of Asheville for their summer elopement. Their pictures blew us away as they were stunning and the perfect representation of what can happen when you leave it all up to the moment and what Mother Nature has in store for you. Their laid-back, down-to-earth vibe, paired with stunning mountain views, is sure to make you rethink your wedding plans. We’re here to show you why trusting your elopement planner and the process can lead to an unforgettable day where nature takes center stage.



Chapter 1: Meet Hannah and Bailey

Let’s kick things off by introducing you to Hannah and Bailey, two lovebirds who decided to keep things simple and meaningful. They headed to the Asheville mountains for an intimate July celebration that perfectly matched their adventurous spirits.

These two met in high school… but didn’t start dating until college!

Bailey proposed at Linville Falls Winery on their 5 year anniversary, a place that represented a blend of their favorite things. The couples enjoys having romantic dinners together and getting dressed up and absolutely love the outdoors.



Chapter 2: Trust Your Elopement Planner

Eloping doesn’t mean you’re left to figure everything out on your own. Trusting your elopement planner is key. Our team specializes in creating elopements that reflect your unique love story. We worked closely with Hannah and Bailey to make sure their day was exactly what they wanted, without any wedding stress.

Cassie is the point of contact for all our couples and through a warm and personal exchange over email, she helps you create the perfect day. Our knowledge of the area and how to go about eloping draws off years of experience planning and photographing over 100 elopements a year, so you know we’ve been around these mountains and have the background to make your dreams come true.

Check out these photos from the start of their day, hiking up to their ceremony with their closest family and friends.



Chapter 3: Embracing Nature and Love


The beauty of Hannah and Bailey’s elopement was how it embraced nature. The gentle breeze, rustling leaves, and the songs of birds all became part of their ceremony. Nature added its own touch to their special day, making it even more memorable. Jay their officiant lead them through their “I do” with friends and family looking on. 



Chapter 4: Asheville’s Mountain Magic

Asheville’s mountains are the perfect backdrop for a down-to-earth elopement. Think lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and stunning mountain vistas. Our talented photographers captured every moment, ensuring that Hannah and Bailey’s day was picture-perfect.

Maddie was there to follow Hannah and Bailey as they wandered the mountaintops. What a gorgeous evening in the Blue Ridge Mountains!



Chapter 5: Trust the Process

Hannah and Bailey’s story teaches us an important lesson: trusting the process can lead to magic. Trust your elopement planner and let things unfold naturally. Nature has its way of making your day unique and unforgettable.

The pair enjoyed cake and champagne with a picnic setup we provided as a part of their elopement package. You definitely get hungry and thirsty so make sure to plan a picnic so you can enjoy a little treat and some restful moments taking everything in. 

Hannah and Bailey’s elopement reminds us that sometimes, simplicity and nature can create the most meaningful and memorable experiences. Their journey into the Asheville mountains is a testament to the beauty of keeping it real. Let their story inspire you to consider an elopement that’s true to you, where nature and love come together in the most down-to-earth way possible.

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