Embrace the Magic: A Lakeside Meadow Oasis for Your Mountain Elopement

In the heart of western North Carolina lies a lakeside haven where nature’s splendor meets the convenience of accessibility.

Welcome to Morse Park in Lake Lure! Nestled amid the awe-inspiring embrace of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s one of our favorite, lesser-known spots to say “I Do.”

Today we are sharing some of the most beautiful elopements we’ve helped planned and photographed in this special spot.

Let us be your guide, as we weave together the threads of romance and adventure, ensuring that your special day at Morse Park is nothing short of a truly unforgettable mountain elopement experience!


Where Simplicity and Beauty Converge

Close your eyes and envision a breathtaking symphony of nature’s wonders. Morse Park, nestled within the embrace of Lake Lure, emerges as a timeless testament to North Carolina’s ethereal beauty. Here on this 23-acre meadow, simplicity intertwines seamlessly with awe-inspiring vistas, offering an idyllic stage for your intimate mountain elopement.

At Elope Outdoors, we are passionate about curating extraordinary experiences, and our expertise in planning elopements at Morse Park ensures that every aspect of your day is the laid-back and wonderful heartfelt celebration you’ve imagined.



The Ease of Eloping

Wander not far from Asheville’s bustling streets, and you’ll find Morse Park—an oasis of tranquility and convenience. We understand that the journey to your dream wedding should be effortless, allowing you to immerse yourself in the magic of the moment. This destination offers unparalleled beauty without the need for a challenging hike or an arduous trek.

With a large paved parking lot, portable restrooms, and plenty of level ground, the meadow surrounding the lake even has a paved road to wheel or walk down. There is the option of marrying under the lakeside gazebo if you experience inclement weather or want to stay out of the sun.


Romance in Every Frame

As seasoned storytellers, we have had the privilege of capturing countless love stories within the captivating embrace of Morse Park. Our lenses have immortalized stolen kisses beneath the sheltering trees, tender gazes shared against the backdrop of a glistening lake, and joy-filled moments that reflect the true essence of your connection.

With plenty of spots to wander, you won’t miss the feeling of adventure and we will capture the scene to create the vibe that you are the only two people in the world, exploring an ethereal land!


Historical Significance of the Lake

In the early nineteen hundreds the vision of a lake and a resort development was spawned Dr. Lucius B. Morse.

Morses resort was to be a man-made lake created by impounding the Rocky Broad River at Tumbling Shoals. This lake eventually became Lake Lure. The lake was named Lake Lure by Dr. Morse’s wife, Elizabeth Parkenson. The mountains contained a rare rock outcropping (Chimney Rock) that rose some 315 feet straight up, providing climbers with views of over 75 miles.

It is now the perfect place to experience a romantic stroll, say your vows, picnic and eat your wedding cake!



A Dream Team to Guide You

Choosing the perfect location is just the beginning of your journey. At Elope Outdoors, our team of experienced planners and photographers are here to guide you every step of the way, curating an experience that surpasses your expectations. From taking care of the planning to capturing the raw emotions of your special day, let us be the orchestrators of your Morse Park mountain elopement.

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