Stress-Free Bliss: Eloping on a mountain hideaway in Asheville, NC

Eloping offers an extraordinary alternative to the traditional big wedding, allowing you to embrace intimacy, tailor-made experiences, adventure, and stress-free bliss. It’s an opportunity to create a deeply personal and unforgettable celebration of your love.

This is exactly what April and Chris did when they embarked on an adventure into the Blue Ridge Mountains this summer.


The Couple

April and Chris have been together for three and a half years. They met in Columbia SC, while Chris was in the military. The pair dated long-distance for 1.5 years, and moved in together to Chicago in 2021.

Chris proposed in Chicago last month during a photo session with the couple’s friends.

Collectively, April and Chris love traveling to new places and trying new foods. Chris is very athletic/sporty, and April is into the arts/music.

The couple chose to elope in Asheville as they love the mountains and beautiful views. April grew up traveling to Asheville and knew it would be a beautiful place to elope.


The First Look

Our story begins with April approaching Chris in the woods for their First Look. This moment is always special as the couple gets to spend some quiet moments alone before the ceremony and interacting with guests.

April said this about eloping:

“Chris and I are excited to get married and celebrate the occasion with our families. We are hoping to have a casual and fun experience at Black Balsam Knob- complete with photos and memories that will last a lifetime. “




The Ceremony

April and Chris couldn’t wait to enjoy a small intimate ceremony, with just immediate family members. The pair looked forward to being in nature, and having a more low-key event!

The ceremony is where the magic happens, where you and your partner become part of the natural world around you, and where the bonds of love are strengthened as you say vows and become one.

In this extraordinary setting, April and Chris invited a few family members to witness their love story unfold.  They were the lucky few to stand by their side, their presence infusing warmth and support into the moment.

April’s father Benjy walked her up the “aisle” through the woods creating a path as they walked toward Chris. Officiant Mike guided the couple as their 8 guests looked on, which consisted of the couple’s parents, siblings, and their partners.

In the enchanted woods, love took center stage. As April and Chris spoke their vows, the couple’s voices intertwined with the wind, the mountains seemed to whisper blessings upon their union.  It felt like their love was not just shared between two hearts but embedded within the very fabric of the natural world.

It was a beautiful moment, one that connects everyone in a way that few experiences can replicate.



Mountaintop Magic

Post ceremony, April and Chris ascended the trail with their guests close behind. With every step, anticipation grew, and the cool mountain breeze seemed to whisper promises of an unforgettable day.

When they reached the mountaintop after a short climb, nature’s breathtaking beauty unfolded before them. The panoramic view of majestic peaks stretching endlessly evoked a sense of wonder and awe. As they wandered, celebrated, laughed, and danced, they took it all in as the joy they experienced was clear to all, as seen in their photos.

As you recount their experience, remember that eloping is not just about exchanging vows; it’s about embarking on a journey, creating cherished memories, and embracing the profound beauty that surrounds you. It’s an opportunity to escape the ordinary and find solace in nature’s grandeur. In their elopement, this couple discovered the true essence of love, and their story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary moments happen when we venture off the beaten path.

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