Eloping Atop Nature’s Crown in Linville Wilderness



In the heart of nature’s embrace, where laughter dances on the breeze and love intertwines with every step, an adventurous couple set forth on an unforgettable journey with Elope Outdoors. Hand in hand, they embarked on a whimsical escapade, ascending the rugged terrain that led them to a breathtaking cliff perched high above the world.

With a select few cherished souls as witnesses to their intimate union, their elopement promised an adventure like no other, where joy and excitement melded seamlessly with the rugged beauty of the untamed wilderness The anticipation of what awaited them at the mountain peak filled their spirits with a radiant energy, as they reveled in the spontaneity and unbridled passion that only an elopement could embody.



The Couple

Stevie and Joe have been together for 3 years

Stevie shared that their engagement was actually held right in this same wilderness, on a backpacking trip in the Linville Gorge.

Linvillle Gorge is their favorite place and what a fitting spot to be pronounced husband and wife 🙂

“Looking back, we were so happy that we ditched the traditional rituals of a wedding and decided to spend the night together in a cute cabin near the elopement location and get ready together the day-of. We were able to take a leisurely hike in the morning, eat breakfast together, and relax. Also, shoe choice was important! We both wore hiking sandals.”


Their Hike Up

Choosing to elope outdoors and have a mountain ceremony adds an element of adventure and romance to your wedding experience. What’s cooler than hiking up to your ceremony, hand in hand, through the woods with your close family not far behind?!

“Of course, we wanted to celebrate with all the people that are special to us but when it came down to it, we knew exactly what we wanted for our day which was to be in our favorite outdoor space and make the day about us. We had a small get together with close family at a rented cabin afterwards where we ate dinner, sipped champagne, and cut our wedding cake. It was the end to a perfect day. “


Their First Look

Stevie and Joe shared a moment on the mountain before they started their official ceremony. It was just the two of them (and their cute dog!) looking into each other’s eyes and then staring out into the deep abyss of the Linville Wilderness. 

Stevie said  “We were able to keep the day relaxed by choosing a location that was special to us. We spend a lot of time at the location, so it just felt right and natural. Elope Outdoors were excellent in keeping the relaxed vibe. We could tell the Elope Outdoors crew were comfortable and experienced at providing a chill outdoor elopement environment.  They know their stuff!”



The Ceremony

Officiant Julia lead a beautiful ceremony with the expansive sky and mountains surrounding.  Julia’s ability to hold space and speak heartfelt words echoed their connection and love. From warming the rings to sharing sacred vows, the ceremony took them across a threshold to becoming husband and wife – and the pair couldn’t be more overjoyed after Julia pronounced them married!






Stunning Photo-Ops

The natural beauty of the landscape becomes a seamless part of your elopement memories, capturing the essence of your love in a visually captivating way.

Photographer Meghan said this about capturing Stevie and Joe.

“I absolutely loved being Stevie & Joe’s photographer!
They embodied what I consider a true outdoor elopement, and what got me loving elopements from the get-go!
They were all smiles the whole time and embraced the moments!
I left feeling so happy and fulfilled, and just truly honored that we at Elope Outdoors help create this magical elopement!”




Sunset + Booze 

Their elopement ended with drinking some bourbon and watching a beautiful sunrise and full moon! What a finale!

Stevie said “We did not want the day to end! It was really everything we dreamed of and we were surprised by how smooth the day went. Magical really! We wish we could do it again!”



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