What to Expect as an Elopement Guest

So you’ve been invited to attend an elopement?

Awesome! Welcome and get ready for an awe-inspiring adventure out in nature.

You should know this won’t be your typical wedding, so prepare yourself for a uniquely beautiful experience filled with love and spontaneity.

Asheville, NC where we hold our elopements is a place with gorgeous mountaintops, rivers, and waterfalls to marry alongside. The couples who choose to work with us at Elope Outdoors tend to be laid-back lovers of nature who want a low-key experience. In alignment with that, our elopements take on an organic and wild quality, blooming and taking shape as they go, which is essentially what makes an elopement an elopement! Read on to learn more about being an awesome elopement guest and what to expect.


A Different Kind of Celebration

First and foremost, please note that elopements don’t follow a traditional wedding schedule. We won’t be rehearsing every step, and that’s intentional. It’s all about embracing the freedom and authenticity of the moment. The elopement team will consist of a photographer and officiant and sometimes a videographer and elopement assistant. We’re meeting the couple for the first time on the day of the elopement and will set up the ceremony logistics together. If things seem a little off or disorganized, don’t be disappointed – it’s part of the process and charm!

We have years of experience setting up elopements but they are designed to unfold a bit more loosely and naturally than a traditional wedding, so while we will direct everyone and help set everything up, it’s not going to be extremely structured or overly planned. You’ll see as the day unfolds that we follow an organized flowing timeline that allows for a smooth and easygoing experience.


Respect the Couple’s Choices

I am sure everyone has their own opinion of what the perfect ceremony and wedding would look like! But we kindly request that you respect the couple’s choices regarding the location and other aspects of the elopement. While everyone may have their own preferences, let’s embrace the couple’s vision and refrain from complaining or criticizing and just stick to good vibes. Let’s focus on celebrating their love in a supportive and positive manner because after all, we are all here for the couple to support them and cheer them on.


Communication with the Couple

To ensure a smooth experience for all, please direct any questions or concerns you have directly to the couple. They will be more than happy to address any queries leading up to the event.  By communicating solely with the couple, we can maintain clarity and avoid confusion.


Capturing Special Moments

After the ceremony and family photos, we will be taking the couple around for a private photo session. Rest assured, there will be plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful moments and other photo-ops throughout the day. We would really appreciate your understanding and patience during this time, as the couple deserves some alone time to savor their newlywed bliss!



Dress Comfortably and Prepare for the Elements

As we embrace the beauty of nature, please dress appropriately for the outdoor setting. Consider wearing comfortable footwear such as hiking boots and layering up to stay warm. The wind may play with your hair, and the weather might not be perfect, but let’s embrace these natural elements and find joy in the imperfections. It’s never a bad idea to bring a coat, an umbrella, and maybe even a hat and gloves for when the sun goes down. Check out our blog on weather and what to expect in each season.


Unplugged Ceremony

We kindly request that you refrain from using your phones and cameras during the ceremony. Let’s be fully present in this special moment and create an atmosphere where the couple feels surrounded by your love and undivided attention. Remember, the couple chose you to be there for their intimate ceremony with a very limited guest list, so they want you present. Trust us, the photos of you will be even more memorable when you’re not holding a phone!


Family Photos and Special Requests

The couple provides us with a list of family photos they would like to capture. If you have a special request, please reach out to the couple ahead of time, so they can consider including it in the list. By coordinating these requests in advance, we can ensure a smooth and efficient photo session and this will give the couple plenty of time for cake cutting or strolling around for couples photos.


Embrace the Relaxed Nature

An elopement is chosen to be low-stress and intimate, allowing the couple to truly enjoy their special day. We ask you to respect and embrace this relaxed atmosphere by setting your intention to be as present and peaceful in your approach as you can be. Just look around at nature if you ever feel stressed and breath in the nice clean air to find a calm moment. Your presence and positive energy will greatly contribute to the joy and ease of the celebration.



We are delighted to have you join us for an elopement in Asheville. By understanding and respecting the uniqueness of this event, we can create an unforgettable experience for the couple. Let’s celebrate their love, embrace the moment, and make lasting memories together. Relax, enjoy, and let the magic unfold! See you in the mountains!

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