Sweet Fall Mountain Elopement with Amazing Foliage

Kelsey and Josh hit the fall mountain elopement jackpot when they decided to marry at this tall mountaintop overlooking the changing leaves.

Colors of red, orange, and gold dotted the mountainsides  – which you can see so majestically captures the wordless beauty of western North Carolina.

October 10, 2022, was the chosen date of their fall mountain elopement celebration and it’s clearly the perfect time for witnessing autumn color. In all directions, you see different mountain ranges and you’ll see the powerful Linville Gorge flowing below if you peer down enough.

As we watched them say their vows with this incredibly unreal view it was another affirmation of why eloping in our area is just the absolute best when it comes to aesthetics.

Not only is this place simply gorgeous, it seems to echo out a sense of possibility in its’ expansiveness. It visually represents the potential we all have to reach beyond what we think is possible, as seeing a view like this reminds you that there is so much out there. And just like the variety and vastness that is present in this nature scene, there is so much unknown beauty and growth that lies in a marriage relationship.

Kelsey and Josh got to kick off their marriage with a strong visual reminder that the sky is the limit in where they can go and grow as a couple.  Talk about a good start!

Read on to learn more about this couple and see their magical fall mountain elopement day unfold.




Kelsey & Josh met on Bumble after Kelsey had moved back home from living in Las Vegas.

Falling in love and becoming a couple, the two discovered that they both liked to hike, try new foods, and travel.

And the one big passion they both share?  They LOVE to love on all their fur babies!



Meet the Bride

Kelsey enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with family.

On her elopement day, Kelsey adorned her hair with a beautiful floral comb and carried a lush bouquet from Flourish.



Meet the Groom

Josh enjoys doing projects around the house, video gaming, and working out.

On the elopement, Josh had his boutonniere pinned by Kelsey’s mother moments before the ceremony began.



The Proposal

After being together 1 and half years, Josh proposed while they were taking pictures on the beach in Florida. He was very adamant that they take pictures (which is very unlike him) and Kelsey just thought it was because they looked nice and were on vacation.

Well, before you know it, Josh was down on one knee asking Kelsey to spend forever with him. And you guessed it, she said YES!



Deciding to Elope Outdoors

Kelsey and Josh knew they wanted to do something a little out of the box, so they decided on an elopement.

Asheville seemed to tick all the boxes for what they were wanting.

They wanted to travel somewhere to get married, but wanted to make sure that some of our  immediate family could be present. Asheville being a six hour drive away and having mountain views made it the perfect spot!


The Ceremony


The Celebration




Cake & Poppin’ the Bubbly


In Her Own Words

We asked Kelsey what she was looking most forward to for her fall mountain elopement. She said: “we are most looking forward to getting married and starting our new life together. I’m really looking forward to having our wedding in an incredible mountain location where the view is amazing. I think it will just be a great day to spend time with family and celebrate us starting a new one.”



See their full wedding film below:



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