5 Reasons to have a Wiseman’s View Elopement

Wiseman’s View Elopement – What to Expect + Our Favorite Images

Ceremony Wisemans View NC

Welcome to Wiseman’s View, one of our absolute favorite elopement spots!

Perched at 3,400 ft. elevation sits one of the best observation points for a mountain elopement in North Carolina. You get super-epic views looking into Linville Gorge, a canyon carved by the river flowing below.

We’ve been bringing couples up here for years for their Wiseman’s View elopements and want to share the inspiring images captured, as well as provide reasons why it is an incredible place to hold your elopement.



1. The View – As Above, So Below

The obvious but important reason that Wiseman’s View is one of our favorite spots for elopements is because of the awe-inspiring view that overlooks the Linville Gorge in Pisgah National Forest.

There is so much to see whether you look up, down or around. The Linville River is 1,500 feet below, and across the canyon you can see the iconic peaks of Hawksbill and Table Rock mountains out in the distance.

Wisemans View Mountainscapes

Just imagine eloping here and gazing out with your lover across the deepest gorge in the eastern USA.

Watch the video below and you’ll get a quick hint of how you’ll feel as you take it all in at the top of the canyon.



2. Accessible & Easy Hike

What makes Wiseman’s View an easy choice for many of our couples is just how surprisingly accessible it is. You just have to walk a short (2/10 of a mile) paved trail from the parking area to the overlook.

Bride walks along path Wisemans View Elopement

The trail is a long stretch of even road with not so much as a tiny hill to walk up casually on the way out. A wheelchair can even be taken on the paved trail as the upper viewing area is wheelchair and scooter accessible.

You can pretty much wear any wedding dress you’d be comfortable walking a short distance in, and because of the paved trail your dress won’t get as dirty on the way in.

If it rains, it’s especially awesome that the road is paved so you aren’t dealing with slippery grass or mud.  There is also an outhouse at the trailhead for guests to use the restroom.

In her own Words – Bride Review

“Before our parents and siblings, we proclaimed our intentions, and embraced atop a view not unlike our first hike many years past along the AT in Southwest Virginia.

The day felt easy, the gallery stunning; just a pair of lovebirds out on a stroll. But of course, it was easy for us because of the incredible team at Elope Outdoors.”

– Cara Cheshire


3. Incomparable Ceremony Site

The most popular and iconic site at Wiseman’s View is the observation deck that has been carved out from the side of the mountain and serves as a lookout tower to the wilderness around. This makes for an idyllic location for your Wiseman’s View Elopement Ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony on overlook with mountains

Steps with a railing lead down to two different observation decks that are typically the spots where the ceremony is held.


There is a small amount of room for your guests to stand, as well as space for an officiant and couple to stand comfortably at the overlook.

Family looks on as couple marries in the mountains

It’s really hard to imagine a better setting to share vows and promises!

Couple ring ceremony

Check out this video below to get a feel for the ceremony site and the area in general.



4. Secret Lookouts

Once arriving at the overlook for your Wiseman’s View Elopement, our team knows the best not-so-obvious, more hidden spots to take photos of you while you take in the view.

After your ceremony, we’ll lead you a perch of rock that jetties out and makes it look like you are nearly floating on air.

There are also some great rock faces for the First Look and we know how to traverse them safely and exactly how they will photograph. It creates more privacy as most people are busy checking out the two observation decks that the steps lead to.

In his own Words – Groom Review

“Wiseman’s View overlooking the Linville Gorge is the location we chose, and it was better than we could have ever imagined.

The leaves were just beginning to turn, the weather was perfect, mountains as far as the eye could see, and to top it off, a beautiful moonrise at the end of the evening. Everything, from start to finish, was exactly what we’d envisioned and they worked with us every step of the way to make our dream wedding happen.

The ceremony was unforgettable, the pictures are phenomenal, the video is breathtaking, the flowers were perfect, and the cake was delicious. We can’t thank Elope Outdoors enough for creating a day that we will remember for a lifetime!”

– Dylan Cervalo



5. Wonderful Woods + Foliage 

Aside from the epic mountain and river views, the trees in this area are gorgeous, especially in the fall when colorful leaves line the mountainsides.

The Pisgah Forest really stuns in all directions that the eyes can see and create beautiful greenery in the spring and summer.

The trail that you take to the overlook is also through a beautiful woods with tall trees where light shines through in a way that’s begging to be captured.

There is even a sweet grassy area with the woods behind to take photos or do your cake cutting and champagne pop.

Some couples choose to have their First Look in the woods and the sun peaks through creating solar magic for this special moment.

Couple stands back to back for First Look

We love the variety the woods provides for lighting and to diversify the overall look of backgrounds for your Wiseman’s View elopement.

All in all, Wiseman’s View is an amazing place to celebrate marriage in nature and bonus! If you happen to be there on a Full Moon, prepare to be blown away by the clarity as it illuminates down!

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Driving Tip for Traveling to Wiseman’s View:

To reach Wiseman’s View you’ll drive an unpaved road (Kistler Memorial Highway) through the Pisgah National Forest about 4 miles past the Linville Falls parking area. It has bumpy spots, ruts and holes. Higher clearance vehicles are recommended – but 4 wheel drive is not needed.

Get more travel information here


After all this mountain magic,  you might be ready to plan your Wiseman’s View elopement!
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