Why You NEED to Stay for Sunset on Your Elopement Day

So the time has come to plan your mountain elopement wedding day timeline and you want to fit everything in.

If you are anything like us, the question but what/when will I eat has probably just popped up!

You realize that in order to get back to town in time for a nice dinner, you will have to shift your timeline up.

But wait – before you do that – read on from here!!

We recommend that instead of scheduling your elopement around a dinner reservation, that you make sunset the priority!

Here are some reasons why and how to keep yourself well-fed in the process to avoid becoming the hangry bride, or worse, hangry partners.


Why Stay for Sunset


It is incredible to be in the mountains during sunset. One moment you can see a soft pink sky and the next, deep dark blues making the layers of mountains in the distance pop and creating the look of a painting.

Sunset makes the mountains go from beautiful and lovely to EPIC.

You can turn in different directions and notice how the light hits the mountain peaks differently.

You are able to take the views in even more with the softer light and as exposure goes down.

Now, we can’t guarantee that every sunset will be stellar but part of the adventure is waiting to find out and enjoying whatever happens!



If you have seen photos of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville elopements, chances are some of your favorites were taken during sunset. While professional photographers can use their talents and equipment to capture any scene, season, or the weather on the mountains, what mother nature provides with a sunset is unpredictable and always unique.

We have been in these mountains many an evening and all of the sunsets manage to be different.

You get some that turn everything to orange with a foggy mist moving in and out.

Then there is the classic pink and orange softer sky that contrasts beautifully with the blue mountains.

And even on an evening when you don’t get a stellar sunset, there is a certain glow. during the magic hour that makes everything a little more vibrant.

Our photographers. love capturing you dancing in the sun, kissing in the light, being silly together, and gazing at the view.

All of these moments come alive in a special way during sunset.




Your elopement day is going to be much more laid-back than a big wedding, but there’s plenty that happens from getting hair and makeup to making your way up to the location.

Just imagine at the end of the day sitting on a blanket and taking in what feels like the view of the whole world right in front of your eyes as the sun begins to set.

Not only with your photos be amazing but the moment will be unforgettable.

Sunset signals the culmination of your most special day and it can be the perfect ending for your new beginning.



How to Plan Your Elopement for Sunset

Depending on the season, your elopement can be timed to match with when the sun sets.

Here is a sample timeline:

Meet at 5:15pm at the trailhead
First Look for couple
Ceremony (about 15 minutes)
Signing of marriage license
Friend and family photos
Friends and family depart
Cake and bubbly picnic for couple (10 minutes or so)
Remaining photo time (during sunset)
Hike back to cars and part ways
Total time about 2 hours

Okay, back to the dinner plan!

So you are probably still wondering, when I eat in the middle of all this?

The best advice we can give is to make sunset a priority on your elopement day and have a fancy dinner the next evening to celebrate. You can always have a nice meal but when will you be in the mountains again, in your wedding clothes, during the magic hour? Even if it looks like you will have time, we have seen people miss the sunset hour to rush back for a dinner reservation – and again, it just makes sense to have the fancy meal on another day.

Keeping this in mind, it is STILL important to eat something and have a plan!

Most of our locations are at least an hour from town, and many restaurants close by 9pm, so bringing food along is the easiest way to ensure you are well-fed. You can also bring beer to fill yourself up, like one of our couples did! 

Tip #1 – Eat something – a filling snack or a light meal – right before leaving for the elopement. This will get some calories in before the drive out and the hike up. to your elopement spot.

Tip #2 –  Pack snacks! And water! Not to state the obvious but trail mix, nutritional bars, any of your favorite snacks are great to bring along for the car ride or on the trail.

Tip # 3 – Consider hiring a local meal delivery service/ picnic! Asheville restaurant Rhubarb offers a picnic service with gluten free and vegan options available.

Or you can pick up something to bring along in the car. Charcuterie boxes from South Slope Cheese Shop are so good! You could also get meals to go from a local cafe or restaurant before leaving town and store them in a cooler to eat on the way home or you can stash them in your fridge at your hotel or cabin to heat up when you get home. Many restaurants in Asheville close by 9pm so this allows you to enjoy a great meal anyway!

Sometimes people just get fast food or pizza when they get back into town and that’s totally an option too!

We have also seen people pack along donuts or other fun snacks for after the elopement!

It’s your day, so do what feels best for you when it comes to eating, but make sure to stay for sunset on your elopement!

Epic Mountaintop Sunset Elopement

Here’s an awesome film from a mountain elopement with a beautiful sunset. 

And another awesome sunset on the parkway.  



Cake & Champagne go a long way

For our elopements, many of our packages come with a picnic with cake and champagne, and you get to relax, refuel and rehydrate!

This allows you to settle in and watch the sunset on a picnic blanket while also taking in the epic sunset!

The cake is so yummy – our local baker prepares favorites like Vanilla Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache. There are also vegan options. 

We highly recommend choosing a package with cake and champagne so you can relax as you await magic hour. 


One couple of ours not only got to experience a beautiful summer sunset, but also clear views of the full moon!

Check out their film below and you will definitely want to stay for sunset on your elopement!



We’d love to work with you on your elopement and create a comfortable space for you and your partner to be you. 

Planning the entire elopement from securing locations, planning for sunset, and providing you with vendors from our talented, close-knit team is what we do!

Reach out today and let’s make your adventure elopement a reality!

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