Why you should book a private venue or rental property for your elopement


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Why you should book a private venue or rental property for your elopement

The benefits of booking an elopement venue or rental property


We’re often asked how a couple can make their elopement experience as peaceful, relaxing and meaningful as possible. And, besides booking one of our experiences, our first suggestion is: Reserve a private venue or rental property! 


Even if you’re eloping locally, trust us – having a venue or rental property is going to make a world of difference to your elopement experience. Here’s why. 


Five things we love about booking an elopement venue or property


They offer more privacy. 


Hiring a venue for your elopement is basically like having your wedding cake and eating it too. Not only do you get to say, “I do” in a beautiful venue, but you’ll avoid the crowds of popular tourist areas as well. 

With a venue, you’ll be able to book a private area away from prying eyes where you won’t be interrupted. Whereas with a private rental property, you’ll have the whole space and place to yourself. Complete privacy!


You can have a first look. 


A first look is a special moment in a wedding or elopement when the bride or groom sees their partner dressed up and ready to be wed for the first time. (Check out some of our First Look photos here). It’s a magical moment, and one that many couples worry they’ll miss out on if they elope outdoors. After all, you’ll be travelling to your elopement together – there’s no such thing as a first look!

Asheville NC Elopement First Look

That’s why we love working with elopement venues and rental properties. In both cases, there’ll be a place for you or your partner to get changed in private … which means a first look is absolutely an option if you want one. 


Your schedule will be easier to manage. 


… Especially if you rent a private property and have your ceremony on-site – the commute will be from your front door to the spot where you’re eloping! Soooo easy. 


The same goes with a venue. You’ll know exactly where you’re going and how long it’ll take to get there. Not to mention it’ll be easier to travel to and park at.  


You’ll have a built-in back-up plan for bad weather. 


Want an outdoor elopement … but worried unpredictable weather will ruin your dream day? You’re not alone! There’s nothing like an outdoor wedding, but one of the main risk factors is unpredictable weather. 

Asheville Elopement at a venue in NC

Which is why booking a venue or rental property is so clever. You’ll get all the other benefits plus you’ll have wild weather coverage no matter what nature decides to throw your way on the day. 


Great for nature-lovers who want a relaxing elopement. 


If you want to elope outdoors but don’t want to go total mountain-climbing adventure mode, booking a venue or rental property is a good midway solution. 

Asheville NC Elopement Packages ~ NC Mountain Elopement Photographers

You’ll get the peace, calm and serenity of eloping outdoors, without the added adventure and adrenalin of trekking into the wilderness to get it. 


Some bonus benefits for private home rentals:


  • You’ll save on a venue fee but still get total privacy and predictability. 
  • You can get your hair and make-up done in the comfort of your own space. 
  • You can even hire your own private chef to make a special wedding day meal!
  • Zero car travel time (which means no wrinkly dress, traffic stress or parking drama).
  • You’ll have a home base to return to after your ceremony is complete. 
  • You can host your own mini celebration (if you’re inviting others – read this article on why we think you should limit it to just the two of you, though).

A word on private venue hire …


Before you book a private venue, make sure you check the venue rules, restrictions and limitations. You might not have access to certain areas at certain times, so be sure to review the fine print. 


There’ll also be limited time on site (if your venue doesn’t have accommodation on site as well), so we don’t recommend getting your hair or make-up done there. In most cases, you can have some cake and bubbly at your venue, you won’t be able to host food, catering or lingering parties. 


Ready to commit to a private venue or rental property for your elopement?


Yay! We’d love to help. Heads up: Each of our of elopement experience packages come with complimentary recommendations for venues and properties to suit your needs. 


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