We’re Elope Outdoors…We are honored to be a part of your journey and adventure in love


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We’re Elope Outdoors…We are honored to be a part of your journey and adventure in love

A word from Cassie, your Elopement Coordinator at Elope Outdoors…..

As we navigate our path into this beautiful year of 2022 I’d like to reintroduce ourselves and remind you why you feel drawn to Elope Outdoors. I’d like to share how and why Elope Outdoors absolutely glows in the world of wedding vendors.

At Elope Outdoors, we are genuinely devoted to crafting an elopement experience for you that is rooted in love, sprouting with authenticity, and blossoming with purpose and passion.

Every company in the wedding community has the same goal: booking weddings. Of course this is our goal too, however, I believe and I know we do things differently and I am just so deeply proud. We are absolutely a niche company. We long to work with the couples who are truly laid back lovers of nature just like us and we show up fully present for you.

As our Elopement Coordinator, I’m the first person you are in contact with and I’m with you throughout the entire process. I’m your email penpal in planning! I get to be your friend, your sounding board, your reality check, your go-to for weird questions and reassurance, and I get to cry happy tears when I deliver your photo galleries and films (and I really do cry happy tears over each of you!) I also get to keep in touch with your lives on social media and see as your families grow, you buy houses, you go on vacation as a married couple – all of it – I get to celebrate YOU! Thank you for that!

Cassie, Elopement Coordinator at Elope Outdoors Cassie, Elopement Coordinator at Elope Outdoors

And what about the rest of the Elope Outdoors team that you spend your elopement day with? How wonderful are they? SO wonderful! On your elopement day you are surrounded by the best people. Everyone shows up to be fully present for you and to have a great time together. Laughter and lightheartedness, attention to detail, appreciation for nature, and sincerity are pillars of the day and each moment that we spend together. Our team of officiants, photographers, videographers, and elopement assistant are the most humble and grounded people.


As you browse galleries, blogs and instagram photos and watch elopement films you can see and feel how happy and comfortable couples are. I get so many notes from couples saying, “We are awkward in front of cameras and will need help and direction.” And the funny thing is once couples show up and meet the team at the trailhead or venue you see all those jitters and anxiety just fade away. Does anyone ever look rigid or uncomfortable in the photos you’ve seen? Nope, and that is just the way it is. Our photographers and videographers are just so talented and intuitive. They surround you in a beam of love and light and you just get to be you.

Elopement Photographer for Elope Outdoors ~ Asheville Elopement Photographer for Elope Outdoors ~ Asheville

Your ceremony is your ceremony. Each of our officiants have such unique personalities. They are all so eloquent and also so real. They each have their own style and approach, but also make your ceremony unique to the two of you by getting to know you and your vision for your ceremony. They support you and also give you room to be creative if you choose.

Your cake will be delicious because Short Street Cakes bakes with the best ingredients and talent. And your flowers will be gorgeous because Flourish Flower Farm is the most incredible flower farmer and florist of mountain fresh flowers.
And the added bonus is Kara, your Elopement Assistant. This gal is just pure awesome and provides the best attention to detail and support. Kara took over this portion of my job when I had a baby and I am honored to have her in my place. She is your elopement day buddy to fluff your dress, smooth your fly-aways, set up your cake and bubbly picnic and decorate your cake with fresh flowers, and she is honored to be a witness to your marriage.

Elopement Cake for Elope Outdoors by Short Street Cakes Kara, our Elopement Assistant for Elope Outdoors ~ Asheville

All of this comes together to make for the most beautiful start to a marriage and new page of life together. We are honored to be a part of your journey and adventure in love. We want planning to be fun and a bonding experience for the two of you together. We want your elopement day to be packed with the most amazing memories that you actually remember because you aren’t stressed. We want the day your photos and videos are delivered to be a time you relive one of the best days of your life. We want you to share your story with others and inspire them to do what you did and honor your life together for you and no one else. We hold your best interest and your best future close to our hearts and we are sincerely honored to make your day the best.



Elopement Videographer for Elope Outdoors ~Asheville

Jennifer Allen – Wildwood Media

“I have been working for Elope Outdoors for a couple years now and it’s such a special group of people to get to work with. From the officiants to the florist to the coordinator to photographers and even the bakery everyone TRULY loves the couples and is truly excited to be a part of their day. Each couple holds a space in our hearts and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the couple at the end say, “This was SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for making our elopement PERFECT and even better than we could have imagined!” Each elopement feels special and unique because the officiants personalize the ceremonies to each couple and from a video perspective it helps me to edit and make each video unique to the couple. I love getting to read about our couples ahead of time and incorporate pieces of their story into their video so they have something they can cherish forever.”


Elopement Florist for Elope Outdoors ~ Asheville

Niki Irving – Flourish Flower Farm

“I absolutely LOVE working with Elope Outdoors! The team is so organized, detail-oriented and caring – I feel incredibly lucky to be their florist partner. They strike a perfect balance of communicating the desires of the clients with letting us have creative freedom to design something totally unique and seasonally inspired for each couple. Elope Outdoors has a long-standing reputation of providing exceptional, beautiful elopement experiences, even before elopements and micro-weddings were popular! Being an Elope Outdoors partner is something that I am so proud of – there truly isn’t a better team to collaborate with to create perfectly executed, memorable wedding days!”


Julia Davis – Heartfelt Elopements

Working with Elope Outdoors fills my days so much joy. It’s a strong value of mine to work with, and alongside, others who hold similar values to myself. Elope Outdoors and their whole crew lead with integrity, compassion, and care, and every elopement is given the utmost attention. Couples often say that they feel like they’ve known us all forever, and that is something that everyone takes pride in! It is clear that all the people who make up the structure of this small business are in it because they truly love what they do. Whether it’s your officiant, photographer, videographer, coordinator, or friendly faces behind the scenes, you are sure to be in amazing hands when it comes to this incredible team of open, loving, and genuine individuals. Your elopement should be one for the books, and creating the space for that is something that Elope Outdoors does incredibly well.”