Why Have a Vow Renewal Elopement

For many people, having a wedding is a one-time thing for their relationship. But there are many reasons to have a second, smaller wedding or a vow renewal elopement to honor and reaffirm the relationship as time passes.

Having a vow renewal is a powerful way to reconnect and recommit to your partner. It’s an awesome way to have the intimate, outdoor wedding you might have preferred the first time around.

Some of the top reasons to have a Vow-Renewal Elopement in nature are:


It’s grounding and connecting

With an outdoor elopement style vow renewal, you get a private ceremony with just the two of you or with your children or pup present, and you get to do it somewhere beautiful in nature.

It’s a great way to let go of outside thoughts and be in the moment.

Nothing is more connecting than being together, without distraction, with simply the whispers of the wind or a meditative stream in the background, as you share meaningful vows to recommit to your future together.



It’s a way to mark time and change

You don’t need me to tell you that A LOT happens and changes over the years of marriage. You may look back on your original wedding photos and barely recognize yourselves! Or you might just long for a new, updated ceremony, to reflect better on who you are now as a couple and individuals.

As you grow and mature, your tastes and style shifts and having a vow renewal is a way to capture your love as it is now.

In these years being married, whether it has been one year or twenty years, you have faced challenges and tribulations. A vow renewal ceremony is a chance to say even despite all that has occurred, changed, and challenged us, we are still here, together, taking this thing called life.

It’s nice to remember the reasons why you are together and why you love each other.


It’s easy to plan

With an outdoor vow-renewal elopement, it will surprise you just how much easier it is to pull it together than a big wedding. But what makes it easiest is working with an elopement planning company who can organize all the little details for you.

Working with an elopement company you’ll get to share your preferences about where you want to elope and the vibe you are going for. They will get to draw on their knowledge of the area to select a location based off the look and feel you want to experience.

They can help you know if you will need a permit or rental fee for the location, tips for weather, time of day, and driving directions, plus organize all the vendors you will need such as photographer, officiant, videographer, florist, and more.


The ceremony can honor you as a family

If you’ve had children since getting married, a vow renewal allows you to include them into this ceremony to see an example of love and even do special vows with your kids to show them how much you care.

The first time you got married it was just the two of you and now you have created a family so the vows are geared toward this new circle you have created.

Sometimes you need a reminder of why you’re together and what you love about each other. It’s a chance for a fresh start and to move forward more connected. 


Favorite Vow-Renewals

Take a look at some of our favorite vow-renewals over the years!


Jennifer & Cory

Jennifer & Cory met during residency in Huntington, WV.

After being married for 8 years and dating for 12 years, the couple decided to renew their vows in May 2021 at a cabin in Hot Springs.

They brought their son along to witness their vows.

From the gorgeous mountain view to the beautiful woods behind the cabin, these two enjoyed the property and experience to the fullest.



Nikki & Robby

Nikki & Robby were originally married on Nov. 4th 2020. After being together for 15 years, the couple decided to hold an elopement-style vow renewal in a cabin on the mountains.

The couple loves to spend time outdoors so it was fitting to hold their ceremony in nature.

On the deck of a stunning cabin, Nikki & Robby recommitted to each other.

We wish this pair all the best as they continue walking hand in hand together through life.

Check out our favorite cabin rentals here. 



Jennifer and Chad

For their 20th Anniversary, Jennifer and Chad experienced a amazing sunrise ceremony on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Their original proposal story is so magical. The couple was in Myrtle Beach, SC and Chad had a banner fly by with “Jennifer, I love you. Will you marry me? – Chad” A year later on September 2, 2000 the couple were married in Morristown, TN.

On September 2nd, 2020, the couple renewed their vows – but it was a surprise to Jennifer from Chad!

“After over 20 years and two children later, I know I am guilty of not pursuing her heart like I used to as ALL men should pursue their love. So we are staying at Biltmore and renewing our vows in an effort to show how that she is STILL the gleam in my eyes,” Chad said.

That morning, Chad was truly able to show Jennifer that he cherishes her. The sunrise was one of those epic ones, making way for some emotionally moving pictures that matched the weight of the moment.

Chad saw this ceremony as an opportunity to point their grateful hearts to the God that brought them together and kept them together. This intimate, heartfelt setting in the mountains did not disappoint and we are so happy for this pair to have had this experience!



Jessica & Leo

Jessica & Leo held an elopement-style vow renewal at Jump Off Rock in Hendersonville, NC.

Jessica is a photographer and totally rocked it in front of the camera!

The couple included their children and family in their celebration.

It was a beautiful evening that captured the fun and romance that beamed brighter than ever between this couple!




Dallas and Andrew

Dallas and Andrew held an elopement-style vow renewal at Black Balsam on November 2, 2021 with musicians, a baseball themed picnic and personal handwritten vows.

Their first date was in December 2018 and they started officially dating January 10, 2019.

Dallas explains their proposal story:

Andrew took me to a hibachi restaurant. We just finished dinner when the waiter brought two fortune cookies in a wine glass to our table. Every time we would get fortune cookies, we would ask each other what our cookies said. He asked me to open mine first. When I saw the fortune, I saw that it said, “will you marry me?” He was on one knee when I looked up from reading. I immediately said yes and had tears in my eyes.

Watch their elopement film here:



The Process of an Elopement Style Vow-Renewal


To hold a vow-renewal, the first piece is finding an elopement company who knows the area to help guide you through the process and organize all the vendors you will need from wedding officiant to photographer.

At Elope Outdoors, we begin corresponding with you over email to choose your vow-renewal date and location. We have many beautiful outdoor locations that we hold ceremonies, many which includes short hikes and others which involve little to no hike at all. From mountains to lakes to woods, we know the best, most private spots to say “I do” again.

To ensure total privacy, we have cabins listings we have worked with over the years that we can share with you if you would prefer to rent a home and hold the ceremony there.

After choosing your location and date, the next step is getting all the vendors in place. Cassie, our coordinator, will reach out to our team to bring together the necessary vendors. The first vendor most people want to secure is a wedding officiant.


Although you are already legally married and a wedding officiant is not required for a legal purpose when renewing your vows, an officiant can guide you through a formal, custom ceremony which can include recapping your relationship, sharing readings about recommitting, and lead you through saying your vows and even providing vows for you to share with your children if you choose.

All of our officiants are awesome at making the ceremony reflect you and your story, while also bringing to the table their experience, expertise, and of course just the right words to make you cry and smile in gratitude for your partner.

Next you’ll likely need a photographer and a videographer to capture the moments of your day to have as a forever keepsake and to bring back home to share with friends and family. We have so much talent on our team and will bring together these visual artists to capture your day!

If you want flowers, champagne, and cake, we can also organize that into our package.

We can’t wait to hear from you about planning your special ceremony!

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