Beyond Mountains: Explore Asheville Waterfall Elopements and creative nature backdrops

If there’s one thing Asheville is known for in the wedding world it would have to be its beautiful mountains.

These mountaintops are pursued every season to hold wedding ceremonies, big and small.

But did you know the Asheville area holds other epic elopement backdrops?

In this guide, we’re sharing all our favorite, less talked about nature spaces that exist in our area, such as Asheville waterfall elopements. 

Let’s get into it!




There’s just something about a waterfall that can make an ordinary day magical. Stand at the base of a waterfall for your elopement and you’ve just made it spectacular.

What are our favorite things about marrying at waterfalls?

Aesthetics of Deep Blues + Emerald Greenery.

Hearing the ever-present thundering sound of the falls.

The fact that it’s a perfect winter elopement location when popular mountain spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed. 

Bonus – being graced by “Just Married Mist”!

Waterfalls are amazing and we know all the best ones to hit during each season. Believe it or not, it’s tricky to plan eloping at a waterfall because everyone hiking wants to gather around the falls, making it harder to find a private space to hold your ceremony.

If you’re wanting that super epic waterfall background for your wedding make sure you reach out to us so we can help you find the waterfalls that fit the top criteria you are looking for, whether that be accessibility, height of falls, time of day, etc. 



What are our favorite things about marrying beside a river?

Hearing the sound of calming, rushing water.

Views of rapids and ridges.

Woodsy Surroundings. 

Bonus – typically accessible and easier to reach with less crowds!



Sandy beaches & shores. 

Docks + overlooks to explore. 

Glistening water + mirror images. 

Bonus – autumn leaves reflecting orange into the water!




Dreamy earthy colors.

Intimate + moody wooded walks post-ceremony.

Fog or sun peeking through the trees. 

Shade + privacy.

Bonus- protection from weather like rain!



Inhaling floral delights. 

Choosing your own bouquet, fresh from the field. 

Crazy-eclectic color palette of the garden.

Bonus – the view from above (drone)!



Looking for a place in nature to elope but with a little more privacy?

Check out some of our favorite cabins and airbnb’s! 



We are Elope Outdoors, an Asheville, NC a photography-focused elopement planning team.

We inspire couples to step outside and get married in nature, where they can worry less and wander more as we pull the details together, creating an experience they will remember forever. 

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