This Waterfall Wedding in the North Carolina Mountains makes you believe in love again!


Ali and Brenden have the kind of love that shines off the pages of their album and into our hearts.

You can’t help but notice the genuine adoration that is felt between them.

Their love was complimented by the magical scenery of this otherworldly North Carolina waterfall.

Looking for a spot for a waterfall wedding elopement? This just might be the place!

Tucked into the Pisgah Forest 40 minutes from Asheville, an easy 15 minute hike passing over flowing brooks links you to this dreamy spot.

Eloping here seems to transport you to another country, planet or dimension even, enclosing you into a cave-like ridge at the base of an elegantly dripping waterfall overlooking the lush forest.

You’ve got to see these pictures to watch this couple’s day unfold and get a preview into what might just be YOUR perfect place to elope!


On January 24th, 2023, Ali and Brenden went from dating to married in the mountains of North Carolina.

They pulled up to trailhead entrance after a short drive from Asheville to meet the Elope Outdoors team: officiant Michael, photographer Amy, and videographer Jen with Wildwood Media.

Ali received her beautiful green + white bouquet from Flora which matched the lush greenery of the forest perfectly and everyone began walking at casual pace down the trail.

For Ali and Brenden, this day was a big checkpoint after 6.5 years of dating. The North Carolina based couple met at Griggs department store during their Christmas annual “all night sale”, which was a tradition for both their families. They were only 16 and developed a friendship after Brenden asked for Ali’s number.

The couple has since made their way from coast to coast and recently bought their first home. For this couple who has literally chased waterfalls together since high school, this stop on their journey was definitely one to remember!



After the walk, Brenden and Ali got ready for the ceremony, choosing to stand directly behind the waterfall under the rock face it descends from.

This spot provides shade and encloses the pair into their own little cave, but has a totally open view where the sun streams in through the dripping falls.

As Michael began the ceremony, the two appeared destined to be here, right now, in their own special moment.

When it came time to say their vows, Ali and Brenden both spoke candidly, with vows that were both heartfelt and funny. Check them out in the video below where you can also get a feel for the whole experience~!


After the ceremony, the couple enjoyed wandering the waterfall, sipping champagne and chilling! Brenden proposed to Ali while on a hike at Raven Rock State Park and it just seemed so fitting that they decided to marry at another beautiful outdoor location in nature.



When we asked the couple what they were most excited about when it came to their elopement, they said this:

“We are most excited about the intimacy of eloping, and having a special place to visit over the years. We can’t wait to celebrate all that we’ve done together over the years and commit to a lifetime more of memories!”

Their waterfall wedding elopement looked like it totally met – maybe even exceeded – their expectations!

Wishing these two many years of adventure, happiness, and more chasing waterfalls!


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