Best Hairstyles for Outdoor Elopements


Advice from Ali Lawless with AnaRie Beauty

A big question a lot of our brides have is “what are the best hairstyles for outdoor elopements?”

Many wonder if they definitely need to have their hair up or if there are certain styles that work best for outdoor elements like wind, rain, and air pressure, as well as traveling and hiking.

Luckily, we get to work with Ali Lawless and her expert team at AnaRie Beauty! We send our brides to them with confidence because they know how to approach not only weddings, but specifically outdoor elopements due to their years of experience preparing hair for the trail.

Ali is sharing her wisdom with us today!

Her advice begins with this:

“We really recommend that clients feel like themselves on their wedding day. If someone always wears their hair down and feels the prettiest that way, the wedding day is not the first time to try an updo. When revisiting wedding day memories throughout their marriage, we want our brides to see themselves in their gorgeous photographs and videos. We recommend embracing the weather! It can be windy on the top of a mountain. Have fun with it and trust the photographer and videographer to pose you all with the weather in mind. ”

So let’s visit some hairstyles that work great for the trail and hear more from Ali about what works!


How to Decide what Hairstyle is Best for You

When looking for inspiration, we recommend that you look at styles with the same hair color and hair length that you have. AnaRie sends out questionnaires that help clients find their inspiration! Sometimes looking online can be overwhelming so they try to find a common vocabulary and they are always here to help in the beauty planning process.

Check out these examples from brides who have worked with AnaRie and Elope Outdoors.



An updo is perfect for clients that usually love to wear their hair up. If there’s a concern with the weather, this is a great option! Ali and her team love to incorporate braids or twists to give the style dimension. Overall, it is a great hairstyle for outdoor elopements – especially in the mountains.

Updo’s are definitely one of the best hairstyles for outdoor elopements in the summer as well because you won’t have to worry about your hair making you hot or bothering you while hiking. If it is going to be windy and you get super annoyed by hair in your face, an up-do can also help minimize that.

All of this being said, some people do not like the look of their hair up so do not feel the pressure to wear it up. There are other options!


Half-up, half-down:

This is a super fun option for boho chic brides that love wearing their hair down but don’t want to worry about hair in their face.

It is certainly one of the most popular hairstyle choices we see because you get to see the beauty of the hair and also get some of it off your face, which helps a lot when you’re getting blown by wind on the side of a mountain or simply hiking to your ceremony location.



All down:

This is definitely the best option for brides that are the most comfortable and feel beautiful wearing their hair down. It’s great for those that will embrace the wind blowing or any weather element that comes. Think wild and free, hair blowing with a smile on your face. If that’s you or your hair just tends to do well in that environment, wearing your hair down could be ideal.

Another angle to consider is that if you have thinner hair or have had trouble having enough hair to put it up half way, all down might be the best answer, especially if you do not want to add extensions.




Fun additions

AnaRie’s stylists love adding some fun with hair accessories, braids, twists, and veils.

All of this is such a personal choice for brides and they are happy to offer advice based on the vision the bride would like to bring to life.

Flower crowns, like the one worn by Peyton below, can be so beautiful amongst the blue ridge mountains.

Looking for something totally different? Adding flowers to your hair is a beautiful option.

It can add pops of color and an extra touch of nature all in one.  It’s another way to express yourself and add your favorite flower petals in.




What if it rains?

Haley chose an up-do for her November 2022 elopement with us.

It ended up raining quite a bit on her day on a trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Haley and her partner chose to dance in the rain, embracing the weather.

Not only did she have the right attitude, but her hair held up and looked good even after the couple took their umbrellas down and danced in the middle of the road. Now that’s a carefree bride who was also prepared with the perfect hair for the moment.



What if it is rainy AND windy?


You wouldn’t know by looking at the pictures, but bride Amanda experienced lots of wind and some rain on her elopement day.

She was thrilled that her hairstylist with AnaRie recommended that her hair be styled in an updo because of the elements.

It looks like Amanda got to experience plenty of sunshine on her day and that her hair stayed beautifully in tact despite the challenges from Mother Nature.




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