Meet Cassie: The Heart and Soul Behind Your Asheville Elopement


When it comes to crafting your elopement in the mountains of Asheville, NC, there’s someone special ready to make your elopement dreams a reality. Cassie, the devoted elopement coordinator here at Elope Outdoors Asheville, is the one behind the scenes, playing a unique and indispensable role that helps make our company an exceptional elopement provider.


Cassie’s Role: Beyond Coordination

Cassie is the one you’ll talk to and communicate to when planning your elopement. She possesses a warm, down to earth spirit that comes through in her writing and communication that will make you feel at ease about all things elopement planning. Notably, Cassie doesn’t view her position as mere event coordination; she’s a nurturer of relationships, a steadfast supporter, and a cherished confidante. She goes beyond logistical planning; it’s about empowering couples with confidence and providing them with the care their day deserves – while at the same time keeping things simple and pure to match the intimate, relaxed elopement day you’re seeking.

What Cassie does best is placing significant emphasis on curating the ideal match when helping you choose location, officiant, florals and more, imparting wisdom that has been gained over many years in this role. Her guiding hand helps you navigate choices, answers your queries, and make everything as easy as possible for you, especially if you are planning a destination elopement from afar.

Cassie’s responsibilities don’t end with logistics. She emerges as your dedicated elopement companion, assisting you in selecting the ideal package, venue, photographer, officiant, and even the delicious cake for your special day. Cassie’s attention to detail distinguishes her, and she is dedicated to making your elopement an indelible memory that you’ll love experiencing in the moment and looking back on.



Fostering Bonds & Crafting Moments

Cassie’s most cherished part of her role is the privilege of acquainting herself with couples and evolving into a dependable friend they can rely on. She derives immense satisfaction from being entrusted with surprises, helping you choose the intimate details that make your elopement uniquely yours. Cassie even admits to shedding tears of joy when she catches the initial glimpse of your photo galleries and highlight reels, as she sees everything come to life beautifully that started as a discussion.

Gratitude flows when Cassie receives heartfelt expressions of thanks and reviews that recount the experiences of couples who have collaborated with the EO team. There’s an undeniable sense of gratification and admiration when she realizes she’s been a part of something truly extraordinary for the couple.


Bride Josie said this about her summer elopement.

“This experience was very intimate and very special. We got to spend our day with the people who mean the most to us without all the stress. Cassie made sure everything was taken care of. She answered any and all questions asked! She had details ready before I even thought of them.”



Cassie’s Approach= Our Team Approach 

Cassie and our team pride ourselves on our balanced approach to elopements, creating a day that leaves space for laid-back lovers of nature to roam and breathe into the moment. Our aim is to create elopements that are natural and filled with character—events that unfold organically without excessive orchestration. The emphasis lies in being present, capturing the authentic essence of love and joy in the moment.

What Cassie exudes is passed on and shared with our entire team. From our officiants to our photographers and videographers, the people you meet on your day are aligned with the same heartfelt intention that you find in your exchanges with Cassie. While Cassie is not there in-person on your elopement day, you’ll get to work with an elopement day-of coordinator to guide you through the day, help set-up your picnic, and lead you through the simple timeline, combined with the help of the photographer and officiant.

In a review, Michelle said this about her recent fall elopement:

“This company is incredible. It was pure luck that I found this company tucked away in a blog post. I clicked a link and we knew immediately that this was the route that truly represented us as a couple. Cassie and her team took care of us from the start. The big day was an absolute dream and the pictures speak for themselves. Julia, Maddie and Ginny did such a wonderful job. I cannot recommend this company enough.”

Penny raved about the entire team for her summer mountain elopement.

“From the very beginning to the very end, the whole process was so seamless. Cassie was so easy to communicate with and had such great suggestions about out whole day and even the dinner the night before! The team: Ginny, Maddie, and Jenn were flawless in their set up. They set up the wedding spot and within minutes I was walking down the aisle. They moved through family group shots but nothing ever felt rushed. Julia’s vows couldn’t have been more perfect for us, she knew exactly who we are and what we believed in and put it into words so beautifully. The hike with just my husband and I and the team up to Black Balsam was so fun!! They were fun to talk to and it barely felt like a hike. The pictures on top turned out absolutely breathtaking! They knew exactly where to place us and even the posed pictures looked so natural. Our wedding day was easy, stress-free and fun all thanks to Elope Outdoors!”

While we undoubtedly offer a stress-free experience, it’s also infused with so much joy and excitement. We value the intrinsic trust you place in us and seek to always bring affectionate professionalism as our team is impassioned about what we create and share with you in these mountains. We truly live and exude the spirit of easy-going Asheville locals who embrace the concept of allowing events to happen organically, as nature intends, and we love that the couples we work with share in this vibe.






The Value of the EO Experience

Cassie underscores the fact that we here at Elope Outdoors Asheville offer something genuinely extraordinary. We know that our team is going beyond mere planning, encompassing the art of exceptional photography and cinematography, meaningful ceremonies, gorgeous floral arrangements, and attention to the details. Elope Outdoors proudly stands apart due to our dedication to crafting elopements that are vibrant, joyful, and above all, steeped in authentic love.

Cassie said this in her own words about what sets EO apart:


“It’s the planning and guidance, the art of incredible photography and film, the really special ceremonies, the beautiful bouquets, and the attention to every aspect of the experience. The best Elope Outdoors elopements are natural and moody and just vibe-y – not over-planned – we just let it be. Thats what our team does – we are really like a bunch of old school Asheville laid back hippies just letting it be. It is based on genuine love and happiness and being in the moment and present. It is also FUN! I think the element of trust in our loving professionalism is yes, stress-free, but also PLAYFUL and JOYFUL! Yet there is still elegance and class at the heart of it all, making everything a romantic and timeless representation of your love story.”


In a landscape where standard elopement services proliferate, we are here to shine as a beacon of distinction, thanks to Cassie’s unwavering commitment and the team’s collective dedication to crafting memorable moments for every couple. Your elopement isn’t just another event; it’s a celebration of your love story, and with us, it becomes an experience that you’ll cherish for eternity.


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