How to Plan an Eco-Friendly All-Inclusive Elopement Weekend in Asheville, NC


Are you and your partner looking for an intimate and eco-friendly way to tie the knot? Look no further than Asheville, North Carolina, a stunning destination for an all-inclusive elopement that celebrates your love while also being mindful of the environment.


Here are 5 tips for planning an eco-friendly, all-inclusive elopement in Asheville:

Choose a Green Venue (& Vendors)

Perhaps this is the most obvious and easy way to be eco-friendly! Asheville offers a variety of stunning venues for your elopement, from lush gardens to mountaintop vistas. Choosing a remote place in nature and making the commitment to not bring a ton of paper/plastic decor and items up, is one way to ensure your elopement is eco-friendly. Be sure to pack in and pack out everything you bring and leave nothing behind. By simply respecting these principles and choosing to let nature be your backdrop versus holding your wedding at a venue and buying a ton of decor/items, drinks, etc that will used for one day and possibly end up in the landfill, you are making it an eco-friendly, all-inclusive Asheville elopement.

Here at Elope Outdoors, we help you find the best overlooks, mountain vistas, waterfalls, and trails to hold your ceremony and offer planning in our all-inclusive elopement packages. Whether its a remote spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway or a venue with indoor options to hold your small ceremony we know the area and will help you find it. We also provide our talented team of florists, photographer, videographer, officiant, and cake-baker to make your elopement complete! Everyone on our team respects eco-friendly principles such as not leaving a trace and packing in/out on the trails.

Instead of bringing paper plates & napkins for your cake cutting, we bring dishes and silverware to cut down on waste. We love our mountains and do everything we can to keep them clean and pristine!



Stay in a Green Hotel

Asheville has no shortage of charming bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and eco-friendly lodgings. Look for accommodations that have been certified as eco-friendly by organizations such as Green Seal or the U.S. Green Building Council. The Eco-Inn, located in the heart of downtown Asheville, is a LEED-certified hotel that uses eco-friendly cleaning products and serves breakfast made with local ingredients.

Here is an eco cabin you can stay in for your eco-friendly, all-inclusive Asheville elopement. Eco features include a compostable toilet, on demand hot water heater, LED lights, recycled building materials, and high efficiency appliances.

Here is an awesome tree-house by Earth & Slky Dwellings that was featured on the DIY Network show The TreeHouse Guys.

The Most Popular Airbnb Treehouse in Asheville | Credit: Airbnb

Eat Locally and Sustainably

Asheville is a foodie destination with many farm-to-table restaurants that serve up delicious and sustainable cuisine. Choose to eat at restaurants that source ingredients from local farmers and minimizes waste by composting and recycling.

Asheville has a list of 15 certified green restaurants.  These restaurants are taking steps to become more environmentally sustainable across their operations including using less-toxic cleaning products, providing recycled disposables for carry-out meals, and offering low-impact, local, and sustainably sourced,

Some excellent choices are Curate, Green Sage, and farm -to-table restaurant Posana.

Asheville also has a plethora of vegan cafes that help reduce your environmental impact by what’s on your plate.

Some awesome choices are Plant – voted the greenest restaurant in the city, Rosetta’s Kitchen, and Laughing Seed Cafe.

And check out this article on best farm to table restaurants in Asheville.



Choose Eco-Friendly Transportation

Consider renting a hybrid or electric car for your trip to Asheville. Once you arrive, explore the city on foot or by bike. Asheville also offers a variety of public transportation options, including a free downtown shuttle and a bike-share program.

Here are some links to e-bikes you can rent in downtown Asheville:

Asheville E-Bike Rental (Full Day)



Embrace Sustainable Fashion

If you are shopping for clothing to wear on your elopement trip, choose clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton or hemp, and consider renting or buying secondhand attire.

Looking to do some shopping while in Asheville? Check out local boutiques or vintage shops in Asheville, such as Royal Peasantry, or Hip Replacements.

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, try searching for sustainable boutiques with pre-owned gowns. You can use the website Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses Buying a once-worn dress is not only thrifty, it’s green. You are not using new resources. You are using what is already made. And often times, you are buying locally.

You may choose to buy a wedding gown that was previously owned if you can’t find a company that is associated with eco-friendly ethics at a price you can afford. Searching Facebook Marketplace believe it or not can generate some awesome finds. Royal Peasantry in downtown Asheville actually sells handmade, reconstructed white dresses made of up-cycled clothing that are often purchased to be worn as a unique wedding gown!

You can also go for a new wedding gown made ethically with eco-friendly materials such as Reformation or Grace Loves Lace. Imagine falling in love with the perfect dress AND it’s good for the planet! Ahh, such a win-win, feel-good buy.

A trend that we really like right now is up-cycling your mother’s, aunt’s, or grandmother’s wedding dress and turning it into something new! A seamstress or experienced designer can help with this process so you can enjoy the significance of wearing a family heirloom while also wearing something you like that truly fits you and your personality.

One of our Brides, Vara, actually made her own dress for her eco-friendly, all-inclusive Asheville elopement!

See the stunning results below!

Bride Vara hand-made her own wedding gown!

Bride Vara hand-made her own wedding gown! See Full Elopement here



By following these tips, you can plan an eco-friendly, all-inclusive Asheville elopement that celebrates your love while also being mindful of the environment. Not only will you create lasting memories with your partner, but you will also be doing your part to protect the planet. Happy planning and remember we are here to help if you want to elope in Asheville, NC!

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