Experiencing the Magic of Asheville Elopements: A Dream Come True for Wedding Planner / Bride!

Nestled amidst the mountain landscapes of Asheville, North Carolina, two lovers of nature embarked on an extraordinary adventure.

Marie and Anthony chose to elope on a breathtaking mountain off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Their intimate celebration unfolded in harmony with the soothing whispers of the wind and the sights of awe-inspiring vistas. In this blog, we meet the couple behind this day and the Bride shares what she loved about their elopement!


The Wedding Planner Elopes

 It’s always super gratifying for us to get to work with another wedding pro in our industry. Marie is a certified wedding planner with her company Marie Nicole Weddings in Vero Beach, Florida. So with all of her experience seeing weddings happen, she knew exactly what she and Anthony needed for their own dream come true elopement.

Why she eloped, in her own words:

It has always been my “plan” to “run away and get married” As a planner, planning for others brings me so much joy, but when it comes to doing things for myself, not so much. I just wanted to show up and let everything happen the way it was meant too. Silly things like me forgetting my jacket and not putting socks on with my boots is typical Marie behavior lol. But when it comes to my clients, I’m all about my A game.  We plan on having a celebration in July with a lot of friends and family. “
With all of her own client’s weddings to guide to the altar, it was really important to Marie to work with an elopement company to help her make it happen from afar.
Marie said this about working with Elope Outdoors:
I would have never been able to plan it all on my own being in another state and still have a ton of clients to get through before we left for ours.  I would recommend anyone to have a planner or someone to help along the process. I don’t think people really understand how much we take off your shoulders. . Cassie had great communication and always had answers for me when asked. She also made us a more custom package because I really wanted to have a first look at the Airbnb we stayed at, and we had our dogs with us as well. Reaching out to Cassie about her favorite things in the area and what we should do with our free time was nice. Her suggestion for our dinner reservation after our wedding was the most amazing experience we had!! 


The Couple

Marie and Anthony have been together for 6 months.

Marie shared that their engagement was different than most but extremely special. 

“Anthony had to leave for work, and we weren’t sure how long it was going to be. After 24 hours of him leaving, I received a message that he knew he couldn’t be without me and that once he returned ,I was going to be his wife (Much cuter in his message lol).”

The couple loves their Tuesday nights Trivia, kayaking, watching movies, playing with their dogs. They are both big foodies. Anthony loves motorcycles and Marie loves taking rides with him.

Why did they ultimately choose Asheville to elope?

“It has always been a dream of mine to get married in the middle of the woods. My mother and I visited NC last year during Christmas and I just fell in love with the area. I knew one day my wedding would be there.”



Their First Look

Marie and Anthony had their First Look at their Airbnb and we documented them getting ready as an add-on to our typical package. She also got to work with one of our favorite beauty vendors AnaRie

Ali and Andrea who did my hair and makeup, made me feel like a bride and not having felt that way this entire process because I had to still be a planner at home, meant a lot to me. Marie had the most beautiful details and the sweetest doggie standing by to keep her company!


Their Hike Up

Opting for a mountain ceremony adds an element of adventure and romance to your wedding experience. Hiking up together, Marie and Anthony were able to experience a shared journey of love and discovery, weaving a tale that was as adventurous as it was romantic.



The Ceremony

Adventure and Romance 

Officiant Julia provided the two with a beautiful ceremony overlooking the woods where they held their first look. Like many of our couples, Marie was moved by Julia’s ability to hold space and speak heartfelt words that really echoed their connection and love.

Julia wrote us the BEST ceremony! I’ve heard a lot of ceremonies, and this was just absolutely incredible. Anthony’s vows had me totally speechless. Eloping to the mountains and having a very intimate ceremony was exactly what we hoped for. The views and location were just absolutely perfect.



Stunning Photo-Ops

Asheville’s mountainous terrain and lush forests offer endless opportunities for breathtaking photographs. From panoramic vistas and sun-kissed meadows to hidden trails, every corner unveils a stunning frame. The natural beauty of the landscape becomes a seamless part of your elopement memories, capturing the essence of your love in a visually captivating way.


Marie and Anthony wandered around the mountaintop to explore and take photos while photographer Maddie snapped away.

Marie wrote this about her experience:
Having it just be me and Anthony was the most important aspect of our elopement. Maddie as our photographer and how she made me feel, it was just so easy. (This was a big stressor for me as I’m not great in front of the camera.)  I definitely know Anthony was happy that everything was so easy, we didn’t feel rushed or “cut off” from taking photos. Getting our photos back a week later was a complete shock as I know it takes some time to get everything edited. I’ve already recommended Elope Outdoors to a few people here in FL.



The Hike Down to the Enchanted Woods

They ended the day walking down together and through the woods, stopping for a few photos. We are so grateful to have hosted these two lovers of nature for their elopement day. Shoutouts to our team for all of the wonderful synergy and for making their day special!

Officiant  Julia Heartfelt Elopements 

Photography Maddie Kay Photography 

Videography Wildwood Media 

Makeup/Hair AnaRie Beauty 



We hope this couple’s day has inspired you to follow your mountain elopement dreams.

We’re ready for you if Asheville is on your mind and you want to adventure here!

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