A Hidden Gem: An Asheville Trail Elopement Unveiling a Mountain Vista Sanctuary

Welcome to our world – where love stories come alive amidst the stunning landscapes of Asheville, North Carolina. Seriously, the backdrop here is like nothing else. We are so grateful to live in a place like this and deliver laid-back lovers of nature with experiences that commemorate one of the greatest days of their lives.

Today, we invite you to embark on an elopement journey on a hidden gem trail nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Imagine a tranquil walk, hand in hand, surrounded by the whispering melodies of nature. Picture a path that leads you through a tapestry of verdant forests, gently guiding you toward an extraordinary destination. This is the very trail where our adventurous couple, Madison and Griffin, chose to exchange their vows, trusting Elope Outdoors to curate an unforgettable elopement experience. Come along with us and see it unfold!


The Couple

Madison and Griffin met in September 2015 and started dating in the fall of 2016.

Griffin proposed to Madison on a summer visit to Cape Cod. They went to Martha’s Vineyard for the day and he asked her there.

Both love to do anything outdoors together. They live under an hour from the Adirondacks where Griffin is from and his parents still live there so they go up often to hike, ski, boat and more!

When we asked Madison what she was looking forward to most, she said:

We can’t wait to be surrounded by our parents and siblings and then of course eating and drinking afterwords.Our families have only met a handful of times so we are excited to rent an Airbnb together and spend some time with both families together. 



Their Ceremony

Madison and Griffin eloped on with just a handful of family members on a November day. Once arriving at the site of their elopement, Madison and her father walked up the trail to meet the others (Griffin and family) who were waiting at the top for the ceremony. The ease of the walk is worth noting. With each step, Madison enjoyed the serenity of the woods which helped to calm nerves before their ceremony. The couple and their guests reveled in the fact that this particular trail allowed them to bask in nature’s embrace without challenging their physical limits—a picturesque journey accessible to all.

When Madison reached the top, she were greeted by an awe-inspiring vista that seemed to defy the boundaries of imagination. The majesty of the mountains stretched out made it easier to immerse into the grandeur of the moment. Her groom Griffin waited and watched with tears as she ascended the short aisle complete with two benches on each side. The Ceremony was officiated by Madison’s best friend, which added a personal touch to make their ceremony unique and extra special.






Stunning Photos

For this couple, their elopement was not just about a ceremony; it was a profound connection to the raw power and serenity of the natural world. It was an opportunity to celebrate their union in a place where love and nature danced hand in hand—a testament to the indescribable beauty that lies off the beaten path. We LOVE how the light came through the trees and shined onto this pair. What an amazing day filled with photos that they can treasure and forever bring them back here to this spot in their hearts.


Are you inspired to escape the conventional and celebrate your love amidst nature? At Elope Outdoors, we specialize in curating personalized elopements that capture the essence of your unique story. Let us guide you through the breathtaking trails, enchanting vistas, and hidden sanctuaries that await.

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