Autumnal Awakenings: Embracing Seasonal Splendor for Your Fall Elopement in Asheville


Asheville, NC, nestled within the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, is renowned for its captivating fall foliage. The vibrant colors and refreshing autumn air provide an exquisite backdrop for couples seeking a fall elopement. In this blog post, we will explore inspiring ideas to infuse your fall elopement with the magic of the season, particularly during Asheville’s fall leaf season.



Perfect Timing

Embrace leaf season to capture the full glory of autumn. Plan your elopement during Asheville’s fall leaf season, which typically spans from late September to early November. This peak period showcases nature’s artistry as the mountains transform into a breathtaking tapestry of vibrant hues. The timing will ensure that your photographs are filled with the warmth and splendor of the season.

Keep in mind that the highest elevations (above 6,000 feet) see the changes in the leaves first. As the next six weeks unfold into November, fall color makes its way down the mountains into the valleys and foothills.

Check out this full guide for leaf color in Asheville.



Scenic Serenity

Asheville boasts numerous scenic locations that celebrate the beauty of fall foliage. Consider choosing iconic spots like the Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, or the Pisgah National Forest for your elopement. These breathtaking landscapes provide a picturesque canvas adorned with the vibrant colors of autumn, enhancing the overall ambiance of your special day.

One of the benefits of working with an elopement planner is that we can help you pick the perfect spot based off our tried and true locations. Cassie is an incredible resource for couples looking to elope in our beautiful area. 

If you want a chance at an incredible orange sky (like below) consider waking up for sunrise! While we can never guarantee what it will look or feel like with temperatures and weather, you just might get lucky and have the most beautiful sunrise scene ever to witness as you say “I do!” 




Seasonal Styling

Embodying the spirit of fall by incorporating seasonal styling elements. Embrace the warm and rich colors of autumn, such as deep reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows, in your attire, bouquets, and décor. Integrate natural elements like fallen leaves, pinecones, or acorns to enhance the seasonal charm and create a truly enchanting atmosphere.

No matter your color palette, you may be able to add in a little orange or gold to bring just a spark of autumn in!

Choosing fall colors for your vows books, cake topper and other accessories is also a fun way to pump up the autumn vibes!





Cozy Comfort

Fall elopements often come with cooler temperatures, so ensure both style and comfort in your attire choices. Layering with shawls, cardigans, or jackets in complementary colors and textures not only adds a cozy touch but also keeps you warm. This not only enhances your ensemble but also adds an element of romance to your fall elopement.

We love when couples bring along a blanket to cozy up together. Bonus points if it captures the fall color with some oranges and reds!



Culinary Delights

Celebrate the flavors of fall by incorporating seasonal treats into your elopement. Consider serving warm apple cider, indulging in pumpkin-spiced desserts, or savoring a harvest-themed feast after your ceremony, maybe later at your cabin or out to dinner. These culinary delights not only please the palate but also evoke the cozy and comforting ambiance of the season, enhancing the overall experience.

Some couples choose to bring warm drinks in an insulated container and others more prefer a shot of whiskey to warm them up. 

When it comes to choosing a cake, you can see if pumpkin or apple is an option or simply decorate the cake with flowers from your fall themed bouquet. Here at Elope Outdoors we work with a local baker for your cake and handle carrying up all of the silverware and dishes, as well as setting up your picnic blanket and decorating your cake with flowers or supplied cake toppers.

We also provide champagne as a part of our package which will also make you feel all warmed up as the sun sets in the mountains. 




Capturing the Magic

Preserving the magic of your fall elopement requires the expertise of a skilled photographer. Here at Elope Outdoors Asheville we have a team of experienced elopement photographers who understand how to capture the seasonal splendor and the genuine emotions of your special day. Their exceptional skills ensure that your photos reflect the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the captivating fall foliage.

In fact, our company was built off the beautiful photography skills of Meghan Rolfe, our owner, who continues to take photos for some of our lucky couples who elope with us. As a photography-focused company, you will not only get the planning help and a full team of officiants, videographers, florists and more to choose from but the most artistic and memorable photos to treasure well after the day ends. 





Asheville’s fall leaf season provides an enchanting backdrop for your fall elopement. If you are planning your elopement during this peak period, consider selecting scenic locations, embracing seasonal styling, prioritizing comfort, indulging in seasonal treats, and working with a skilled photographer to infuse your celebration with the captivating beauty and magic of the season.



Let Elope Outdoors Asheville be your guide as you embark on an unforgettable journey filled with autumnal awakenings, creating cherished memories amidst Asheville’s picturesque landscape.


If you are eloping in Fall of 2024, please reach out to us. We do not have much availability left at all for Fall 2023, however we may have some dates open in November for you! Please send us an email to connect and learn more.

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