Why I Eloped with just my Partner in the Mountains! ~ Asheville Outdoor Elopement Story

Is there anything better than two best friends saying their vows, alone in the vast stretch of nature?
Of course, we are hiding in the wings to capture the moments on video + photos, but the intimacy is like nothing else.
We are so happy that Gabby & Nick got to experience the satisfaction & joy that comes from a couples-only elopement.
Today, Gabby shares her experience eloping with Elope Outdoors as we share the photos from her beautiful day!


In Her Own Words

 Gabby shares her Elopement Experience

There is a sense of peacefulness when we recall our elopement day. I’ve always been told that weddings aren’t meant to be about the couple and instead the celebration. I’ve always thought that was a silly thought—why can’t it be both?

Eloping allowed us to celebrate our love for one another while resting in the peace of knowing that everything was going to turn out okay.




The Ceremony

Gabby & Nick decided to hold their ceremony on a mountaintop, with Julia officiating. The only other people in attendance were the videographer, Jennifer and photographer, Amy, making for the most intimate experience.


I felt at ease knowing that Julia was going to create a beautiful ceremony for us and that Jennifer and Amy would catch moments for us to view and enjoy forever.

Looking back, what was most important to us was creating not just a day, but a space that we equally enjoyed and loved. The mountains are our favorite place to be and Asheville holds a special place in our hearts. Eloping through Elope Outdoors allowed us to be married in one of the most beautiful places.

When we show friends and families our pictures from our ceremony they are in awe of how beautiful the scenery is. I really wanted to capture what makes Nick & I us and the mountains allowed us to do that.



Private Vows

After the ceremony, Gabby & Nick took a moment to walk off together and read their vows, in private. Photographer Amy kept her distance when taking photos so it could totally be their time.


One of the biggest reasons that we chose to elope was to create a safe place for ourselves, where we could really create key moments and memories for our future. We both consider ourselves rather shy and come from larger families.

As much as we love our families, we felt that we would be more concerned with their experiences and putting on a show if they were present in large numbers. We were truly able to be our complete selves eloping with just the two of us.





Mountaintop Magic

One of the best things about eloping in nature is getting to have your first dance accompanied by fresh air and an expansive sky. For Gabby & Nick they had an epic “floating on the clouds” type of moment as they danced atop the ridges and rock faces of this incredible spot. 




Woodsy Wanderings

Post-Ceremony, the couple wandered through the woods on the way down to the parking area. The enchanted woods always creates a private, romantic enclosure for newlyweds to ground into.


An Elopement Film to commemorate

We decided to have the ceremony filmed by Jennifer, so that we could share with family at a later date. I just can’t express how meaningful the video that Jennifer put together is to us and how much my family and his appreciated getting to see our special day is and was.





And Finally Gabby says…

“Nick and I have great memories of our wedding day that we get to cherish for the rest of our lives and it’s all thanks to you guys!
We truly couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate our love.”

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