Why elope with just the two of you?


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Why elope with just the two of you? : The case for limiting your elopement to just the two of you





If there’s one thing elopements have over traditional weddings, it’s that the guest list is a whoooole lot simpler. Small and sweet; that’s the rule of thumb for most elopements. But how small is small? And how many guests should you invite to your elopement?


Here at Elope Outdoors, we specialize in elopements with just the two of you. Yep, just you and your lover – that’s the entirety of your guest list. Easy, right?


But why do we recommend limiting your elopement to just the two of you? Well, while we’re all about bigger being better when it comes to your dreams, when it’s your elopement, it’s all about the romance and intimacy. 


This is your special day. And it’s okay if your definition of “special” doesn’t involve a huge guest list. In fact, wanting a small, intimate wedding is a common reason why many of our couples elope. 


Here are six more reasons to ditch the mass invites and commit to having zero guests at your elopement instead. 


Why you might not want to invite anyone else to your elopement


There’ll be more meaning …


When you’re managing a big, beautiful wedding with a hall full of excited friends and family, it’s easy to slip into host/ess mode and focus on entertaining your guests. 


For some people, this is the day of their dreams. But for others – who value greater intimacy – this can detract from the true meaning and purpose they wanted for their wedding. It can also add a whole lot of pressure to put on the perfect party for their guests. 


If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider limiting your elopement to just the two of you. Not only will you escape the hosting duties, but you’ll be able to focus on being present and in the moment so you can savor every second of your special day. 



… And less stress!


There’s a reason weddings have a reputation for bringing out our inner zilla’s – they can be super stressful! And not only to plan, but also to execute on the day. Running any event is high-pressure; let alone when it’s one of the most important days of your life … and everyone you know has a ringside seat to watch it all unfold. 


Which is why fewer people to organize and herd will mean a far less stressful day for you. 


Instead of spending your precious time worrying about what your guests are up to and whether you’re taking too much time getting the perfect photos (as a photo-focused elopement company, we can happily say there’s no such thing as too much time! More on this soon), you’ll be immersed in the moment with nothing to distract or detract from your experience.


You can create *your* dream day. 


We’ve all seen the movies where the mom or mom-in-law takes over the wedding planning to create the wedding she never had (… and secretly crossed our fingers that’d never happen to us.) 


But even if your relatives are saints, there’ll still be pressure to cater to their likes, dislikes and needs. Which means if you have a vision in mind that isn’t aligned exactly with what they want, you’ll likely have to settle for a compromise. 


However, with an intimate elopement, there’s no such limitations. You can create the day you both want – with no interference from others! Speaking of which …


Planning your elopement becomes a bonding experience. 


When you remove outside influences and focus on creating a day tailored just for the two of you, planning your elopement becomes super fun. 


Together, you can dream up a day that is uniquely meaningful, exciting, and romantic for you. And instead of sticking to a set itinerary, you’ll unlock an abundance of opportunities to make your elopement feel even more special. 


Does cuddling on a mountain top make you feel – pun unintended – on top of the world? Work it into your wedding! Not a fan of bubbly, but love the idea of sharing a thermos of hot choccy as you watch the sunset? We’ll make sure you bring it along. This is your day and you can do it your way. 



Spend your savings on the adventures that matter most to you. 


With fewer people at your elopement, your elopement costs have the potential to be far more budget friendly. There’s no open bar, three-course meals, or excessive venue hiring fees (although we do recommend booking a private venue or rental property for your elopement – check out this blog to read why).  


Instead, you choose how and where you spend your savings. For some couples, this means planning a honeymoon that has them adventuring across the globe. For others, this means having more savings to put aside for their first home or next adventure. But even though elopements can be more budget-friendly, that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on anything. 


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Capture your memories in the way you want. 


We’ve heard horror stories of couples who have had their weddings dictated by strict shooting schedules that see them rushing from place to place with barely a moment to enjoy their day. Or, worse, couples that couldn’t relax in front of the camera (and ended up hating their wedding photos) because they felt like they were being watched the whole time.


With our photography-focused elopement experiences, we’re all about unlocking the freedom for you to design a day that’s driven by your desires. Your photography and videography are there to help you capture the memories – not force them. And with fewer people, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourselves without worrying what you look like in front of the camera (because, trust us, you’ll look gorgeous!)



“But … my family really want to be involved.”

Absolutely understandable! But just because they won’t be at your elopement, that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate your wedding in other ways with you. 

You can always have a small – or big – party later to show off your amazing photos and videos and share the stories of your elopement. 

This way they’ll still be involved … and you’ll still get the elopement of your dreams. 


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