Why Asheville is the Best Place for your LGBT Wedding Elopement

Asheville, NC is an LGBT-friendly city known for being an oasis in the south of liberty and acceptance.

According to the U.S. census, the Asheville area has 83% more lesbian, gay bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) identified people than the typical American city or town.

The small city is also a gay wedding and elopement destination offering a stunning mountain or waterfall backdrop and a lively mountain town for the festivities.

Here at Elope Outdoors, we offer elopement planning services for same-sex and LGBT wedding elopements in Asheville, NC.

We want your elopement to be everything you imagined and want to share with you all the ways that Asheville is a progressive and gay-friendly small city.

Here are all the reasons Asheville is the best place for your LGBT Wedding Elopement!


Safety & Acceptance

While it is located in the south, Asheville is home to the highest percentage of gay and lesbian households in the state.

Openly gay couples as well as couples of all orientation are a big part of the community and are generally able to live authentically in Asheville.

Holding your elopement here won’t be anything out of the ordinary and you can enjoy your elopement and honeymoon without worrying about negative reactions.

All of this makes it one of the best LGBTQ+ friendly destination wedding locations!


Progressive Attitude + Gay-Friendly establishments

In Asheville, the vibrant gay community is integrated into every aspect of the city’s culture.

It is home to the Blue Ridge Pride Organization, an organization that seeks to support rural LGBTQ+ community in partnership with the many wonderful people and organizations. Their website features an entire list of LGBT-friendly businesses in Asheville.

These businesses affirm the right of everyone to live as their authentic self, without fear of discrimination. They welcome all,  whether as customers, clients, employees,  visitors, or vendors.

Here are a few LGBT-friendly establishments:

Scandals is a legendary late-night gay club and THE place to go dancing in downtown Asheville. This hotspot is known for its’ entertaining drag shows Thursday through Sunday nights.

O.Henry’s is one of the oldest gay bars in North Carolina. Here you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere and a drag show scene. Attached to the bar is The Underground, which throws a dance party each weekend.

Firestorm Bookstore is a queer, feminist collective book store maintaining a welcoming, sober, and anti-oppressive space.

All Bodies Movement and Wellness is an LGBT and female owned small group fitness studio that helps folks heal their relationships with their bodies and find accessible/sustainable movement practices. The owners are queer/trans/BIPOC affirming and actively anti-racist.

Renaissance Asheville Hotel is a gay-friendly hotel located in the heart of downtown, right by the Thomas Wolfe House, the Asheville Community Theatre, and some of Asheville’s best-known restaurants.

Doubletree Biltmore Hotel is located in the Biltmore Village and showcases Vanderbilt memorabilia, This hotel also hosted Asheville’s first same-sex wedding expo in 2016 (see video below).



LGBT-Friendly Events & Organizations

Here are a few LGBT-friendly organizations and events that happen throughout the year in Asheville:

Blue Ridge Pride Festival

Miss Blue Ridge Pride Pageant 

Carolina’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce 

Blue Ridge Pride 




Spiritual vortex with crystalline energy

The Blue Ridge Mountains are known for their large deposits of quartz.

When you marry here, you get the chance to feel the mystical, healing properties that are said to be found in this vortex of quartz.

Clear quartz is associated with healing, spiritual growth and powerful positive vibrations.

Quartz is also said to be an immunity booster that helps rid your body of toxins and can release negative emotions, bringing forth joyful feelings.

It could be, however, that being in the beautiful, clean air, with loving people, is what makes Asheville truly magical!

If you decide to elope here, you get to ground into this vortex and feel it for yourself!




Unique backdrops & non-traditional 

Asheville elopements are anything but traditional. You get to ditch family drama and fancy dinner plates for hiking boots and champagne with just the two of you.

The look and vibe of Asheville’s nature spaces offer adventure and beauty like no other.

And since the Asheville area trails, mountains, and waterfalls are host to thousands of elopements a year, locals are used to seeing weddings out in nature and hardly bat an eye.

Many LGBT elopements happen throughout the year and you’re most likely going to be celebrated by passer-by’s more than anything else!


Experienced LGBT-friendly Officiants, Photographers and Videographers

We will make your Asheville wedding elopement one of the best days of your lives!

Our team here at Elope Outdoors has been selected specifically not only for their craft, but for their open, caring, easy-going vibes.

We don’t let anyone on our team who isn’t 100% LGBT-friendly and excited to welcome all ages, genders, races, and beings in love!

We believe LOVE IS LOVE and have years of experience working with same-sex couples.

Our officiants are conscientious in the language they use and have an open dialogue with you about how you’d like to be referred to as you collaborate in the creation of your ceremony.

Our photographers and videographers are comfortable with posing same-sex and non-binary couples and keeping things comfortable, light, and fun.

Our coordinator Cassie is warm, welcoming, and friendly and she will virtually hold your hand through the fun and easy planning process.


Thinking of eloping in Asheville?

Genuinely, we can’t wait to meet you to help plan and capture your special day!

Reach out today to plan your Asheville elopement!

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