We've been a part of LOTS of elopements, and we have come up with some tips, advice & guidelines that will help everyone have the best experience possible!

elope!! For real!!

Experience your Destination elopement together, Relive & Share with everyone when you return home!

Elopements are an intimate celebration between you and your partner. The photos and video we are creating allow you to enjoy the experience intimately, and share the beautiful experience and place with your family & friends later, without them having to travel and hike out to the location!

having guests?

If you’d like to involve family & friends to your elopement, we do have some tips & guidelines for making it the best experience for all!

keep the numbers down

Keeping your guest list small allows you to maintain the intimate experience of an elopement. If you have found us we know that you desire the intimacy and freedom of an elopement. We really recommend you two sharing in this experience alone, or at least keeping the list very small.

unplugged wedding

If you choose to have guests, and this is so important, in order to limit distractions and to ensure that the photographer and videographer are able to capture all the high quality footage and photos you have invested in, guests are asked to stay in the moment and unplug from their devices during the entire elopement experience, including the ceremony and especially during all photo sessions.

You travel a long way and invest a lot into your elopement. If guests are willing to make the trek, the best part of them being there is for you to look out and see them enjoying the moment, not on their phones or using any other cameras to take photos and video, distracted by this technology. Imagine getting your elopement photos and film back and seeing cell phones in the background during the ceremony or worse, just think of looking out and seeing a sea of cell phones and cameras when saying the most important and intimate words you have spoken to your partner. People taking photos and video on cell phones simply takes away from the desired experience of exchanging your vows out in nature. We strive to deliver you a timeless memory heirloom that can last forever and this policy allows us to do just that!

communicate to all guests

If you are planning to bring guests to your elopement, please explain to them exactly what’s involved. They must know that there may be a long drive on windy, mountain roads, a potentially strenuous hike depending on their physical ability and that there could be inclement weather with potential strong winds, rain or even cold snaps. They need to prepared for all situations with their attire and especially sturdy and comfortable footwear, including bringing a raincoat, umbrella and long sleeve if chilly, and sunglasses/ hat for a bright sunny day.

Elope Outdoors is not responsible for any injury that may occur or damage to items brought on the hike. Guests take responsibility for their safety and property!

If you communicate all of this to your guests, you can avoid any conflict or dissatisfaction from those who are making the trek with you.

alone time

After the ceremony and family shots, we ask that the guests depart and head back to the parking area while we privately capture your couples portrait session. This is your time and we can capture your romantic and fun moments together without other people distracting, directing, or taking photos on their phones or cameras, etc.

Consider a venue as an option

If you are having guests (or even if it's just you two!) and you're worried about the hike and inclement weather, consider booking one of our packages that include a venue. We've partnered with several local venues, and there are a lot of pros to going with one of these packages. The venues have given us a significant discount for weekday and small group use. The venues vary, but most have a built in back up plan, restroom facilities, place for getting ready and amenities such as tables, chairs, etc. Inquire for more information on this!

Hair & Makeup

Getting your hair & makeup done is such a treat, and will make you look extra fabulous in your photos & video on your wedding day. If you decide to do this, ask us about our favorite companies we work with!


You are eloping and saving a lot of money from not having a big wedding. So, I say, get the flowers of your dreams!!

We have an amazing florist who creates gorgeous florals, including bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, flower combs and cuffs and more! She can even make you a custom flower arbor for your ceremony!

I always recommend upgrading to the "Lush" bouquet, and if it's your style, add on a flower crown or hair comb. Flowers are such a beautiful part of nature, and having a lush bouquet of flowers really compliments the photos!

dress, shoes & attire

We want you to feel fabulous on your wedding day, and we suggest you choose a dress that combines style with comfort. We recommend BHLDN as an option for dress shopping. They offer affordable dresses ranging in style from modern to boho. We've had a lot of brides with amazing dresses from here!

Footwear is the most important part of being comfortable and safe. If your wedding location requires a hike, please choose an appropriate shoe for the journey! We have seen all kinds of options & styles, such as flats, sneakers, hiking boots and sandals. You can always change at the destination, if you like, but stay away from stilettos as we need you to be able to move around for the photo session. As a suggestion, Toms & Keds have comfortable wedding shoe collections.

prints, albums & wall art

We live in a digital age and while we do give you digital files of your wedding photos, we urge you to get them printed so you can see, hold, touch these memories, and share them with generations to come. We offer heirloom products such as albums, print boxes with professional prints and wall art, such as canvas prints and fine art prints. They are gorgeous and you will not regret having these keepsakes on display in your home. Don't just keep these files on your computer and on fleeting Facebook & Instagram accounts. Keep these memories alive on your walls and coffee tables. Let us create these products for you to have for a lifetime!



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