Sweet Summer Elopements in the Mountains – 2022 edition

Summer 2022 has been one of our busiest and most fun yet!

Many couples are booking early for summer 2023, so we want to share some of the goodness we captured in these mountains.

Here are a few of our favorite sweet summer elopements to inspire your plans!


Sweet Summer Elopements



Across the Pond to Marrying at 6,000 ft


Rocio & Phil

A Bride from South Carolina and a Groom from England tied the knot on June 9th.

Rocio and Phil met online and dated “across the pond” long-distance for several years.

4 years ago Phil proposed on one of his trips to visit Rocio.

The pair always wanted a simple wedding and loved the idea of a mountain elopement.

Hiking through an enchanted woods up to a mountain peak at over 6,000 ft, the couple spoke the most heartfelt, handwritten vows and shared in their first dance and cake cutting. A handful of guests joined, uniting their worlds fully.

Photographer Maddie, videographer Jen, and officiant Jay helped the couple create the perfect sweet summer elopement.




Sunrise Celebration & Gender Reveal

Lauren & Riaan

They are high school and college sweethearts who eventually reconnected.

On June 29th, Lauren and Riaan finally tied the knot on a mountaintop at sunrise.

The backstory goes like this:

Lauren and Riaan reunited on LinkedIn and the years melted away. Eventually, they began a life together with their 3 children from previous marriages.

The most exciting part?

The couple is expecting a new baby and made the gender reveal a part of their elopement celebration!

 With Jenny photographing and Jay officiating, the quiet ceremony surrounded by spectacular surroundings ended with Jay opening an envelope to reveal the baby’s gender.

And drumroll please…. it’s a BOY!





Joyous Waterfall Elopement

Amber & Colton

 On July 25, we had the chance to work with the sweetest family at a booming waterfall in the Pisgah Forest.

Here, Amber and Colton shared their vows with their child River present, as well as a handful of their nearest and dearest.

The couple met working together at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and were engaged in Seattle in 2019.

One of the greatest parts of their day was their private first look where they read each other sweet notes on the observation deck overlooking the falls.

Officiant Julia joined the pair as the mist from the falls cooled everyone off – a sweet summer elopement perk!

Their entire experience was romantic and timeless, captured by photographer Maddie.



Caving in to Each Other

Rebekah & Caroline

 Some things, you just need to do alone.

This was super important to Rebekah and Caroline when it came to planning their wedding.

Caroline said “we decided to elope because we wanted the intimacy of it just being us two. We’re both just looking forward to the moment of being alone together and not having to worry about anything else, like the stress of a guest list.”

On July 14, the couple married at a cave-like waterfall. The pair chose the location for the rocks and the canyon vibe.

Officiant Julia held space for the couple to share their vows and truly ground into the present moment and soak it all up.

The awesome part about their day?

It was their 4 Year Anniversary, making their sweet summer elopement even more meaningful!




A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken

Tracy & Michael

This is the kind of everlasting love you read about.

Tracy and Michael dated in high school and reconnected after 35 years!

Michael actually proposed to Tracy with all of their children present – even though the couple was on a private getaway.

As this was a 2nd marriage for both, the couple craved something simple, intimate, and stress-free.

On August 15th, the couple got just that as they hiked to the top of a mountain with 360 mountain views.

Officiant Michael led the couple through a christian ceremony and cord ceremony, with the bible verse “a cord of three strands is not easily broken” displayed on a sign next to them, as photographer Amy captured it all.

What they enjoyed most about eloping?

Being in the moment and making a commitment before God of the love that they share.

Review from Bride Tracy

“I am overjoyed with the way our wedding day turned out! It was perfect in every way. 

So thankful to find Elope Outdoors during my search. Cassie; our coordinator and the rest of the team helped us to bring our vision to reality. We even received it photos and video within 2 weeks.

Wow! It was super easy and stress free. The views at Max Patch were unbelievable.

If you are looking for a magical experience I highly recommend you reaching out to them. You will not regret it!”




Vibrant Vow-renewal

Sydney and Travis

How cute is this meet-cute story?

Sydney and Travis started dating in 7th grade, meeting while playing an online computer game called RuneScape.

After a few months of chatting, Travis rode his bike to Sydney’s house to meet in person. From there, they always hung out at a local park on the weekends and have been together ever since!

The couple married at 20 years old but now wanted something formal and special to commemorate their love.

After being together for 14 years, and married for 7 years, the couple promised themselves that 2022 would be the year they start making their dreams happen, starting with their elopement vow-renewal!

On August 1st, the couple held their sweet summer elopement at a gorgeous, rustic cabin in the Asheville area.

They traveled up from Florida for a vacation/vow-renewal combo, with the goal of focusing on each other and enjoying the little moments.  Sydney and Travis chose Asheville because the vastness of the mountains always takes their breath away.

With Amy photographing and Jay officiating, their recommitment sharing hand-written vows in front of family and friends was a beautiful way to make their wedding special.

By showing up in their fullness in a place they adore, Sydney and Travis truly made 2022 their year!

Review from Bride Sydney

“Elope Outdoors gave us exactly what we wanted for our vow renewal.

They suggested a beautiful place to rent for a more private ceremony and responded to emails quickly! Everything was stress-free and I was so relaxed the day of and didn’t have to worry about a thing.

The pictures are just gorgeous and beyond my expectations! We also ordered their photo-book and it was totally worth it!

Jay was our officiant and she suggested to us the hand-fasting tradition. We would’ve never even thought about it but it fit us perfectly and we’re so glad we incorporated it.

Thanks for helping us create these memories!”

– Sydney



Elopements make our heart sing!

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