Sunrise Mountaintop Elopement

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Kirsten and David were one of the first couples I’ve had a chance to work with from beginning of planning to ceremony day since starting as Elopement Coordinator here at Elope Outdoors. From their initial inquiry email they were quick to share their history together which I absolutely love.  They’ve been a couple for 12 years and I adore their engagement story:


David asked Kirsten to marry him originally back in 2008. Being a busy blended family with four kids between them along with 2 dogs, 3 horses, businesses and life they held off getting officially married.  In 2013, David proposed again and again life threw in too many challenges to make a wedding possible. Finally, in late 2018 David said “I’ve asked you to marry me two times and I’m not asking you again…if you want to get married then you ask me. So on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019 Kirsten officially asked David to marry her and he said “Yes!”


A stunning sunrise hike and elopement in the mountains was exactly the time of serenity and beauty that these two have earned! They were so relaxed and grateful to be in this moment together lit by pink light through the morning mist. Kirsten’s bouquet from Flourish Flower Farm was the perfect nod to summer for this perfect day in early August.


It was emotional and heartfelt to say the least. With Michael as their officiant, they crafted the most beautiful vows that held the depth of their love and commitment. These two have serious love along with a gorgeous balance of lighthearted fun and trust that came through so organically in Meghan’s photography session with them.


We are really lucky to work with such a variety of couples. We have the young couples who have been together only a short time with that awesome, bursting and bright ‘It’s my wedding day energy!’ and we have couples like Kirsten and David who have experienced so many phases of life together and you can feel that profound appreciation for another. It is awesome to see love in all phases and we are consistently honored to take part in this milestone day in a couple’s life journey.


Kirsten and David, may you continue to live a life together full of love and laughter, Cassie (Elopement Coordinator, Elope Outdoors ~ Asheville)



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