Rainy Days in the Blue Ridge Mountains ~ Asheville Mountain Elopements


Rainy days in the Blue Ridge mountains — a gift to both Mother Earth and ourselves that we often don’t know how much we need until the sky opens up. While those “Carolina blue sky” days with the sun overhead and views of the infinite layers of mountains is truly something spectacular, there’s a simple kind of beauty in the rainy, foggy days. These ancient mountains have certainly earned their Smoky Mountain name. 


The weather on the day of Elisabetta and Nelson’s elopement was one of those days. Where the further you drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and the more elevation you gain, the fog envelops your car like a heavy blanket and the mountains disappear. But oh, what adventure these days bring!


As we climbed into the cloud hanging over the mountain top, there wasn’t another soul in sight, a gift of intimacy and solitude that is sometimes hard to find in the warmer, sunnier and easy-to-be-outside days. After making it to the top, fog swirling around us all, Julia, our officiant, led us in a moment of stillness to ground into the earth, breathe in the wild air and feel the wind move our bodies. The mountains were tucked behind the wall of fog that Elisabetta and Nelson stood in front of, almost like silhouettes, hand in hand. During the ceremony, her dark curls fluttered and danced on her face, a beaming smile shining through, and warm embraces were savored for just a few moments longer in the cool mountain air.


Pema Chödrön, an author and teacher, sums up weather, plans and the fluctuations of life in the most beautiful way:


“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”


We feel this in our heart of hearts. The dreaded rain cloud on the weather forecast, emotions, changes in venue, plans turned upside down… that is just the weather. The fleeting, temporary speed bumps that we promise to always help you navigate. You, your partner, and a day all about the love between you two is the sky. The big picture. The main event. The blissful, sweet memories that will last a lifetime.


Not-so-perfect weather is inevitable. Mother Nature sometimes has her own plans. Sometimes the earth needs a good cleansing rain, or the still and quiet of a foggy day. And sometimes our plans need to be shaken up and throw us back into the heart of exploration, where us nature lovers thrive, because that is when the adventure truly begins. If you want to go for it, we’ll be your wingmen and women! We’ll throw on some rainboots with you, huddle under umbrellas, or even dance in the rain if you want (the BEST kind of rain dance, if you ask us!) Those playful, rainy photos are unforgettable. And if you want to scratch all plans, switch things up with a time change or location swap, we can make it happen. We’ve had some pretty dreamy and intimate elopements at last minute AirBNB’s! Either way, this day is all about you! Adventure is in our blood, and we will always work with you to create your perfect one. 


As spring approaches and we prepare for some wet days and foggy mountains as nature is waking up and blossoming wide open, we open our arms to the adventure it brings, and the growth and abundance that follows. Cheers to new beginnings and happy spring from Elope Outdoors, your full supporters of “Rain or Shine!”


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