Mothers Day Feature: Family Elopement Stories

In Honor of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing a few favorite family elopement stories!

When eloping, one of the biggest decisions to make is whether or not to include family/guests. After planning and completing hundreds of elopements, we’ve observed that the most relaxed gatherings are typically when it is just the couple eloping together.

That being said, you can incorporate family while preserving tranquil, low-key vibes, by keeping the group small or by getting creative about how you’ll include family from afar. Here are a few of our favorite family elopement stories.   



Story One:  Mom elopes then inspires son to do the same!

Kristen and David were married on Black Balsam Knob in 2019.  After being together for 12 years blending their family of four kids, 2 dogs, and 3 horses, their stunning sunrise elopement was exactly the time of serenity and beauty that they earned! Their ceremony was private, with just the two of them, where they crafted the most beautiful vows that held the depth of their love and commitment.


Soon after, Kirsten’s son Thomas chose to hold his elopement with Elope Outdoors too! We were excited when we heard that we would get to keep things in the family and help plan his elopement, just like we did for his Mom! Thomas and Bride Alexandria chose to marry in October at The Cabin Ridge,  a gorgeous venue overlooking mountain views.



Their ceremony was attended by a few close family members and it was so moving to see Kristen looking on, beaming with joy as she celebrated the union of her son and his new wife.


We are lucky to get to work with a variety of couples and love when we get to work with the same family. It’s rewarding to see the continuation of love and to be a part of such unique, intimate ceremonies, whether they are just the couple or a family elopement.



Story Two: Mom sends surprise message to her daughter, the Bride

Kimberly and Michael married on a September day at Black Balsam Knob. The couple was greeted with an enchanted floating patch of fog that made their mountain elopement even more magical.

When the officiant pronounced them husband and wife, the pair got a touching surprise that they didn’t expect. 

Their officiant announced that Kimberly’s mother had sent along a note to be read post-ceremony for Kimberly.

Of course this brought on tears from Kimberly and this emotional moment was a wonderful way for the parents to send well-wishes and be included from afar.




The note began:

“Today’s my daughter’s wedding day,
a wonderful thing it is, to see her so excited, so happy to be his.
But once she was my baby girl; My first born, love of my life.
But now she is a woman, And just became his wife.”


To hear the rest and see this moment unfold, watch below.



Fun Fact: Did you know that we can add on an extra photo album for Mom at a discount? Second copies are cheaper, so keep in mind when working with us that it’s easy to bring the memories home to family!






Story Three: Eloping with kids present 

Katelyn and Joshua were married on an August evening at Black Balsam Knob. They brought Joshua’s 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son. Seeing them all hike up the mountain was picture perfect and fitting for the couple who loves to hike and bike. 



They had the perfect evening, starting with a ceremony with the kids witnessing.  The rings were carried in a wooden heart shaped box and Michael led them through their vows and ring exchange.

After the ceremony, so much magic happened, with the kids frolicking about and Joshua’s daughter dancing on top of the mountain.  A great moment was when Katelyn danced along, capturing a fun-free spirited moment together.

Everyone enjoy cake on a picnic as they watched the sunset before hiking out, now having become a family who gets to share the rest of their lives together!


It was truly awesome to see how bringing the kids along was super important to the couple and really set the foundation for the marriage. Getting to have tons of family photos along with couples photos and shots of each kid didn’t hurt either!

Katelyn and Joshua’s day proves that when it comes to eloping, you get to have the experience the way you want it and we are here to help create it



Speaking of family, we want to honor all of the Mothers who are on our team at Elope Outdoors in honor of Mother’s Day!

A mother is a caregiver and unconditional love giver. The mothers at Elope Outdoors amaze us! They manage to run their household’s and show up on the mountain top, giving their time and full presence to each and every elopement.

They each play an integral role in the lives of our couples and we want to thank them for their efforts and for who they are, as each brings an ineffable quality to these milestone moments.   


Elope Outdoors Honorable Mothers 🙂


Meghan, owner & photographer




Jess, officiant


  Cassie, coordinator


Jennifer, videographer


  Amy, photographer



Jay, officiant

  Jenny, photographer 





Looking to elope with family? Or want to do it solo and include family in a more creative way?

Reach out to us today to share your vision!

We’d love to see if it’s a good fit and help you create the elopement of your dreams! 


Let’s plan your elopement!