Meaningful Gifts to give your Partner on your Wedding Elopement

If you’re a couple planning an Asheville elopement, you’re in good company. Nowadays, more and more lovers of nature are ditching a traditional wedding and going for an intimate ceremony with their nearest and dearest or even eloping just the two of them.

While eloping may mean skipping out on some of the bigger wedding expenses, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on giving your partner a meaningful gift to commemorate the occasion. In fact, with the smaller scale of an elopement, it may be even more important to choose a gift that truly speaks to your love and commitment to each other. In this blog, we’ll explore some ideas for meaningful gifts to give your partner on your wedding elopement that they’ll cherish for years to come.




“Just Married” Signs for your Backpack

“Just Married” signs that can be affixed to your backpacks are a super cute gift to bring along for your partner. This is a cool idea because not everyone thinks of every little detail and this is one your partner might have missed. By surprising your partner with this fun gift, you’re demonstrating your love and commitment in a tangible way that will also generate cute photo-ops.

Not only are they a fun way to show off your newlywed status, but they’re also a simple way to add a touch of typical wedding tradition in. Instead of decorating your car, you are decorating your backpack! 

Here’s an awesome design from Etsy!



Framing Memories – DIY

If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to commemorate your first date with your partner, consider framing your mementos from that special evening. There are countless ways to go about this, but one great option is to gather up any movie or concert ticket stubs you might have kept from the night, and use those to decorate your frame.

Another idea is to print out a photo from that first date, if you have one. This could be a candid snapshot taken by a friend, or even a selfie the two of you snapped together. If you don’t have any photos from that specific night, you could choose one from another early date, or even a snapshot you took together shortly after you started dating.

If you want to get even more creative with your frame, consider adding in some other unique elements that capture the spirit of your first date. For example, you could screenshot texts or social media exchanges from that night, and print those out to include in the frame. This could be a sweet way to capture the excitement and anticipation you both felt leading up to the date, or to highlight a particularly funny or memorable moment you shared.

Another option is to include a quote or snippet of conversation that stood out to you from the night. Maybe your partner said something particularly insightful or funny, or you both shared a moment of deep connection or vulnerability. Whatever it was, capturing it in a visual way can be a powerful reminder of the early days of your relationship and all the things that drew you to each other in the first place.

Finally, consider adding in some other small items that tie into your first date. This could be a logo or business card from a restaurant or store you visited that night, or even a small trinket or token that you picked up along the way. By including these elements in your frame, you can create a truly unique and personalized piece of art that captures the magic and romance of your early days together.


Inscribe it

Gifting a watch with a personalized inscription is a classic wedding gift. Watches are not only practical and stylish, but they are also a symbol of timelessness, making them a perfect gift for such a significant moment in your lives. By inscribing a watch with a special message or date, you can create a unique gift that your partner will treasure for years to come.

One way to personalize your watch is to have your names or your wedding date inscribed on the back or inside of the watch. I love this idea because it commemorates your elopement and the beginning of your life together.

Another option is to inscribe a personal message or quote that holds special meaning to you and your partner. This could be a line from a favorite movie or book, a song lyric, or even a personal joke or nickname that only the two of you share. Whatever message you choose, it will be a constant reminder of your love and commitment to each other, no matter what life throws your way.

You could also consider additional touches to your watch to make it even more special. You could choose a meaningful design for the face of the watch, or opt for a particular type of material or color that holds special significance for you both. You could even pair the watch with other personalized gifts, such as a matching bracelet or necklace, to create a complete and thoughtful gift set.

Here are some watch engraving ideas!


Track your History

Looking for a creative DIY gift for your partner? Why not create a timeline of significant dates from your time together? This is a thoughtful way to commemorate your relationship and all of the special moments you’ve shared along the way.

To create your timeline, start by listing out all of the significant dates from your time together. This might include your first date, the day you first said “I love you,” the day you moved in together, and any other major milestones or special moments you’ve shared. Once you have your list of dates, start filling in the details – what happened on each of these dates? What were the top moments, experiences, and milestones that made each of these days special?

As you’re creating your timeline, think about ways you can make it visually appealing and interesting. You might choose to create a digital timeline using a tool like Canva or PowerPoint, or you might opt for a physical timeline that you can hang up on the wall or display in a scrapbook. Consider adding in photos, ticket stubs, or other mementos from each of the dates on your timeline to make it even more personal and meaningful.

One of the great things about creating a timeline is that it’s easy to update and add to over time. Leave some space on your timeline for future milestones and experiences, and make a commitment to update it regularly as your relationship evolves. This way, your timeline can serve as an ongoing record of your love story, and a reminder of all the amazing adventures and moments you’ve shared together.



Map your Travels

Do you love to travel with your partner? One DIY gift idea is to create a map marking all of the locations you’ve traveled to together. This is a great way to celebrate your shared love of adventure and exploration, and to create a visual record of all of the amazing places you’ve visited.

To create your travel map, start by choosing a map of the world or a particular region that holds special significance for you and your partner. You can purchase a map online or at a local store, or print one out from a free online resource. Once you have your map, start marking all of the locations you’ve traveled to together. You might use pins or stickers to mark each place, or even draw a line connecting each location to create a visual representation of your travel path.

One of the great things about creating a travel map is that it’s a project you can continue to add to over time. If you’re planning a future honeymoon or have a trip coming up, be sure to mark those locations on your map as well. You might even include a list of future travel goals or a travel bucket list to inspire your future adventures together.

Finally, consider adding some personalized touches to your map to make it even more special. You might include photos or mementos from each of the places you’ve visited, or even write a short description of your favorite memories or experiences from each location. 


Record a Video or Audio Message

DIY gifts for your partner are kind of the best and so we have another idea for you that is totally free! What about recording a special message for your partner to listen to on your elopement day? It’s such a unique and thoughtful gift that will surely make your partner feel special and set the tone for the day.

You can record a five-minute audio or video message expressing your love and excitement for your big day. You might even want to include some personal anecdotes or inside jokes to make them smile. This gift is perfect for the morning of your elopement when you and your partner are getting ready, or during an intentional alone time before the first look or ceremony.

You can create the message in advance on another day, or even film it that morning to capture the excitement and emotion of the day. 



Text Em’

Another low-cost and meaningful option for a day-of elopement gift for your partner is to compose and send a super sweet elopement day text to them that morning. You can express your love and excitement for the day ahead, and let them know how much they mean to you. This is a thoughtful and low-cost option that is sure to make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Another idea is to send them a montage of your favorite moments together in photos and videos, set to a special song. This private and intimate gesture is a lovely way to share some of your most cherished memories. It’s a beautiful reminder of the love and connection you share, and a special way to honor your relationship on your wedding day.





Make a Mix CD

For the music-lovers out there, this gift idea is for you!

Consider creating a special mix CD or playlist for your partner to listen to on the way to your elopement destination, or for the drive back after the ceremony. This personalized gift is sure to make your partner feel loved and bring back good memories as well as create some good vibes!

To make this gift even more special, consider including some of your favorite old songs that hold special meaning for the two of you. You could also add songs that represent your shared interests or set the tone for your future together. Whether you choose to create a mix CD or a spotify playlist, this gift is a wonderful way to share your love and passion for music.



Create Custom Walking Sticks 


One of our favorite gift ideas to give your partner on the elopement day is a pair of personalized wooden walking sticks.

There are a few different ways to go about creating these special walking sticks. You can hire a skilled woodworker or craftsman to do the job for you, ensuring that the end result is of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Alternatively, you can learn to make the sticks yourself, adding a personal touch and a sense of pride in your creation.

Consider adding a special inscription to each one, such as your initials. These personalized touches will make the walking sticks even more special and it will be great to use you are hiking at your elopement or on your honeymoon. And of course, the walking sticks will also make for some amazing photo opportunities!


Add Videography 

One really amazing gift idea is to surprise your partner by hiring a videographer for your elopement.

While it’s important to ensure your partner would actually want another vendor present and will be comfortable with the idea, this gift can truly capture the magic of your special day. If you’re unsure about your partner’s preferences, consider reaching out to their close friend or family member for their input.

It’s worth noting that hiring a videographer can be a slightly risky move if your partner hasn’t expressed interest in having one present, as it can be overwhelming to have another camera around on such an intimate occasion. If you feel that there’s a good chance your partner would want a videographer there but may not have thought it was an option due to cost, this gift could be a truly special gesture, especially if you’re willing to pay for it or split the cost with a family member or friend who wants to contribute to your gift.


Get Cake + Champagne 

One unique gift idea to surprise your partner on your elopement day is to bring along some cake and champagne!  You can even personalize the cake with your partner’s favorite flavors or decorate it with the initials of your new shared last name. The champagne can be used for toasting your new life together as a married couple.

Here at Elope Outdoors, many of our inclusive elopement packages come with a custom cake from a local baker. We pick up the cake and bring it to the elopement, along with the champagne and glasses for you to enjoy. Our assistant will even hike it up to the location and set the cake up as a picnic for you to enjoy post-ceremony!



Gift a Polaroid to capture them in your own eyes

A really cool gift to give your partner on your wedding elopement day is a polaroid camera! While you are already getting professional photos taken, how cool is it to capture your partner and the day through your own eyes and in a vintage format?!

The retro charm of polaroid photos adds an extra touch of magic to your already special day. The instant gratification of seeing your photos develop in your hands creates an exciting experience. You can even make a scrapbook or collage with your polaroid photos as a way to remember your wedding day forever.

If you decide to go with this gift idea, make sure to stock up on plenty of film so you can snap as many pictures as you want throughout the day. Plus, the camera itself makes for a great keepsake that you and your partner can cherish for years to come.




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