Curated Elopement Bliss: From Picnic to Cake to Florals – let us guide the way!

Planning an elopement in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina can seem like an overwhelming task. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be? Here at Elope Outdoors, we specialize in crafting effortless, intimate elopement experiences for couples in alignment with our curated aesthetic, blending laid-back elegance into breathtaking natural landscapes.

When you work with our team, you get to leave many of the elopement day to-do’s up to us, making for a stress-free walk/hike up the aisle. When it comes to everything from picking up your cake, champagne, and flowers, to curating and setting up your mountainside picnic, we provide it to achieve the the seasonal, nature-inspired look and feel that you have seen in our photos. Our goal for you is simple: cherish every moment and let us handle the rest!

Here’s why we specialize in creating and facilitating the exquisite basics of your elopement and how it all works!


Crafted Aesthetic,Unmatched Experience

First, and foremost, we want to help you embrace the simplicity.

The Elope Outdoors team specializes in creating an experience that is as natural and pure as the love that binds you together.

Aiming for an uncluttered, simple, and nature-inspired scene, we have found a few traditional wedding elements worth bringing up the mountain or to your ceremony site, including flowers, cake, and a picnic.  Flowers just make you feel special and do we really need to explain the benefit of having cake? Add in some champagne so you can pop the bubbly and relax, and it’s a simply elegant mood we are proud to provide.

Rather than you spending time running errands before your elopement to find and pull together the perfect pieces we take care of all of that for you.

With our tiered pricing options, every couple can find the perfect package for them, many of them which include the cake, champagne, flowers and picnic setup services.

We recommend an intimate couples-only experience without bringing guests for the most intimate, stress-free elopement. This will guarantee a much more laid-back and calm atmosphere where you can focus on your partner only. We do allow guest add-on’s for up to ten cherished guests, and pricing reflects these additions. We have been doing this for many years and after helping guide hundreds of elopements, we have found distinct differences between couples only, up to 4 guests, and 5 & over – as the more guests the more moving parts there are.

We offer add-on guest rates to add to any of our packages and they look like this:
-couples only (no extra charge)
-1-4 guests (+$200)
-5-10 guests (+450)

Elevated Packages With an Elopement Assistant

We provide a day-of Elopement Assistant in our Evergreen and Wildflower packages which also include a local cake, champagne, locally farm-grown flowers, and a picnic set-up by the assistant who is there at your elopement to meet and greet you (more on our amazing local partners later!). The role of our assistant kind of like a sherpa mixed with an Elopement Experience Manager (yes we made that second title up because it so fits!). Just to note, an Assistant comes with the Fern package as well, and they will deliver your flowers and be there as your friend the whole experience 🙂
Not only is your elopement assistant there as your gentle guide for the experience, helping you fluff your dress, pin the boutonnière, and handle little details before the ceremony, they are also the ones who pick up your flowers, cake, champagne, and bring the items up the mountain or down to your waterfall for your picnic including stemware, cake stand, picnic blanket, and cutlery.

By entrusting us with the details, you can unwind and immerse yourselves in the tranquil atmosphere, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We always encourage you to embrace the simplicity and elegance of your elopement. If you decide to bring personalized items along, make sure they are worth the hike up and that they will enhance the beauty of your celebration without overwhelming the natural charm of the setting. Less is definitely more in the outdoors! We recommend selecting items that hold significant meaning to you and match the elegantly simple, nature inspired vibe such as wooden or classic looking cake toppers, a special picnic blanket, glassware, bouquet charms, or ceremony props such as a unity item (such as sand ceremony or a plant). We do not allow arbors and arches, big tables, etc so be brought to your elopement.


Breathtaking Floral Accents

One thing that really adds to the beauty of your day is fresh flowers!

We love working with local flower vendors like Flora and Flourish Flower Farm, who provide the mountain-fresh, locally sourced organic floral bouquets, boutonnières, and floral crowns for our couples. It is important to use local flowers so you can avoid exposure of harmful chemicals that are found in many of the big-box flower services and to support local businesses.

Flourish Flower Farm is a boutique flower farm growing specialty cut flowers using sustainable, natural practices in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC.  Their farm is a labor of love and we love sharing their beautiful blooms with our couples.

Flora is a full-service floral design studio and retail plant storefront located in West Asheville. We source flowers from them in the winter and early spring. They also source many of their florals from Flourish. Inside Flora you will find a cafe and the cutest shop with plants for sale. It’s definitely worth stopping by on your trip to Asheville. Picture yourself checking out their blooms with a latte in hand feeling like you stepped into an instagram worthy floral dreamworld!

The best part about your flowers is that we pick up and deliver them flowers and carry them to the mountain, all you do is pick your palette!

We offer classic or lush flowers.

The classic includes a moderate sized bouquet in an organic style with a more traditional shape. You can choose between the following color palettes: dark + moody, green + white, peaches + cream or blush, and it also includes a boutonniere.

The lush includes a large, lush one-of-a-kind bouquet in an organic, whimsical shape. Any color palette requests can be accommodated. And includes a boutonniere.

You can order additional items including Boutonniere, Wrist Cuff, Flower Crown, Flower Comb, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Cake Flowers, and Flower Dog Collar.


A Sweet Slice of Perfection

No celebration is complete without a delectable cake, and at Elope Outdoors, we have just the right slice waiting for you. Working closely with local baker Short Street Cakes, we offer a range of artisan cakes including flavors like chocolate ganache and a vanilla cake with blueberry filling. These cakes are sooo good!

Our ‘Hike to Slice’ experience allows you to indulge in the sweetest moments while we take care of the setup and cleanup, letting you savor every moment without any added stress.

Your elopement assistant picks up the cake, brings it to your location, and carries it to your ceremony site to set up a picnic complete with a blanket, utensils, nice plates, champagne and flutes.

After the first slice has been cut, the rave reviews come in immediately! Couples can’t help but tell us how good the cake is and how happy they are with their chosen flavor.

We do not allow outside food or drink or picnic setups and this will give you the most relaxed elopement experience without the stress of managing all those details, which really do add up.


Guided Elopement Bliss

Our dedicated team of elopement coordinators, photographers, and officiants are committed to ensuring that your special day is nothing short of perfect. By adhering to our guidelines and curated offerings, you can rest assured that you will have a stress-free and effortlessly beautiful celebration that allows you to focus solely on each other.

It would be an honor to help plan and capture your special day. Please allow us to curate a beautiful, natural, classy & low-stress elopement for you.

Let us guide you through an intimate celebration that captures the essence of your love amidst the serene wilderness of Asheville.

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