Core memories captured in our Elopement Films!

Eloping and wondering how to make your day last longer?

You can’t bottle up the moments and take them with you…or can you?

If you hire a videographer, you are able to rewatch and in effect, relive your day anytime you want by just pressing play.

At Elope Outdoors, videography is one of the ways we help preserve your day. We offer elopement films by Wildwood Media in several of our packages and they are artistically created yet still document your day and who you are authentically. 

Video has the potential to capture organic moments unfolding in real-time. It’s a vital piece of truly capturing your day and seeing it as it happened.

In honor of this, we decided to pull out some of the sweetest, raw, and organic moments in our elopement films.

We hope you enjoy looking through the elopement films below and you’ll be inspired to include videography in your elopement package so you can remember it for years to come and share it with your friends and family.

Epic Mountaintop Sunset Elopement


Gabby & Nick

10 Years of Love & Learning 

At the 1:42 mark, listen to Officiant Julia speak about the couple’s 10 years together in their mountain ceremony. Gabby and Nick nodding along, Julia speaking these scared words with a conviction that echoes out into the mountaintops – it’s just pure magic!

Julia says “May you walk in life always feeling the beauty of this earth, while feeling supported by the divine spirit that connects us all.” That line is so powerful – Julia is a gifted wordsmith.

And then at the 2:22 mark, there are Nick and Gabby’s vows! Get ready for this sweet and strong delivery by the couple, as tears are brought to Nick’s eyes before they exchange rings.

Watch and then tell me you wouldn’t want these vows captured if they were apart of YOUR elopement?! I wouldn’t believe you for a second!

This is an essential, core memory that your film can transport you back to anytime!



Mary & Kyle

A Dream of Marrying on a Mountaintop Come True

At the 1:36 mark of the video, Mary recounts how their friends played matchmaker. Then Kyle helps tell the story of how they got together.

And at 2:20 – my favorite part (!) Mary talks about how unlikely they thought it was that they would fulfill their dream of marrying on a mountaintop since they live in Indiana!

These vows are so sweet and pretty hilarious too.

The couple’s doggies are also sitting so sweetly below their feet as they exchange vows and share their first kiss!

Aww! You absolutely have to watch this and tell me you don’t feel at least a bit warm and fuzzy!

That’s just how Mary and Kyle are – sweet, genuine, and so in love.


Skylar & Shannon

Skylar’s vows to Shannon at the 1 minute mark are emotional and beautiful! He recounts how she makes him be the best version of himself and his promise to love her in this life and the next.

All the while, their sweet daughter Luna is between them watching mommy and daddy wed!

At 2:02, Shannon’s tearful vows recount how they have been through so much since high school and how their daughter Luna is their most precious gift.

Beyond the emotional vows, the breathtaking footage of their love against the backdrop of a flowing waterfall is absolutely enough to stir joy in anyone with half a heart. Check it out and see how it hits you!


Amanda and Matt

A Living Example of Love for their Daughters

At the 2:04 mark, the couple recite their own words of commitment as they exchange rings.

Matt promises to make their lives better each day and Amanda says their love is never-ending.

This ceremony is a testament to their commitment and was intended to inspire their two daughters to value true love.

Leading by example, this joyful pair spreads their beautiful light as they share a champagne toast, first dance, and lots of kisses on Max Patch mountain! Enjoy watching this sweet and happy day! Can you see yourself soaking up the sun and feeling the breeze of this beautiful place?!


Jenna & Alexis

Bringing Color into her life 

If the rainbow that forms at the bottom of the waterfall doesn’t do it for you, Alexis vows to Jenna will!

At the 2:08 mark, Alexis talks about how Jenna has brought so much color into her life and has given her the strength to find self-love.

Jenna’s vows after recount how a hard past led her to Alexis and how she is her other half, hyping her up to stand her ground.

The two promised to grow with each other through every day of their life and their film shows just how wonderful it is to find your person!


Nikki & Jordan

Groom cries during emotional first look


Okay for this one, all you have to is press play and you can immediately watch Jordan cry absolute tears of joy upon seeing Nikki!

Wow, this is just the sweetest start to their sunny elopement.

At 3:05, Jordan tries to hold it together through his vows, but he is just so overwhelmed by his love for Nikki. 

Gosh this pair is adorable, sharing solemn vows and sweet tears, proving that emotions are meant to be expressed, especially on momentous days like your wedding day! 


Kristin & Mark

Former videographer becomes the main character in her love story

Kristin and Mark’s vows are just amazing! 

Kristin, who used to be a videographer herself, steps into the main character role of her own elopement ceremony here. 

Her vows are poignant and tearful and Mark’s are just as wonderful. 

Check out their vows at the 1:23 mark



Want more emotional and fun elopement films?

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